Monday, November 5, 2007

Mikousai 2007

For the past weekend, it was the 28th 未工祭 (Mikousai) for Nagaoka National College of Technology with the theme "No Border".
However, it is more commonly known as 高専祭 (Kousensai) or College Festival in other colleges. Just like any other colleges, the activities held were almost similar. There were mini games which offer soft toys and snacks to those lucky ones, exhibitions by each faculty, plays and choir performances and last but not least, food stalls.
There was one exhibition themed "Freedom Street" which displays artwork by the students. Just like what the name suggest, it was up to them to use their creativity to come up with any forms of artwork. The first half of the artworks displayed were done in a darkened room as the artworks used the lighting effects to enhance the appearance of their artwork.
Some were pretty simple.
While for the others, they stole took the toys from their younger siblings and used them for their exhibition.
As for this one, they used a hollowed desktop, a keyboard and a mouse; and sprayed the whole thing red.
For the second part, lights were turned on in the room. Others looked ordinary but of these two, it was something different. For the first one, they used different colours of the long balloon and shaped them into a spiderman. Even the wordings were made of balloons.
As for the second one, it was a collage of various pictures from their class and made few layers of different thickness to make it looked like a three-dimensional thing. Very creative, indeed.
Those artworks on display in the Freedom Street were actually a competition, based on votings by the visitors. My vote went to the second one. My walk later took me to another exhibition hall. It was the exhibition by the calligraphy club. It reminds me of my not-very-successful attempt on calligraphy a fortnight ago.
Guess what are these sketches.
Yes, squid or they call it "ika" here.
Exhibitions aside, they were performances as well. Choir, for instance.
And also some rock concert by the students. But I guess it was more to like jamming session. It wasn't something extraordinary, but it was not bad although rock music will never be my cup of tea.
And lastly, 演劇 (engeki) or play by each faculty who competed against each other. I just managed to catch one of the five plays put on show, as I was away at the exhibition hall by the foreign students most of the time. The play by the Chemical Engineering faculty was quite ordinary.
But nevertheless, the planning and coordination of each of them involved made it went smoothly without any hiccups throughout the play.
Ordinary I might have said of the play, but it does not mean that it was totally boring. Here are some of the interesting parts from the play, which I have assembled.
[I will be uploading the video very soon]
There will no college festival without the 露店 (roten). It means stalls selling various kinds of food along the street by the students. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, the foreign students here weren't allowed to open our stall this year around.
There were people distributing free mochi to the visitors. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape. There were a few toppings to choose from, i.e. red bean paste, black sugar syrup, or grounded groundnuts.
I opted for the red bean topping.
They said people die from choking when eating this.
I got some normal stuff from the stalls, like takoyaki, sausage bun and crepe. But this one was my pick. They call it chocobanana. It was a peeled banana dipped into chocolate and have some colourful topping. Not bad.
I was expecting the College Festival to be something interesting, if not spectacular. But to be honest, to my disappointment, it wasn't the case. It was more or less like the Hostel Festival a few months back. Back then, there were some ridiculous yet funny stuff like NNCT's Red Light District and also Mr. Lady Contest. I am sure weather didn't play any part in the low attendance to the festival as it wasn't raining, not even a single drop throughout the two days. However, I guess the chilling weather had made people think twice before coming.
Did I mentioned several times that there was an exhibition by the foreign students during this college festival earlier? Yes, I will blog on that soon.


A little girl who I saw in the exhibition. Doesn't she look sooo cute and adorable?
お楽しみにね (otanoshimini) means "Look forward to it, okay?"

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