Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bunny Hunt

short talk
Have Malaysians gone blind? I know Malaysians had made a right choice in the last general election, but now the opposite is happening yet again. If you follow Malaysian Dream Girl, you should know by now that Alisson got eliminated in the first week. WTF, right?
Honestly, she has been one of my favourites and I had the feeling that she will go far in the competition before this. There are much undeserving girls (which I won't mention any names here) out there, who are more interested in bitching about other contestants and trying to gain sympathy votes with their tears, instead of working and improving themselves to be a decent model. However, they still remain in the competition just because they are popular among the viewers. This is pure nonsense. I hope if anyone staying in Malaysia and voting for the contestants, please vote wisely. We do not want another carbon copy of Daniel from Malaysian Idol in this competition.
Vote based on merit, not popularity lah!
It has been more than six months since I last paid a visit to the animal farm about 20 minutes walk from my college here. Not having much to do and instead of warming up my butt in front of my laptop all the time, I decided to revisit that farm a couple of days ago, although it was still relatively cold in my place. The area surrounding this farm has other facilities including stock farms, camping sites, tennis courts, playgrounds for children and also a ski resort.
DSC02571 copy
I saw only two animals displayed on the huge signboard welcoming the visitors to that place – a cow and a horse. Despite so, what I saw when I stepped my foot there was totally different and rather disappointing. There was not a single cow there. Not even cow dung.
DSC02566 copy
Never mind about those cows, I was more interested and looking forward to those cute little bunnies which are left running freely around an open area. Again, I was bitterly disappointed when I only see melting snows after climbing up the slope which was still covered with a thin layer of dirty snow.
DSC02565 copy
After making all the way there, I thought it would be a waste for me to return home without getting to see even some living animals. I looked around and finally, I saw chickens.
DSC02541 copy
The only thing I know about these chickens is that they are better known to us as ayam serama in Malaysia. You do not expect a future engineer like me to have any knowledge and give proper explanations on these species of chickens, because in my honest opinion, it would be a suicidal act. Let just leave this to the expert ones. There was this little girl who was occompanied by her parents when I was there and she tried communicating with those chickens by making sounds which chickens normally make. It was not like "kok kok kok", but instead, it sounded something like "koe kek kokkoo". Japanese chickens make weird sounds. But in truth, all their animals make weird sounds. Their cats don't purr like "meow meow", but they "nyak nyak"; their dogs go "wan wan", instead of barking out "woff woff".
Anyway, I was so excited that it took me some time before I calmed down and watched these chickens feeding on their grains.
DSC02549 copy
When someone got so excited just because he saw some chickens, that is a sad story, isn't it? If it is another version of chickens, then it would be more comprehensible. You are not thinking what I am thinking, are you?
At least they saved the best for the last. I was eventually greeted by no less than ten rabbits although they are in the cage this time. When I see these rabbits, it reminded me of my first experience of handling rabbits at the exact location several months ago. Then, I took so long before I eventually got a hand on one of the rabbits on my lap because they were running and hopping everywhere whenever I tried to chase over them. Suffice to say that I am not that comfortable with furry animals.
DSC02563 copy
A couple in the background wee starting to cuddle with each other. I wonder what happened after that.
Some of these rabbits are actually brave enough to come so near to the cage that they freaked the hell out of me when I was focusing on their friends. Out of a sudden, they appeared just right in front of me, with their pinkish tongue sticking out to lick on my camera.
DSC02553 copy
"Aiyah, so sad. Why am I eating alone here?"
Not all were brave, however.
DSC02555 copy
"Woi, got food didn't share share lar? So kiam siap lah you!"
Some chickened out immediately whenever I made any movements and adjusted my body postures. Their lightning reactions were in unison in a group, just like how fishes in an aquarium in the fish shop will response when you tap on the glass. Some were so afraid that they tried to hide behind the wooden cage.
DSC02558 copy
I didn't stay long at that animal farm as there was nothing much to see and it was rather boring to be fair. Although the spring season has started two days ago, it would be at least more than a week before sakura will start to bloom here. The sakura in my place will bloom much later than that as sakura usually blooms from the southern part of Japan, and slowly proceeds to the northern area like mine. However, I made an unexpected encounter, when I spotted a few sakura trees which have begun to bloom although they have much more tiny petals compared to the normal ones.
DSC02583 copy
It is not the best shot of sakura this year, but it would be the first of my many sakura shots you will be expecting from now on.


