Friday, August 3, 2007

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

It is hailed as the best fireworks festival in Japan. Yes, I'm talking about 長岡大花火大会 (Nagaoka Daihanabi Taikai) or Nagaoka Fireworks Festival which is an annual event in Nagaoka. The festival is so famous that people will travel from as far Hokkaido and Tokyo only to witness the fireworks. It was held it in one of the main bridge over Shinano River, which is the longest river in Japan.
Every year, there will be a few sensei who will take the foreign students from my kosen to watch this event. Although the event will only be starting at 7.30pm, by the time we reached the around 6 plus, the place was already full.
still early but almost full already
If one of our sensei didn't go earlier on to book our places, then I guess by the time we are there, we will sure find ourselves without any places to sit down and enjoy the fireworks. Since the event of the day haven't started, I went to do some food hunting.
The price of the foods at those stalls were easily twice or even thrice compared to the normal price. But I guess this didn't surprise me as this thing happens in Malaysia as well during the New Year countdown and also Merdeka countdown.
I didn’t went to the extreme as most of the food sold there were almost the same. So, I got myself a box each of takoyaki (round type), another type of takoyaki (fried octopus) and also Japanese-style satay (I've forgotten the name).
these food were damn expensive!
By the time I'm done with my food hunting, I returned to the place we had assembled. On the way, the sky was getting darker. The sun was setting, and it looked like a red horizon.
soon, the sky will be filled with fireworks
The first few fireworks was nothing special. Why I said that was because perhaps they were just doing some testing. As it got darker and darker, the fireworks continued to be launched.
There were all types of fireworks that could be seen there.
And it was colorful as well.
I don't think by seeing pictures only, you will be able to imagine how good it was. Here are some of the videos which I took last night.

If there is one thing that got me fed-up and pissed off was during the time I take the pictures of these fireworks. When I took out my camera, the fireworks stopped and vice versa. Same thing happened when I was taking videos. Kek si sial! Take this video for example.
Nihon Ichi Konon

Joann: Eh, nice… Okay, I should for once, see without taking any pictures.
Calvin: When you say nice, end ady. So next time right… oo, not yet end ler.
Joann: Ei, I think Malaysian one nicer la. Malaysia got so many pattern you know.
Calvin: They said, they said Nihon ichi (number one in Japan) konon!
Oo, terus… you see, terus ichi ady!
I can assure you that it has nothing to do with the skill of the photographer nor the quality of the camera. The main point was finding the perfect timing and of course the correct setting.
Nevertheless, my Sony DSC T-100 didn't disappoint me as I managed to take these kind of pictures below.

it was just impressive and breathtaking

If that is not enough, then take a look at these videos as well. But as an early warning, if you are not use to Manglish, Singlish or even Janglish, then I guess these videos would not be so suitable for you guys. I just afraid that you will surprised to hear the language I used in these videos. In all, they are just rojaks.
But if you are used to me, I'll ketam almost all the time, right? So, it wasn't an exception when we were watching the fireworks. These are some of the crap videos I took last night. You can still see the fireworks while hear me ketam-ing all the way :P
Chinese New Year Mercun

Calvin: Like what ar? Like, like what ar?
You see, this is different from just now. Much nicer.
Ohh, getting bigger ady… like the Chinese New Year mercun like dat hor!
Green Beetle

Calvin: Start ady. This one should be big one la. But same colour wor, not like just now one. Just now colourful wor. This one is big, but one colour only.
Wah, bigger ady. Like same thing only. Arr, come out ady colour.
Eh, green green colour like beetle only hor. Woah, so big. Wah bigger ady, bigger ady.
Go Internet Find

Joann: Eh, I want to take picture la. Now good if take picture la.
Calvin: Harh?
Joann: I want take picture. Wallpaper like that wan ler.
Calvin: Wallpaper you go internet and find la.
Joann: Hahaha, you bising la you!
Calvin: Why like everytime the same only ar?
Joann: Deshou (isn't it)
Calvin: At least, at least got rainbow colour or what. Oo, just now green beetle, now red beetle ady.
Joann Sweared!

Calvin: Tak achi la, all only that side only. At least now got color colour like that la... oo big ady
Joann: I want to take a nice picture but doesn’t seem to work.
Calvin: Aiya, you not professional!
Joann: You don’t *&^%$# shut up ar!
Calvin: Arr, now nice, nice. Phiew phiew phiew like that ar. Wah, so big ar this one. Alamak!
Lie down take easier you know.


Calvin: This is better, much better
Some sesat fella: Neko san (Mr. cat) wa….
Calvin: What neko san pulak?
Wah, this one like planet oni. Like Saturn oni.
Wah this one, this is the best la so far.
Getting bigger and bigger… and bigger
Joann: I don’t want take video ady. See la, everytime I start sure finish one!

Okay, enough of watching my ketam-ing session already. Here I present you one of the best video of the night. Try spot what I was talking here.

Calvin: All red red colour oni. Very ong ar. Suitable for Chinese New Year.

If that is still not good enough, then I guess this will be the best one. As the final video of this entry, I guess this will be arguably the best of the best.

Best Video Of The Night

Just hear at the voice the people make and also the applause. Seriously, I was really impressed by what I saw last night.

It would be much nicer if you are watching it with someone special. Lying down on the grass and watching the fireworks in the sky together will just be the perfect setting. Now I know how it feels.

I will be going to see the fireworks again tonight as they will be holding it for two days.


mg said...

sugoi ne~~ i like the last video!!! so nice.... :P

lonehunter88 said...

"It would be much nicer if you are watching it with someone special. Lying down on the grass and watching the fireworks in the sky together will just be the perfect setting. Now I know how it feels."

ehem.. excuse me.. u were with.. Joann? lol..

Anonymous said...

pls.. pls do not be like yk they all..i cukup tak tahan already...all acting so childish!!!

i dont remember swearing at all and i would certainly appreciate it if u do not put it in big bold letters..thank you.

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
soudesune. it will be even more sugoi if you could spend it with someone special ^.-

calvin said...

@ lonehunter88:
ohh, i see. you quoted me from the entry.

yes, i was with joann. but what i meant was "what if" :P

calvin said...

@ jo:
me acting like yk? are you kidding me? does making some quote like that made me like a small kid? i never knew a kid will be able to write such thing.

that swearing part was just one of the ter-took video which i later censored it for the benefit of my younger readers. that is why you can't hear youself swearing in that video already. about the bold part, it was because it's the title and i wasn't trying to highlight to people that you sweared :P

lonehunter88 said...

eh? calvin u mistaken ar? joann was asking me not to act like yk.. didnt say that u act like yk? lol.. but thanks for saying that for me.. haha.. >.<

and to joann: I just wanted to ask calvin and make sure.. coz i didnt understand his words.. very confusing.. heh.. then now in his chatter box say he got ANOTHER gf again.. aiyo i think he study too much until his head a bit okashii d.. >.<

-waiwai- said...

so nice the firework...
i like it so much.... if can see with someone special even better...

calvin said...

@ lonehunter88:
haha! yea, i made a mistake there. joann was refering to yk. but anyway, my statement wasn't a mistake, right? :P

by the way, i'm still very normal and haven't turned okashii yet ^.-

calvin said...

@ waiwai:
yea, agree with you. this is my first time seeing such a nice fireworks ^.^

Eehui said...

the picture titled 'colorful' is so pretty!!!

Eehui said...

postcard quality!

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
thanks a lot ^.^