Sunday, June 3, 2012

Job Training's Over, Now For The Real Thing

"Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the 
richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work."
Robert Orben
American comedy writer


The famous Hattori clock tower of Wako store in Ginza.

Two months of job training finally came to an end yesterday, and beginning next Monday, we will return to our HQ in Akihabara to start our job. As cliché as it may sound, time flies really fast. It has been two months since I started working in early April.

For the first four weeks, our job training was based in Ryogoku and Otemachi, followed by Ginza for the last one month. The four-week course was mainly about networking using Windows Server and Linux OS, wrapped up with a group task and presentation on the final day. Not gonna go into depth on this topic because I believe most of you will fall asleep before you finish reading this entry. However, if I tell you the cost of this training course, I think it will wake you up for the next twenty hours haha!

Guess what, this one-month course costs almost 500,000 yen per person, that is approximately RM20,000. Japanese companies really invest a lot on their new employees, because to them, it is a long-term investment.


Daily commuting route - Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to Ginza Station.


Apple Store Ginza pops up right at the exit of the subway station.

Talking about falling asleep, I can say it is one of our main challenges to overcome during the training course. The training is mainly all about listening to lectures for almost seven hours per day; not much different from attending classes at school. So, we cannot help but to switch into sleeping mode at some points during the lectures.

Our instructor often said proudly that he can never fall asleep during lectures and how he finds it amazing that we doze off so easily. There has been countless of times where we got cautioned and woken up by the instructors whenever any of us fall asleep in the class. But then, there was one time when one of us was woken up, he said this to the instructor.

"Actually I wasn't sleeping. I just kept my eyes closed because I can only concentrate when I close my eyes..."


Look whose works is on display!


Jimmy Choo, a renowned Malaysian fashion designer who recently launched the new CHOO 24:7 collection. 
A special installation was created in the store window of Matsuya Ginza.

What a classic excuse right haha wtf!

We were doing a topic about network security one day and the instructor asked each of us the method used when the employees from each company enters their office everyday. Some uses the conventional way of thumb print scan, password lock, etc. There was one company however, which uses Pasmo card (a rechargeable contact-less smart card ticketing system for public transport in Japan) and its employees just have to slide the card through a card reader on the door. So, when it comes to our company, we tried to be funny and told everyone that instead of Pasmo, we use Suica card haha wtf!


 A public telephone booth by the walking alley in Ginza.


The main street in Ginza - Chuō-dōri (中央通) in Ginza.

I digress, into something which has nothing to do with my training.

I recently learned a new Japanese word called kyūtōshin (九頭身), which literally means "nine head body". No, it had no relation at all with cats having nine lives. To those who just heard this term for the first time, it basically means an ideal body proportion, where tōshin represents the length from the parietal chin to the jaw. So, if a person's whole body length is equivalent to nine (kyū) tōshin, that means he has a kyūtōshin, regarded as having an ideal body proportion. The taller you are, the more likely you will have that ideal body proportion.

If you are told that you have nitōshin, it means your whole body length is equivalent to two head length, like Doraemon haha!


Got this cheese cookies from Suzuki.

Talking about Suzuki, there was one time not long ago that she asked me to teach her Malay language. The first phrase I taught her was "I love you" in Malay. At the same time, we suggested that it would sound closer if we call each other by our names, instead of our surnames. Her name is Suzuki Ayana; so she asked me to call her Ayan, the short-version of Ayana. I couldn't help but to smile the moment she said that.

Realising that something was not right, she asked me why I smiled. I told her "ayang" in Malay means "darling" and she was super shocked. She immediately declared that "ayang" is a banned word and we are forbidden to call her by that name ever again haha wtf!


Got these little bottles of milk from Meiji Dairies.

One Saturday morning, while I was enjoying my morning weekend, my door bell rang and a guy in his fifties wearing his working uniform appeared at my doorstep. The word "Meiji Dairies" was clearly written on his uniform. He offered me six mini bottles of milk of various flavours as samples to try.

I know there is nothing free in this world and I was reluctant to take the milk initially. You know, all those negative thoughts came into my mind. How if those milk are contaminated? How if that guy had added some poison into the milk? Haha, kinda stupid thoughts really. But I thought I have nothing to lose, and I was not obliged to make orders for the milk even if I take those sample. In the end, I took the milk even though I might get poisoned later haha wtf!


Colourful Shinkoiwa at dusk. Love the sky a lot! 

I think I have sidetracked too much in this entry, by ending up with the stories of darling and poisonous milk haha! Anyway, come this Monday, I will return to the main office in Akihabara to start working for real, since my aunt once said that I have been eating gaji buta during my job training lol! There should be more stories from Akihabara I guess.

Maid cafes, anime, AKB48, electronic gadgets, etc. Stay tune for more of these in future entries!


Shamanti J. said...

oh yeah..end of makan gaji buta period...time for the real thing!..good luck!

TZ said...

i used to work for Sony Malaysia which given me the chance to go to Shinagawa to pay a visit to Sony HQ. And of cause the city of Tokyo but i don't really like the city... too pack.

calvin said...

@ shamanti j.:
you know what? my schedule now is even more free than during the job training period.

so, not only makan gaji buta, but also gaji bisu haha wtf!!!

calvin said...

@ tz:
i guess once you are used to the environment, tokyo is not too bad after all. especially if you consider its convenience and all.

however, language barrier could be a problem if you do not speak the language >.<