Friday, June 22, 2007

I'd Rather Hire Phua Chu Kang To Do This

We all know that Japan is well beyond Malaysia in terms of how much they've advanced in technology which I don't think I should talk any further on that already.

So it isn't a surprise for most of us to have a mindset that the Japanese have brains in just about any field. Since I came here, I've found out that this stereotype way of thinking doesn't really work that way. I came to know that they can be no brains when it comes to construction.

Yes, I kid you not. Although the Japanese have the technology to build buildings that can withstand earthquake, still they failed miserably when it comes to building small stuff. Funny, no?

I'll take the most simple example - toilet cubicle.

these were taken from my hostel

Those people who built these cubicle must be having a double standard towards the TALL people like me. I wonder why can't they make these cubicles much higher. Girls, I know you don't use these stuff before. So you perhaps don't get what I'm talking here. Never mind, I understand. But guys, I'm sure you know what I mean, right?

When these cubicles are build so low, how am I suppose to position my *ahemm* birdie *ahemm* properly when I do it? For sure, I'll miss the target most of the time, right? Let me give you a clearer picture.

Warning: The material below contains sexual implicitly. Parental guide is advisable from now onwards.

As I said just now, I'll end up dirtying the whole area.

For your information, I'm not trying to stress that all this fuss comes from the length of the *ahemm* birdie *ahemm*. There's no connection between it's length and the height of the cubicle. Neither that it means that if you have a longer down there, you tend to release more kekwa teh (chrysanthemum tea).

It's just that when you are tall, the position of the *ahemm* birdie *ahemm* just doesn't fit the height of the cubicle. You'll know how it feels when you're a tall person. I'm just sharing my experience.

That is why if I ever wanted to build toilet cubicle, instead of Japanese contractors, I would rather have PCK Pte. Ltd. to built it for me.


Anonymous said...

ah ha..
dont know what to comment on this..
it is just kinda funny..
they just din think that in hostel got such tall person!!
talking bout building..they actually are so pro until can put so many building in one small area..
terancang betul-betul..

mg said...

haha!!! damn funny. at least get to destress after reading ur blog.

anyways, i think not their fault la, they have to build something that is within the normal range. and u fall under the 'abnormal' height range. hehe no offence. perhaps they should build at least one cubicle for TALLLLLL people like u :P

calvin said...

ns29: yes, they can plan properly when it comes to city planning.

but i wonder why they couldn't at least build a decent toilet cubicle for TALL people. seksa tau! :P

calvin said...

michelleg: i know i'm under the abnormal category :P

this is what i called double standard! discrimination towards the TALL people!

anyways, good luck for your coming exams :)

mg said...

thanks!!! ^_____^

justanothertragedy said...

Try squatting a bit. Haha.

calvin said...

justanothertragedy: hehe... i will try that next time :P

anyway, can i know who is this?

Anonymous said...

ya this 1 is so funny..haha..the yakitori is far shorter than malaysia 1....especially compared with kajang satay,which is so famous n,how proud am i now....haha,juz kidding...


calvin said...

yk: funny for you, but suffering for me ler!

err, does the same thing apply for kajang's bananas as well? :P

-waiwai- said...

haha...u too tall lah...i think normal ppl won have that time try to "aim" low lah..hahaha........

calvin said...

waiwai: indirectly, you're indicating that i'm abnormal la?

John Ang said...

Well, as we know japanese has a lower average height so naturally the height of the cubicle is built to their data. So you are just too tall for it. And they just didn't aspect tall guys like you i think? And A good shooter and shoot anywhere successfully despite the variables. xD

calvin said...

@ john ang:
i beg to differ on that. japanese nowadays are no longer short and that kind of stereotype thinking is well in the past already. well, the low cubicles only apply to my hostel and a few other places as standard ones are available and i have no problem with them ;)

i will still need a reliable constant even if i'm a good shooter =P