Monday, 7 January 2013

Love Letter From The Prime Minister

"See what Najib sent you lol!"

WhatsApp message received 
from sister 

During work today, my iPhone beeped. It showed that I got a message on my WhatsApp. It was from Calyn, my sister. It is not often that we chat in WhatsApp and out of curiosity, I opened and read the message, which read,

"See what Najib sent you lol!"


Yup, I got a love letter from the Prime Minister of Malaysia. How often can you see this? Well, quite often actually, 'coz this happen "only in Malaysia". I still remember seeing how people received text message over their mobile phones from the Prime Minister and some local assemblymen. The content were best wishes on their birthday or sometimes, festive greetings. More amazingly is that, some apparently received messages on Valentine's Day as well.

Actually, I just made up the latter hahaha!

Anyway, back to my love affair letter with our handsome Prime Minister, the look on the outer envelope gave me a different idea. A first look at it might make someone thinks that they had gotten a confirmation from the Election Commissioner, to inform them about their voting center, etc.

But no, 'coz when the envelope is opened, it was something different. 


My Prime Minister is sending me a message - "Marilah bersama saya membina masa depan Malaysia yang kita impikan.". It is in Malay, but when translated, the message is requesting me to be with him, in building a better future for Malaysia, that we all have been dreaming for .

Yes, Sir! Thanks a lot for the reminder. That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm going home very soon, in making sure we together, build a better future for every single individual who calls themselves a Malaysian.


Just a question here!

Is there anyone out there, who got the same letter as me? I'll be quite upset-lor if Mr Najib sent the same love letter to the others as well, because it shows that he "play-wood-three" (main kayu tiga).


Aziana said...

He main kayu juta2 d lo iv to all Malaysian... ended up in recycle bin.. what a waste.

calvin said...

@ Aziana:
Haha, you sure just juta-juta meh? I think billion-billion lor :P

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