mg said...

white bunnies with red eyes are scary! hehe..

février said...

i shall reply in chronological order.

1. hahahha your thesis on animal sounds is so funny XD

2. "Anyway, I was so excited that it took me some time before I calmed down and watched these chickens feeding on their grains." and "Then, I took so long before I eventually got a hand on one of the rabbits on my lap because they were running and hopping everywhere whenever I tried to chase over them."
Kero u damn lame hor =P Summore trying to act cute here while not even trying xD

3. "with their pinkish tongue sticking out to lick on my camera."

4. "lighting reactions"

5. (picture with bunny hiding behind wood)
Alamak so cute T___T

6. (bunnies with red eyes)

7. (Sakura flower picture)
is pretty but... so random -.-

février said...

so thats what a sakura flower looks like up close :D JAPAN SO PRETTY LA T_T

Anonymous said...

info : that's called yamazakura. it blooms quicker than the ones we normally see. yamazakura comes together with its leaves so it isnt that beautiful. the one that you should wait for is called someiyoshino.

and there are patches of pink on the hill opposite my apartment now...ngek ngek ngek

stevelee67 said...

more interested with ur short talk..

ya..i can't agree more..some are really not deserve to be there

pinksterz said...

pity you. get overexcited over a chicken. if chick tak pe lah jugak. :P

p.s. wah short talk on mdg alone. alison might not be the best one but at least she is better than some of them!

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
yup, very true. i prefer bunnies with black or grey eyes 'coz they look cuter xD

calvin said...

@ beve:
i shall reply in reversed order.

7. (sakura flower picture)
that is nothing. wait till you see the real sakura =D

6. (bunnies with red eyes)
imagine watching at those bunnies at night >.<

5. (picture with bunny hiding behind wood)
that fella is a poser xD

4. "lighting reactions"
i was just trying to potray their immediate reactions.

3. "with their pinkish tongue sticking out to lick on my camera."
luckily they didn't get to lick my camera or i would not be able to take any photos again after this.

2. was it even an attempt to act cute? yes? no? i'm confused. but if i didn't chase over them, they would not be so good to come over to me by themselves >.<

1. i used to watch animal planet a lot =)

calvin said...

@ beve:
you never see sakura before? not even its photos? pray hard that you won't get bored to death because of my over-dosed amount of sakura pics that i will be posting from now on


calvin said...

@ kok hong:
you sounds like steve irwin's grandson. just that you are one step better than him 'coz you know your facts on plants as well.

that patches of pink are not yamazakura, but they are pink panthers who are slowly losing their habitats deep in the jungle and looking for a new place to stay. deforestation and global warming.

calvin said...

@ stevelee67:
you know which girls i am talking about, no?
it is just a sad thing that most malaysians are unable to recognise true talents when it comes to reality shows :|

février said...

i wont ! japan pics so cute.

and when i mentioned "lighting" i was actually asking if u misspelled it ><

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
i wasn't brought up in a kampung. but i'm not a city boy either. so, i didn't get to see both chickens and chicks that often.

i was just voicing out my dissatisfication. different people have different views and choice, but i still think malaysians had made a wrong choice there. in the end, we produce winners without qualities. no wonder our winners of reality shows could not even get close to their counterparts when it comes to competing at international level.

something like jaguh kampung :|

calvin said...

@ beve:
are you sure? even cuter than london's picture? xD

ohh, now i realised that it was a spelling error. thanks for pointing that out. edited :)