Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Won A Bunny Card

There was a prize-giving ceremony held a week after the robot and steam locomotive battle ended. My tutor and I never thought that we will be presented with any of the two prizes on offer that day. One was for the team who came first in the battle, while the other one was for the robot with the best design, which was based on votes by the lecturers and students. If not for the fact that they were taking attendance for that period, I would have skipped it as I thought my robot will never stand a chance of winning the best design prize. However, since the semester was heading towards the end, I decided to be an "obedient" student and attend the ceremony as to give some moral supports to my fellow classmates.
One thing I love about formal functions in Japan is that even though they have speeches along the way, their speeches normally will not be that long-winded like you-know-who which is to me, a waste of time unless you are able to give a good speech and make people listen to you speech attentively throughout your entire speech. After a super short speech by the head of the Mechanical Engineering faculty of my college, it proceeded with the announcement of the prize winners. I thought they made a mistake when they announce my tutor's name and mine for the best design prize. We didn't look puzzled at each other, as he was yet to arrive at the hall that time. He must have set his arrival so precisely to the seconds, because he arrived there the moment the lecturers were handling the prizes to us.
DSC02043 copy

"Wah, you are giving me so many things at once arh?"
After the prize giving ceremony, every single of us was asked to give a short speech on how we felt for winning the competition. I was relieved that my Japanese classmates didn't give me a tough job to do as their speech was merely a sentence or two. I think mine was longer than some of them, but I think I was bluffing on my facts all the way in my speech. I was telling that how I had worked hard together with my tutor to create a masterpiece that got all the way to the final.
DSC02055 copy
I didn't smile in this picture 'coz my other classmates looked like their were going to take your live away. So I just followed suit with a tulan face.
I admit more than half of what I talked in my speech were just craps. I was lazing most of the time during the period when we were supposed to make our robots every week throughout the whole year. There have been countless of times when I felt like just giving up on our robot because apparently, it was just too difficult to make it move smoothly. The only thing that brought us all the way to the final was my determined tutor, who never gave up and kept on trying to make it able to move properly. Nonetheless, part of it was due to our lady luck as well. And by the way, this is one of the subjects we took in our third year and common sense will tell you that you won't get good grades if you produce impaired robots which couldn't move.
So, what did we get from winning the competition? One long tall trophy in which we didn't get to take back, a super huge certificate that I have no idea how to keep it, and a book coupon worth 1,000yen (RM30).
DSC02599 copy

Is there a cartoon called Peter Rabbit?
It was not the prize that matters actually, but what was satisfying was to get our name printed on the trophy like this;
DSC02052 copy
To wrap up this entry, it will be the group shot of my class with the lecturers.
DSC02051 copy
Just in case you are figuring out where am I, DO NOT look at the last row.
The end.


pinksterz said...


weyyyyyyyy wats your height! TELL! U EVEN BEAT THOSE JAPANESE WTFWTFWTF!

mg said...

190cm!!!!! siao rite? XD

anyway, i think peter rabbit is a story book for kids. lols

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
that would be an understatement.
but i don't think it is a surprise to see that we are taller than the japanese 'coz they are famous for their tiny figures =)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i didn't asked to be born with such crazy height >.<
and yes, those kind of story books are suitable for people like you, right? =P

Kevin Tan said...

u seem to have a nice ass... the guy was staring at it in da first pic

pinksterz said...

omg siao 190cm!!!!

kau makan apa kecik kecik dulu wey?!?!?!?!

calvin said...

@ kevin tan:
i knew that first picture was going to invite such comment. lucky thing you didn't notice something that looked even more naughty than that =P

and i guess sato (that guy's name) was jealous with my ass xD

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
where got crazy?
i am only 10cm taller than the standard height of normal guy.

makan apa? cuba makan beras jenama kucing ;)

K3ViN said...

190? wah tat really tall wor...... i wan also cant get it... i just around 168 -170 lor....

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
yes, i used to be 192cm when i was in malaysia though.
you should be happy with what you got. it is not the best thing to be too tall :|