Friday, May 25, 2012

Rempah Ratus Wrapped In Kain Velvet

"One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, 
and one of the biggest blessings in the world 
is to have parents to call mom and dad." 

Jim DeMint

If you had read my previous entry, then you should remember about the stories Mom told me when I Skyped with her recently. Guess what? Fast forward a couple of days later, I talked to her again recently on Skype and guess what was the first thing she told me?

"Boy, you're already 25. Still not getting married arh?" 

Haha! Itulah padahnya (that's the consequences) being the eldest and the only son in the family. Damn stressful 'coz the whole family will forever put all the hopes on my shoulder. But Mom, what to do; still tarak calon yet. So, you have to wait a little while more, alright? I promise I will work harder lol! And you know what, I was actually just kidding only on that getting married thing. Mom never said that to me actually haha! She told me something else, which went something like this:

"Wei wei, you very pandai hor. Pandai pandai-jer go add so much of rempah ratus into your story."


That's how much spices I added into my story lol!

What she meant was that I had misquoted her stories and ter-added too much of exaggerated side-stories into the original one lol! But what to do, my memory is just as good as the goldfish. I replaced those parts which I couldn't recall with my own version; hence she said I'd added so much of spices into the stories haha! Confirmed I will never be a good reporter because my news will surely full of cerita dongeng (fairy tales) lol!

And oh yea, I did mention that I never knew what "ririri" means. But now I knew it already, after getting confirmation from Mom. She said it is an abbreviation from the word "mari" ("come" in Malay). So, instead of saying "mari, mari, mari", which is too long and sound like a tongue twister, she shorten it to "ririri" haha wtf!

During this Skype session, she also used the opportunity to tell me another stories from her school, again. There was one day, during one of her lessons, she talked to one of her students. She talked with that kid for more than two minutes, yet there was no response from the boy at all; not even any eye-contact. So, Mom got a bit irritated and asked him why isn't he listening to her.

"Cikgu, cikgu sudah panggil salah nama-lar. Nama saya Fairus, bukan Faiz, cikgu."


Some of Mom's students, back in 2009. Mom is barely visible in this photo, standing in the background (top right).

Rupa-rupanya Mom made a mistake between two students. That is why that student didn't looked at her when she talked to him, because she'd called the wrong student haha wtf! This similar incident actually happened to Mom before that. There was once when one of her colleague saw her and greeted her, "Morning Velvet!"

Mom's name is Vyleat (pronounced as "Violet"), but some people tried to be funny by calling her as a type of fabric lol! If you think that is bad enough, some were even worse. You see, Mom had a relatively dark complexion; so it is a common thing that people always mistaken her as a Malay or sometimes Indian. So, there were times when her colleagues saw her and called her, "Hey Dewi!" or "Hey Balbir!" (Mrs Dewi and Miss Balbir were both Mom's ex-colleagues in school). Damn failed case, right?

Nevertheless, it is though these kind of light moments of Skyping with Mom that makes me forget about all the work stress and tiredness for a while. She also shared with me about Dad driving her around the town three days ago. Yup, Dad is almost there already, a huge improvement of how he used to be almost four months ago. Although he's not one-hundred-percent yet, he can now walk on his own and even drive to bring Mom to dating already haha!

I recently came across this great quote, which was part of the advertisement inside the train by the Yomiuri newspaper. It goes something like this. "The affection parents have for their child is forever an "unrequited love". However, by the time the child is grown up to realize and return that love, the parents are no longer around."


The quote certainly has a deep meaning and remember, it is still not too late. Love your  parents like there's no tomorrow.

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