Saturday, June 13, 2015

Celebrating The Extraordinary - 28th SEA Games 2015

"It's never meant to be easy 
when you're trying to be more than ordinary."
Celebrating the Extraordinary


The main venue for the SEA Games 2015 - the brand new Singapore National Stadium.

My recent vivid memories about the SEA Games was the grandstand finish of 111 gold medals by Team Malaysia at the 21st edition in 2001, when Malaysia last played host, and also defending the gold medal in men's football event at Jakarta in 2011. Being a sports avid, I never had a chance to watch the event live. It was all seen though the TV screen down the years.

But this year, in 2015, I finally broke that duck by watching it live from the Singapore National Stadium. What made it even more special is that I saw two golden returns from our national hero - Nauraj Singh Randhawa (high jump) and Muhammad Irfan Shamsuddin (discus throw). Both of them, favourites for their respective events, did not disappoint the small contingent of Malaysian supporters and their coaches.

What's more special is to watch them competing together with their family members, and we joined together in giving motivational cheers to these boys. Here are some shots I managed to capture at my first SEA Games experience.


This world-class stadium hosts a few sports such as athletics, soccer, as well as the opening and closing ceremony.


Billboard of the games mascot in different kinds of sports. There are 36 sports contested at the 28th SEA Games this time.


The 55,000 capacity National Stadium has a retractable seating capability making it the only stadium in the world custom-designed to host a multitude of events such as rugby, cricket, football, athletics, concerts, family entertainment shows, national and community events. 


The 19.2 meters high cauldron, which was lit by Singapore's favourite football son, Fandi Ahmad and his son, Irfan Fandi. This elegant sculptural showpiece incorporates the thematic essence of the SEA Games and its primary design motif of the show - The DNA


Flags of the 11 participating nations at the SEA Games.


Happening at the sidelines of the venues, the SEA Games Carnival is perfect to keep the visitors and the family entertained.


Another section of the sports village at Sports Hub.


Here you are, the mascot for the 28th SEA Games - Nila. The name finds its roots from Sang Nila Utama, the founder of Singapore.


Looks familiar? Getting free Milo drinks from the iconic green van.


Meanwhile, back in the stadium, the Malaysian coach giving some tips to the national discus throw athletic.


Congratulatory hug from the coach after the gold medal was confirmed.


Irfan led from the start and did not disappoint with a gold in his event.


Celebrating his victory with the supporters.


At another corner, the parents of our national high jumper, Nauraj was there to cheer him up too.


Clearing 2.13 meters at his second attempt.


The medals and mascot for the podium finishers.


Khairy was there to present the medals to the winners.


Tears of joy from a Mom. Irfan was surprised to see his Mom there, who kept her presence at the stadium from her son.


Both Malaysian athletes in the high jump event finished on the podium.


A great moment to hear the Negaraku played at the Singapore National Stadium.


And again, our Sports Minister was there to present the medals to the winners.


Khairy even took a selfie with our golden boys hahaha!


Ehh, see who I bumped into.


I guess all sports avid in Malaysia will know this familiar face - Dato' Sieh Kok Chi, who has been the Secretary General of the Olympic Council of Malaysia since 1992 and still going strong at the golden age of 76. He used to be a national water polo representative at the SEAP Games in 1965, 1967 and 1969.


Also managed to have a photo with our national high jump athlete, Nauraj Singh Randhawa. He is certainly a new star in high jump after Loo Kum Zee and Lee Hup Wei, and lets hope we can see he can do us proud in the Asian Games and possibly, Olympic Games as well!


The local crowd cheering the home team at one of the tracks event. Three more days to go until we reach the end of the SEA Games!

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@ Aziana Teh:
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