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Comesta - Italian Home Restaurant In Noda City

"How are you?"

what the word "comesta"
means in Italian


A restaurant that will make someone throbbing, exciting, shivering, as seen from the expression of the lady (photo credit: Ros).

Noda City in Chiba Prefecture is well known as one of the main producers of soy sauce in Japan. After our tour to the Kikkoman Soy Sauce Museum in the morning, it was time for lunch. We were taken to an Italian restaurant - Comesta (コメ・スタ) for lunch. You might ask why Italian food, when the Chiba Kun Ambassadors are supposed to introduce good local food found in Chiba.

The answer lies within the special characteristics of this restaurant. Comesta is a restaurant one of its kind, which serves Italian food using locally produced soy sauce and fresh olive oil as its main ingredients. In other words, the food here is more of a fusion between Italian and Japanese food.


  A colourful building with an easily recognisable signboard.


Another piece of colourful cloth that emphasis even further that this is an Italian restaurant.


 And the ambassadors were warmly greeted by Mr Caccini Sakurai (カチーニ桜井), the entertainment producer of Comesta, who loves to eat and laugh hahaha!


The concept of the interior of the restaurant is based on a typical Italian home, such as the fireplace in the main hall.


 Freshly cut ham from Parma.


 There were different piece of words written on the wood to place the hand towel, and this is one of them.


 Mr Ishii and Mr Ishizaki making the order from Mr Sakurai for the ambassadors. 


Chiba Kun Ambassadors practising their sweet smile for the best smile competition at the end of the tour lol!

The name "Comesta" is an Italian word, which means "how are you?" The word was picked from 88 Italian words because of its simple pronunciation among the Japanese. In Japanese language, it can be written as 「米・星」(kome-suta), which means "rice" and "star", representing the staple food of Japanese and the universe, respectively.

Interesting naming, isn't it?

The Comesta-style hospitality is one of the main characteristics of this Italian restaurant. What becomes the basic of the great hospitality towards their customers are the "bright smile", "vivacity and lucidly" and "brisk and passionate movements" of their staffs. However, the most important elements to them are the two words - "please" and "thank you" because these two words can be translated into the character and dignity of the food served in the restaurant.


Starter of the course meal of the day. On the plate we have thinly sliced meat, lettuce and boiled broccoli, tomato and omelet.


Also known as amuse-bouche, they are different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons,
but, when served, are done so for free and according to the chef's selection alone.


With Rochelle (US) and Tridat (Vietnam), and we couldn't resist taking a photo with the colourful amuse-bouche (photo credit: Tooru Ishikawa).


This is my crime partner from Terengganu, Kak Ros.


  Comesta #19 Pizza (コメ・スタ19番ピッツァ). The aroma of soy sauce over the silky finish at the 19th hole after a golf session whets the appetite for this pizza.
 It is rated number one among the pizzas served in this restaurant.


Noda City's Pizza (野田市のピッツァ). Minced chicken which is stewed with soy sauce moromi, topped with minced beef.
The crunchy white leeks also contribute to the wonderful taste of this pizza.


Ambassadors with their delicious pizza! (photo credit: Tooru Ishikawa)

Seafood raw hishio sauce pasta (海鮮(エビ、イカ、タコ)生醤ひしほパスタ). The combination of seafood such as octopus and scallops,
with mushroom, topped with rich raw soy sauce and seaweed makes this a must-try from the menu.


This staff will explain to us each and every meal served. What's interesting is that he did it in English and from what we saw, he really had tried his best. You just could see it from his facial expression. Not to dismiss his effort, but most of us agreed that we would understand it better if he explain to us in Japanese.


  Soy sauce sherbet (おしょうゆジェラート). A Japanese style sherbet. Refreshing aftertaste is guaranteed!

Final words. The food at Comesta was great if not the best. But what that left an impression on me was the courteous and friendly staff, and also the ambiance of the restaurant, which somehow gives the costumers a soothing atmosphere while dining here.

Do drop by Comesta if you ever visit Noda City!

Comesta Italian Restaurant (Noda-Shi Main Branch)
Opening hours: 11:00 - 22:00 (last order 21:00) (Sun to Thu); 11:00 - 23:00 (last order 22:00) (Fri & Sat)
Address: 238 Tsutsumine, Noda-shi, Chiba Prefecture, 278-0021, Japan.
04-7121-0010   Fax: 04-7125-0078
Website: (Japanese)
Parking space: 50 units


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