Thursday, September 6, 2012

Authetic Sri Lankan Food By Samitha

"Stuh-tee Amma & Samitha!"
stuh-tee means 
thank you in Sinhalese

Samitha invited us to his house for a party last weekend. And just in case you wonder who Samitha is, he is one of my colleagues, from Sri Lanka. His Mom is currently here for a few months and hence, we got the chance to see Amma as well. However, she only speaks Sinhalese. So, every time we had conversation with her, Samitha will be our offline dictionary. And I gotta say he got natural talent to be a freelancer translator lol!

But then, to call Samitha over each time will be troublesome for him, as he was busy preparing the food in the kitchen. So sometimes, when we talk to Amma, we would just smile and laugh even though we have no idea what she tells us haha! That is way much better than to give her stone faces, right?


Ayana promised to help cutting the vegetables, which she eventually skipped and ended up working on the fish curry.


She commented on that beautiful sari Amma wore, in which made Amma to bring out a pair of purple sari.


And tada! With some assistance from Amma, Ayana is ready to join Miss Sri Lanka 2013 next year lol!

All this while, all I have seen is the sari which is readily worn by Indian ladies in Malaysia. I have never figured out the way of wearing this traditional outfit, or how does the cloth look like. This was my first time seeing a piece of sari, and I was quite shock to find out that it is just a piece of cloth; but a very very long one. I estimate that it is about six to seven meters long, approximately one meter wide.

One convenient thing about sari is that there is no size, no matter how thin, how fat, how short or how long a person is. The only thing which has size is the inner blouse. 


Food's done and it's time to menjamah selera.


This is how you do it. Samitha showing everyone the right way to take the dishes.


The sumptuous menu of the day. Five course meal prepared in in hour by our amazing chef.

Ayana and the rest looked kinda clueless on how to take the food. Generally, in a Japanese family, the meal is prepared individually for each person; i.e. everyone has their own set of meal. It is not common to have several plates of dishes on the table and each person take the dishes by themselves, according to amount of their liking.

The menu of the day was Japanese amberjack fish (buri) curry, lamb curry, gova mallung (spicy coconut and cabbage), potato masak lemak, and fried brinjal with tomato and onion salad. And ohh, not forgetting is the fragrant rice mixed with raisin, sausages and sliced carrot.


The two girls and the chef who prepared all the dishes.


From left: Ayana, Shida, Sato and Samitha. Shida was together with us during our job training stint early this year.


A close up shot of a plate of the food. The taste? Need I mention here?

For a person whose grandfather is a Sinhalese, it was like a dream come true to have Sinhalese food cooked by pure Sri Lankans. All this while, I only tasted them from my grandma and Mom's cooking, but they aren't as pure as Amma and Samitha haha! Mom, if you read this, don't kecil hati okay? Your pumpkin and Sinhalese nasi lemak is still the best *hehehe*

For a big fan of Sinhalese and Indian food like me, I can't help but to ask for second serving. I might have gone for the third, but too bad my gigi sakit on that faithful day haha!


This is what happens after you eat good food.


Ayana fell asleep but when she woke up, she said she didn't realised she'd dozed off lol!


We then went out for a short stroll around the neighbourhood. This was outside a convenience store.


There is a temple nearby which we paid a visit.


The three stooges posing inside Tozenji Temple (東漸寺).


A mini pagoda inside the temple compound.


Amazing tree. I guess this tree must be more than a century old.

I suggested to Ayana to board the train with the sari, but she insisted. So, in the middle of the street, without bothering the passing pedestrians, these ladies stripped just like that haha! And you know, a piece of sari is not short and guess what happened when they took off the sari for Ayana?

Traffic jam haha!


"Okay now I am stripping my sari off. Guys, go look elsewhere!"


There you go, a temporary road block coz they took off her sari in the middle of the road haha!


Amma looks so beautiful with this two girls.


Later that evening, Murata-san (second from right) came over to join the gang.


That doggie hanging from the ceiling lamp die die wanna enter the photo haha wtf!

And that was our half-day gathering at Samitha's place. We had a second round at our senior, Eranga's house later that evening. His house is so super huge that I guess it is three times the one I'm living right now. Time to move to a new place, maybe? But I just moved into my current place like less than half a year. I better stop babbling about my house, which is not related to this entry at all haha!

Thanks for reading this short but funny (← self declare one) entry!

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