Friday, June 22, 2007

NNCT's Red Light District

Warning (again): This post contains material that might not be suitable for kids. So if you feel you are still a kid, it is advisable for you to skip this post. I will not be held responsible for any lost occurred.
I know everyone will be ignoring that warning, even if you are still under-aged. These days, I've touch too much on this topic that I'm afraid my blog is turning into some x-rated site very soon. That warning was actually serve to pull these under-aged kids to continue reading this post.
I'm talking about Nagaoka National College of Technology (NNCT)'s Red Light District. But does that have any connections with this?

Yes, we are having a nude camp in our hostel for the next three days coz it's 寮祭 (ryousai), which means hostel festival. It's held every summer coz it's hot and everyone will bare naked and running everywhere around the kosen.

Does that sounds lame? Okay, I admit that was pretty lame. Back to this festival thing, tonight was the first night and it will continue for the next two days. The first event tonight was Lotion Sumo. That's what they called it.

lets have some lotioning

Basically, the game is quite simple. There will be 3 to 4 guys going up to the ring. But as expected, it wasn't any normal type of ring. Instead, they poured pails and pails of soap water onto it until it's slippery enough that you can hardly walk even a couple of steps.

So, they'll attempt to use whatever method they got to snatch a towel tucked behind their opponents back. Usually within this snatching process, some will eventually slipped out of the ring and out of the game. The last remaining guy will be the winner.

this is what you get in engineering course coz girls are like endangered species

Certainly this game is something new and I tell you it was really interesting. I guess I can bring back this 'technology' (I mean idea) back to Malaysia.

But some of the guys went overboard. Instead of sumo-ing, they gave us some tiger show. Walao eh, I tell you, you don't need to go far far to get live sex already. If in my kosen also can get it already, why want go until Tokyo, right?

I think they thought it was just them. The positions they used, especially when four guys got tangled together at the same time, I just can't describe with words. This is a place where you could lose your virginity (in public).

After every rounds, they'll have like interview thing with the winner. Losers got interviewed as well though.

"well, my win was kinda expected and bla, bla, bla ......"

After few rounds of sumo-ing with soap water, the final round was held and it was one-on-one match. And before the game ended, they collected all the ducks and took a gambar kenangan.

The way they lined up, along with the red spotlight, it just reminds me of the scene from Chow Kit Road where the enforcement officers went to do their 'job'. No, I didn't go there before. I just watched them from Edisi Siasat and 999.

I here present to you NNCT's ducks

The next event was a karaoke competition. While waiting for that to start, I went around the half-way-set-up stall to check out what they were selling. And I saw satay!

OMG! Satay! I couldn't believe it!

sama tapi tak serupa

That just shows how desperate am I for having Malaysian food. Unfortunately, I found out that Japanese satay is far shorter than us. That makes me wonder how about their bananas.

I also spotted some of my classmates who were selling some Japanese dumpling called たこ焼き (takoyaki). The main ingredients are batter and diced octopus with tempura scraps (tenkasu), topped with okonomiyaki sauce, green laver (aonori) and mayonnaise. That's not a full receipe, mind you.

business was bad until he ended up playing with his chopsticks

I didn't tried any of them tonight as I was still full. But I'll attack their stall tomorrow.

Later the karaoke competition started in the canteen. The attendance was so pitiful. I guess all who were there were only the participants plus some students. At least we foreign students went and contributed to the attendance.

I noticed one of the groups singing tonight with an interesting name. They named their group 平均点72.7点 which means Average Marks 72.7 Marks.

can't they give their group a better name?

They'll be singing Sailing Day. I though, this group is going to be finished for sure. Their prizes is sure to sail away. And how right I was when I saw them performed later on. Koyak!

Before entering, we got our programme book stamped. There will be people in every event who will be stamping on the programme book. When you got the whole of it done, they'll give you some prizes. That means you got to go to every event within this three days.

I hope the prize will not be something stupid. A piece of stamp would be all right, though.

here comes my first stamp

I must say the karaoke thing was pretty boring. All was singing out of tune. Pitching was not right. And they just didn't hit the right note at the right time.

Okay, I know I'm acting as if I'm so good in singing. In fact, I sound just like a gagak.

two of my classmates which was not bad

There was this little guy from the first year. He walks by using a tongkat as he suffers from some kind of disease.

But he still went up and rendered a song without holding on his tongkat throughout the song. Respect this fella man.

his voice was way off better than me, I guess

Then there was this 'uhh-so-blow' group. They were just like kayu. The two in left and right was actually looking at their lyrics without looking to the audience even once. And the green centre guy?

Joann said he was cute. I said he was 'very cute'.

the centre guy was the blow-est among the three

So, there's how the first night of the 寮祭 this year. Tomorrow's event will be much interesting I guess. Performances by the girls, Midnight Theater (although it will be held at 3pm!) and the pick of the day - Mr Lady.

I'll make some updates on them tomorrow.


mg said...

haha. u haven't seen our IMU's drag queen competition for the juniors orientation. really disgusting and "dirty".

i read dat takoyaki in japan is damn nice. nicer than in msia.. haha..

calvin said...

michelleg: take me there one day!

my classmate works part-time at one of the takoyaki outlet here. that's why he's selling them at the stalls. and yes, it's finger licking good :)

mg said...

haha too bad ler, when ur back im not around. here is the link from previous event

calvin said...

michelleg: OMG! the group of 'im sissy' just make me laughed out la!

we shall see the japanese version tonight :P