Golden Week Gathering 2013

"Fu Wei zai na li?"
"Fu Wei zai jia"

the most famous line
at this year's gathering

Golden Week came and went this year. However, keeping up to the long tradition which started more than a decade ago, the annual Golden Week gathering was held again this year. More than ten years ago, the seniors studying in the universities came out with a brilliant idea to organise an event to welcome the new juniors to Japan. Back then, it was just a small barbecue gathering and no more than fifty people joined the event.

A few years later, some of the seniors graduated and returned to Malaysia, while the ones who remained here were in their final university year. There was nobody available to continue to organisation of this annual gathering. Fortunately, the forth-year kosen (technical college) juniors came to the rescue. They volunterred to take over the organisation, and that was the point where this gathering has been organised by the forth year kosen juniors every year. On most of the years, it is almost a lus non scriptum for the forth-year juniors from Kisarazu Kosen to be the main organiser, including this year.


The fresh third-year juniors who just came to Japan last month, along with the forth-year juniors who are the organisers.

For the past five gatherings, the venue had moved to Otizawa Youth Centre (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012) in Machida city, and the University of Electro-Communications (2011) in Chofu City. Finally, after a six-year absence, we finally returned to the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Yoyogi, Tokyo. This is the very same venue where my batch members attended our first Golden Week gathering seven years ago. 

Yup, seven years ago. Sounds like such a long time, ain't it?


Basketball is almost a must-have sports every year.


Guess what all these boys have in common? They are Malaysians. Haha, lame I know.


A group photo after the sports session, before heading to the next venue.

This year, they gathering point was at the University of Electro-Communications as they played some sports in the morning session. Basketball and badminton, played in the huge university gymnasium they rented.

Later in the afternoon, they moved to Yoyogi Park for some games sessions. From the photos I saw, I guess they played Frisbee and break-the-opponent's-ballon game.


The term Frisbee, often used capitalized, to generically describe all flying discs, is a registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company.


The inventor of Frisbee, Walter Frederick Morrison had the frisbee idea as a teenager throwing lard popcorn tin lids with his girlfriend.


Basically, in this game, each group members will form a line and they will attempt to break the opponent's balloon.


Look's simple but I bet it is not as easy as it looks.


As you can see, some even resorting to use their kung fu flying kick skills to win the game lol!

After the games session, it was time to head to the main venue - the National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre, located just next to Yoyogi Park. Here is where the ice-breaking session, self-introduction, more games and networking happens between the newbies and the old birds like me.

The most awaited session however, is surely the self-introduction session by the new juniors. This is the only time where we get to interrogate them with whatever questions we like. The most common question always is whether they are available or no. But this year, it seems that everyone was asked their hobby. Not sure if this was done on purpose or not haha!


The fantastic MC of the night - Mugu. This joker really did a great job entertaining us with his jokes.


But first, dinner time! No extraordinary food this year though, as we had bento dinner from Hotto Motto lol!


Another HY Ong joining us this year. One thing for sure, he is definitely not as siao as the siao kia HY Ong we already have haha!


Crystal senpai, the most senior person at the gathering this year, introducing herself. She came to Japan in almost two decades ago.

From my observation, it seems that most of the juniors this year are from the northern states like Perak and Penang. There was almost no juniors from the popular states like Kedah, Selangor and Sarawak this year.

Anyway, the night continued with Bingo games. The prizes are mostly snacks, biscuits and cakes, that the game eventually turned into a group game. Every time someone wins a prize, his friends sitting around him would make him open his prize and start enjoying the food together. So, in the end, nobody lost the game. Everyone there was a winner.


Working hard to get the chance to shout Bingo.


Someone was proud to win a pair of pink sandals lol!


No luck for Bin Wei this year hahaha!


And just when I said that, Bin Wei suddenly did a ballet dance. Did he hit Bingo? No idea lol!


The winning group of the games session in the evening.


I love this group a lot. It is arguably the most rojak batch in the history of PPKTJ/KTJ 'coz we have Melanau and Bidayuh in this group as well.

The batch one year my junior. Yew Keong sesat into that group since he is in the same university year as them.

DSC00037 (2)-001

My batch, seven years ago in 2007. Our batch used to be one of the biggest batch.


And now, we were trimmed to only four members. Some had gone back for good, some had moved to other parts of the world, and some just got MIA.


Lastly, the group photo!

During this gathering, I was told that technically, the batch that are scheduled to come to Japan next year will be the final batch, as there are no more new intakes for this technical course to Japan anymore. In that case, it also means that it will be the last time we will get the chance to have this annual gathering in 2014.

Just like this year, the Kisarazu team has been tasked to be the main organiser for the event next year. And here's hoping that the gathering next year will be a big blast!

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