Wednesday, December 5, 2007


It was another oral communication class this morning, conducted by my ohh-so-weird Mr. Mort, an American. We were supposed to fill in the blanks for a conversation in the textbook. All went well until it was the last line.

At the store
May I help you?
You: I'd like a pair of shoes.
Clerk: Sure. What colour would you like?
You: White.
Clerk: What size are you?
You: I think I'm a medium.
Clerk: How about this?
You: ___________________
One of my classmate, raised his hand and answered it with full confidence. Guess what his answer was:
"See you"
I did not intend to offend him. It is just not myself. But I just could not help myself from laughing when I heard his creative answer. Obviously, Mr Mort was expecting some answers like "Yes, I will take this pair", but my poor classmate came out with his own answer with some extra Janglish topping. And by the way, he answered it while grinning like this =D


Eehui said...


but then again, it's definitely possible to answer like that. say if the shoe was too ugly =p

Had a good laugh =p

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
i do not ignore the fact that it is possible to give such answer, but what i couldn't stand was his way of answering it:

confidence + grin = 100%
consideration = 0%