Friday, January 30, 2015

A Long-Awaited Homecoming

"There is no home as comfortable as your father's arms 
and no bed as soft as your mother's lap." 
Faraaz Kazi

Lots of flights there from India, but no, I was from Haneda in Japan.

Hello everyone! As you may noticed, I have changed the header of my blog, which I have used for n years. Mom actually commented on it recently, and asked me why I still used that header with my sexy squatting pose while holding to a mineral water bottle. The reason is very simple - I was too lazy to make a new header hahaha! So, tell me, how is the new header? It was taken at Henderson Waves during my Singapore trip last October. At least the header now shows the latest photo of myself and no longer holding to a bottle lol!

I was browsing through my blog entries and for many many months already, it has been all about Chiba Kun, Chiba Kun and Chiba Kun. No wonder everywhere I go, people will relate me as the Chiba Kun Ambassador more often than Calvin Ong haha! So, yeah, I will try to put a balance to it from now onward, by blogging about my life (as if you guys are interested to know about it lol!) from time to time.

First meal upon arrival, what else but mamak at Murni Taipan.

Speaking of which, as many of you may have known, I have left Japan for good. Like, finally, right? I started this blog a couple of months before I first stepped to sakuraland in early 2007, mainly to document my journey in a new country. And now, the Japan chapter may have ended but this journey will continue and carry one. 

I used to have quite a number of loyal and also silent readers in the past (sorry-lah, let me be a bit thick face a bit here lol!) but lately, the comments have dried off. So, to you, and you and you, yes you, I would really love to hear from you guys again.

  Went to the centennial celebration of the establishment of my high school and managed to catch-up with some of the teachers, friends, juniors there too. Lovely!

You know, to bloggers, comments are like drugs to us hahaha! The more comments we get, the happier we become, the more crap entries I can come out with to entertain you guys out there.

So, you may ask, what am I doing right now. Well, I am officially unemployed now. So, my daily routine is wake up, go for a morning run, take my breakfast, check emails, take lunch, go online, tea time, evening nap, dinner and occasional catch-ups with friends. So, you tell me, how not to grow fats like that right? Sigh...

Went to KL on one of the weekends. And guess what, I will be flying again next week wohooo!! Anyone wanna guess where am I going?

You may think I am just like a cow doing nothing at home at the moment, but actually besides eating and sleeping, at least I have been helping my parents cleaning the house, washing the cars. You know, especially those high up spots where they get to utilise my height for free hahaha! And after spending more than a week, I have successfully regained my room. Yea, it was turned a warehouse ever since I left home many years ago and imagine the few-inches-thick dust that covered the cabinets. Now, it is not the best-looking room you will find, but at least it looks very much tidier and most importantly, clean!

Besides doing those house chores and cooking for the family, I also managed to pay visits to both my grandmas and even took them out for dinner. I guess at such age, they aren't looking anything much but to spend such quality times with their kids and grandchildren.

Ah Mah and Calyn my eldest sister having dinner at one of the few happening night spots in Taiping.

Side track a little bit, I was showing my Mom that I received a text message from an unknown mak cik. Must be from the previous owner of my number as I just got my Malaysian mobile number recently. So, she told me her story, where there was one day, some unknown fella texted her, which goes something like this, "Nak ikan keli tiga kilo", which literally translate as "I would like to have three kilogrammes of catfish".

You see, my mom has been teaching for decades and she never sells fish before. So, obviously that fella had gotten the wrong person. Mom replied and told him she doesn't have any catfish. And guess what? That clown texted Mom again like five minutes later, again asking for three kilogrammes of ikan keli lol!

Asked Mom to accompany me to attend a dana session on one Saturday morning at Taiping Insight Meditation Society (TIMS).

Another incident happened this noon when I was getting lunch with Mom. The shop guy noticed my obvious height and commented that to Mom. He then asked me if I had just finished school.

"Boy form what now arh?" was his question, and I replied, "Form 5, uncle ^_^" lol!


Robinn T said...


Haha your mom's phone damn funny la hahahaha of all things Ikan Keli.

And welcome backkkkkkkkkkkkk continue update lah I think a lot would wanna know why you come back and all.

We will meet again sometime! Just don't know when la. Make sure your room punya dust not inches thick lolol few cm I still can take XD

calvin said...

@ Tempus:
Woahhh, a comment!!! Like finally lol!!!
So good to get one after all these years hahaha!!!

Anyway, since the uncle already mentioned like that, not good to disagree with him right? LOL!

And yeah, Mom is a real joker; always comes out with funny tales one :P

Yes I will, provided you people, my beloved readers continue to feed me with more drugs la hahaha!

Dust in my room already cleared, just waiting for visitors only :D