Sunday, November 18, 2007

How Accurate Will It Be?

Spot the difference between this photo;

And this one.

Well, those two photos above were taken at the entrance to my hostel. It is certainly not a tough task of spotting the difference between the two, right? The most obvious thing must be of course the colour scheme of both of the photos. Notice how fast the leaves of the rows of Ginkgo trees have changed in just one week.
I still remember when I first came here in early April, it was still spring and there wasn't even a single leave on those trees. But come autumn, it is as if they have made a colour transformation on their leaves. Even the Japanese maple tree in the background had turned from green to reddish brown. As for the mountain in the background, there are some slight changes in colour, though they are not as obvious as the Ginkgo leaves.
Anyway, that is not the main thing for this entry. Going back to the main point, remember I was ranting about the cold weather for the past few days in a couple of post back? I went out yesterday and on the ride in the train, I noticed that there were already some snow at the top of some mountains miles away. It is not my first time seeing snowy mountains with my own eyes, but from what I saw, it means that it will snow very soon.
My senpai were tellling us that it will snow tomorrow. It was expected that it will only snow in a couple of weeks time, but from the latest news I got, this must be something that came rather soon and it surprised me, to be frank. So I went and check the weather forecast in the internet and instead of tomorrow, it will actually start snowing tonight and temperature will drop to as low as 3 degrees. How can it be? The sun was shining so brightly yesterday, although the temperature still stayed low; and now they are expecting it to snow tonight? And it is forecasted that it will snow until tomorrow evening, at least. Interesting...
I am wondering how accurate this forecast will be. This sounds a bit jakun, but will I finally see snow flakes falling down through my window tonight? We shall see ^.-


mg said...

snow.. so cool... =)

Anonymous said...


Eric Sng said...

how do u take those pictures??? same spot, same angle, same evrything only the colours change?? izit photoshop??

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
yes, same spot, same angle, same everything, but both were taken at two different times. hence, the colours changed. they weren't photoshop-ed =)

Anonymous said...

Wow... the view is nice o. =)

Eric Sng said...

like that u must be good...i cant imagine me taking pictures of that..

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
practice makes perfect =)