Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gotcha! It Was April 1st Wasn't It?

"Better a witty fool 
than a foolish wit."
William Shakespeare

If there is a day in a year when you should not believe Calvin, it is April 1st. Yup, the entry yesterday was just an April Fool’s Day prank. The first part was real, however the bad news part, about me quitting my job in Japan and heading home, was 100% pure bulls**t.

Realising that it was a great timing to make up such stories, I combined it with the good news (of me getting the award and bonus) to make it sound real. And I guess the plan worked! 95% of people who commented on my blog and Facebook fell for it, and wish me all the best. I am not sure if they really meant it, or they'd known that it was just a prank and gave me such sarcastic responses lol!

But how if they honestly believed it and made them sending me all those messages? I even had a few people who privately sent me messages to my mobile phone to ask what had happened. You know, I actually felt a bit guilty to be honest for playing up with their feelings. However, like Max Eastman once said, "It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor." So I believe my friends who know me well enough, will understand that my mischievous trait has not faded at all yet. A giraffe never changes its height, huh? LOL!

Down the years, I have come up with several April Fool’s prank. I once changed my birth date in Facebook to April 1st few years ago, and my inbox was flooded with birthday wishes at the end of that day. There was another time I posted in my blog that I have broken-up and people asked me to stay strong etc. But now, I can't use that latter's idea anymore since I am not attached at the moment lol!


Back to yesterday's prank, I thought it will take some time before Mom sees the post in my blog or Facebook. So I came up with an additional plan; I made a phone call to her during my lunch break. She was marking her students' books at that time, and I started the conversation like usual. Then I dropped the bomb. I told her I’d just received a mail that morning and was told that I was gonna be transferred to Singapore beginning next month, for an indefinite period.

Her first response was, "Ooo, Singapore ar? Good ar, much nearer to Malaysia. You like it or not?"

I tried so hard to control my laughter at that moment, and right after that, I replied her, "Of course I like it. Coz I just April Fool-ed you hahahahaha!!!"

As if she had just woken up from being hypnotized, she realized that she had just fell to my prank and it drove her nuts for not being careful enough. "Ishhhh you arrr, why-la do me? Yealor-hor today’s 1st April. Why-lar I never realized it. Yerrr, sien-la. Today I haven't kena yet you know. Mana tau terus kena tipu by you. Some more so calm and relaxed only when you told me. Ishhhh!! Don't like it-lor hmphh!!!" hahaha!

Yes, my Mom is one of my traditional target every year because she's one of the easiest victim to prey on haha! However, nowadays, she is much more clever than in the past. I know pranks like "Hey look! There's a lizard on your hair!!" will never work anymore, so I have to use more advanced-level pranks lol!

She was so unsatisfied that just before she ended her phone call, she plotted a revenge and came out with her version of April Fools. She said to me, "Be carefull when you walk outside. Don't trip and fall. April Fools! Hahaha!"

I was like, "Hmmmm??"

Then when I got home, Mom sent me another message. "Mm baru baca ur blog.mayb april fool again ar?u wan come bc Malysia?tak believe u la.tìs time x april fool di cos mm saw the date 1st april.haha,nak april föol again."

At least this time she was more carefull not to fall for my prank the second time. When I Skyped with her that night, the first words from her was, "Woahhh, you this boy ar. Satu dunia you tipu today" haha! She later asked me if it's okay to do backdated April Fool's joke. I said of course not and she gotta wait for next year. Hearing that, she got emo 'coz she just got the idea that time. Too bad it was already too late. "Rugi only", she said lol!
During the Skype session, I tried to play more April Fools prank on her. One of it was the Google Nose prank. I sent her the link and guided her to follow the instruction. She then started to move her face to the monitor and started sniffing. She told me maybe she had flu, and she didn't smell anything haha! After that third prank I played on her, she never believed me anymore. 

Every time I start my sentence with, "Hey, you know or not…" she instantly replied me, "Don't want liao! Wanna April Fool me again right??! Hmphhh!!"

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