Sunday, October 21, 2007

A New Raya Experience

Selamat Hari Raya.


the first photo of the day I took - an Indonesia baby
Maaf Zahir Batin because I took so long to blog on this. Initially, I did say that I am not blogging on the Raya celebration I had last weekend. I just didn't have the mood of doing so. Perhaps, after such a long break, my blogging skills had gradually declined. But I will try to regain it back from now on.
Back to the main story.

'how-you-put-on-your-kain sampin' lesson, by Zulhelmi.
Our first Raya in Japan was at Nagaoka University of Technology, or more commonly known as Gidai (short form for Gijutsu Daigaku). Our transport there was sponsored by the senpais who own a couple of cars here.
The Muslims were performing the solat aidilfitri when we arrived there. After that was over, all gathered around and most of those people there were familiar faces. There were a few groups of Indonesians there as well.


NNCT guys - front row (L to R): Fadzli Shah, Asraf, Calvin, Muazam, Ridzuan, Yan Kuang; back row (L to R): Ikbar, Adeli, Zamih, Idris, William, Hasan (Bangladesh), Zulhelmi.
Each and everyone of them went there with a colourful baju Melayu on, clad in kain sampin.
It wasn't long before the jamuan (party) started. Some brought their home-cooked food there. I even heard that some went there the previous night to prepare some of the food. And who say if you are in Japan, you can only find sushi.


I had at least there types of rendang. Ketupats and lemang didn't make their appearance on that day, but there was nasi himpit (compressed rice cubes) to go with those rendang.


By the way, satay was on the menu as well. It is during these times when the Malaysians here in Nagaoka gather, that we can have all those kinds of food. It is a university afterall, so you would expect most of them who are there to be students mainly.
But that wasn't exactly the case.


This little kid actually stood there for more than a minute, without moving when I was taking his photo. Later, it was only one thing on everyone's mind.


Nagaoka Kosen 2007
from left: Ulya, Muazam, Asraf, Fadzli Shah, Calvin and Syida
Fadzli Shah, me and Muazam


me with Zulhelmi


Zulhelmi (yes, again coz he loves camwhoring), Adeli and me
I find it particularly sweet when girls are clad in baju kurung. Here, I didn't mean only Malay girls, but girls in general.


from left: Calvin, William, Joann, Fong Zyin, Ebby and Liew Ching

from left: Yan Kuang, Ebby, Liew Ching and Calvin
The final thing on the list was a group photo for every family. There was a guy, who brought his tripod there who made sure he is inside every photo for all the groups. It came to a time, when he was dashing from his tripod, and grabbed his child just to say 'cheese' in time. The way he grab his little son was just hilarious.
"Macam nak culik anak orang" (Like want to kidnap people's child), was how my senpai described it.
I tried kidnapping one of the kid there as well. This little boy was walking around with a can of soft drink when I 'caught' him.
just too cute to make you thinking of pinching his cheek, no?
When I tried to hold the can for him, it ended up with the remaining liquid in the can spilled on my shirt and jeans. Yes, I got wet. However, it wasn't that bad as I got to play with him for a while.
here you go, boy
Not enough with just group photos, they came out with an idea of having photo with the same colour, or should I say tone.


Red and Purple Family - reminds me of Barney the Dinosaur
I joined the white team.


White Family - Clean and Clear
We thought of having a group photo of all of us from Nagaoka National of Technology, but in the end, the whole bunch joined in.


The guy in the front row, second from the right was the 'kidnapper' I mentioned earlier.
Nevertheless, it was an exciting experience celebrating Raya with them. I could hardly feel the racial gap between the Malays and Chinese here. I was more than happy to be regarded as Malaysian. No, don't get me wrong here. Neither the 'apa-pun-boleh' Gahmen nor the JPA is paying me to say that.
To wrap up this entry, I introduce you Shah, who is currently working here.


Yes, we were posing for that photo above. In fact, the moment after the photo was taken, I couldn't stop myself from laughing like mad. But I guess, you will be worse than me when you see this. Don't say I didn't warn you earlier.


They call him CARTOON.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha he is like HALF your height can lol.

calvin said...

@ reena:
he is HALF my height: an understatement
he is THREE QUARTER my height: a fact