Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thank You Gateway Computer

"[For salarymen] being exhausted 
is considered a virtue."
Masao Miyamoto

As cliche as it sounds, time flies. It has been one year since I turned into a new chapter of my life in Japan; from a S to another S. That is, from a student to a salaryman. And today, it will mark my second year at Gateway Computer. Throughout this short period, I have gone through and seen a lot. I would say stepping into the real world is something different that what you get at school. 

You learn how to respect people, how to deal with stress and pressure, organizing yourself, time management, etc. And also, how excited it feels on Friday evening, and how blue you turn when the clock is ticking down on Sunday night haha! I am not gonna elaborate every one of them in detail here though. Those who have been working for some time should get one I mean.


Taken with CEO Hayashi Shuichi, exactly one year ago, on our first day at company.

There are two good news and a bad news in this short update. I'll start with the good ones. First, I was selected to be the "Best Employee of the Month" for February. This monthly award allows anyone to nominate anyone else in the company, whom they think has done a good job for the month. And the great thing is, self-nomination is possible as well haha! 

Normally, there are several people picked to get this award.  In January, there were zero nomination, but in February, there were as many of 14 of us haha! So, yeah, as you can see from the newsletter, I appear as one of the award recipient. I was selected for my involvement in a PC-deployment project for Novartis for about five months last year. And the award entitles us to 10,000 yen worth of coupon.


My aunt reaction when she saw that picture, "Can't see anything except seeing you running. For that, you got selected as best employee??" lol!

Just like my aunt commented, "Anda sangat cemerlang, gemilang and terbilang" haha!

The second good news is that all of us in our department got an unexpected fallen durian (durian runtuh) this month. Apparently, the company made quite some profit over the year and as an appreciation of our hard work, we were awarded with a special bonus this month. Getting two good news in one week is just great, isn't it?

However, as I had mention, there is a bad news. I am thinking should I mention it here or not. But I guess sooner or later, it well become public anyway. So here I am, making an announcement. For several private reasons, I have decided to hand up my resignation and return to Malaysia for good. I have not make this official to the top management people in my company, but I will get everything done by mid-April and you shall see me back to Malaysia by the end of this month.

I shall explain my decision when the right time comes, but yes, this is indeed a sudden decision and my six-year-plus journey in Japan has finally, come to its end. It has been a memorable journey. Thanks you and arigatou!


DT said...

Wow... Been 1 year of u working? Had the feeling like u started work not too long ago. Hehe... Time flies. Been great reading ur stories in japan. Anyway, wish ya all the best in ur future undertakings... Hope u don't stop writing... :D

DT said...
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DT said...

Hahaha... Great day to post this hor... :P

CLF said...
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calvin said...

@ DT:
Haha! Yeah, time flies! Thanks for your continued support all along.

I know you have been reading my blog since long time ago, and every time I see you dropping come comments, it motivates me even more to write!

And yeah, sorry for the super duper late reply to this comment lol!