Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Welcoming My 7th Year In Japan

"Twelve thousand miles of it, to the other side of the world. 
And whether they came home again or not, they would belong 
neither here, nor there, for they would have lived on 
two continents and sampled two different ways of life."

 Colleen McCullough 
 The Thorn Birds 

Today, I welcome my 7th year in Japan. Yes, it has been quite a journey. I still remember, when I stepped my foot on Narita International Airport on April 3rd, 2007, it was raining on a spring morning. The beautiful cherry blossoms had just started to bloom in Tokyo. Back then, it did not cross my mind at all that this journey would take me this far. One thing led to the other thing, I have in fact spent more than a quarter of my life in Japan. Starting off with my three years at Nagaoka National College of Technology, I graduated after doing my bachelor degree in for two years at Chiba University. Now, I am in my second year at Gateway Computer Co., Ltd., working as an IT engineer. 

Along this long and wonderful journey, I have made new friends, and at the same time lost a few friends. The list would be too long if I were to name them one by one here. However, I guess there are some whom I think I shall mention here. The bunch in Nagaoka - Shah, Yan Kuang, Muazam, Duan, Aki, Joann, Ulya, whom we had shared a fair amount of happy times, crazy and lame jokes, and also fights and arguments. Then my seniors who offered great advices and encouragements when I was sitting for university entrance exam and job interviews. Special thanks especially to Andrew and Ben. Kok Hong, you too!


Next is my ex-housemate WinD, whom I lived with for two years during our time in Chiba. It was amazing that he managed to tolerate me for the couple of years. Though we do not live together anymore now, we do meet up occasionally now as both of us are still based in Tokyo. Too bad that he will be returning for good by the end of this year, or early next year the latest. 

Also, special gratitude to Crystal senpai, whom I often address her as Mama, and also Windel Papa. Mama says it is very easy to remember Papa's name because you just gotta combine the two words – Windows and Dell lol! Both of them have been the one who had showered me with support, encouragement and most importantly, the reason why I am now working at Gateway Computer. 

I would also like to give a special mention to my blog readers and those who had left comments here down these years. This blog started just a couple of month before I flew to Japan and I guess the title of this blog (My Journey), which had followed me throughout my journey in Japan, fits it perfectly. 

Those are the people who have been the pillar of support during my past six years in Japan. If you are not mentioned here, it is not that I do not remember you. It is just that Blogger recently introduced this word-limit policy, which limits the length of an entry to 500 words. So, I have to be economical on my words usage. 

And I bet you are not going to believe me anymore and fall for this prank, would you? Hahaha! 

Anyway, last but the most importantly, is Mom and Dad. Mom was the one who rushed to get me the scholarship application form right after I took my SPM result back in 2004. She was the one, together with Grandma, who accompanied me on my first day to PPKTJ (Preparatory Centre for Technical Studies to Japan) in KL. And she was also the one who always insists to send me off at the bus terminal or airport every time I am returning to Japan from my holiday in Malaysia. And Dad, like most guys, does not show his concern openly, but I know he is as much concerned for me just like Mom. He never forgets my exam finals dates, will remind me if I had put my room key and passport into my bag before I head back to Japan, and would stock up my favourite foods at home whenever I am back for holiday. 

And to my three sisters, Calyn, Cheryl and Cindy, I know you guys miss me as much as Mom and Dad right? So, thanks a lot haha! Also my aunt, especially my youngest aunt Mo-Aunty (we have been calling her like that since young 'coz it is an abbreviation from the word Small Aunty lol!) who give me VIP escort to and from the airport every time. Thanks to Grandma who would cook me fantastic food and also fresh fruits from her own garden. Food like Siamese laksa and nasi kerabu are things I really miss. 


I feel that I am making this entry sound so sentimental, aren't I? Or should I say, it sounds like reading through the acknowledgement section of a thesis lol! I did not mean to do that because it should be a happy post, since I am celebrating my 7th year in Japan, isn’t it? Talking about happy news, I got another piece of good news a couple of days ago. Although it is still not official yet, I will be getting an increment from next month onwards *yeay!* 

If you ask me when will I finally decided to return to Malaysia "to serve the nation", as some people like to put it, to be honest, I have no idea yet. Nobody knows how long more this journey in Japan will take me, but one thing for sure is, I will return to Malaysia when the right time comes. Yes, to vote! 

P/S: This is entry number 911. But did anyone had any kecemasan feeling while reading this entry?


JH said...

Your post never fail to cheer me up! Gambateh in your adventure in Japan!

calvin said...

@ JH:
Thanks Jing Hui! :)

I'm so humbled that my posts managed to give that little bit of motivation to you. All the best in your journey in UK too!