Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mom's Famous Skype Tales

"Oyasumi nasai. Ii yume o mite ne. 
Aishite imasu. Itsumo suki desu."

text message to my phone
from her

Before I go any further,  let me translate the above phrase to those of you who are OKU (short-form for Orang Kurang Upaya or 'disabled') in Japanese language, as I know you guys will be too lazy to Google them out. The direct translation would be "Good night. See nice dreams. Love you. I sayang you always". Yeah, I was laughing when I see the kawaii-ness of the message by her. Mom oh Mom, why are you so cute one haha!!!

So, I was Skyping with Mom a couple of nights ago, after almost a week. I guess the working life has started to take its toll on me as I hardly go online in Skype lately. Anyway, every time I Skype with her, she will always have interesting stories to tell me. This time, let me share you two stories from her collection. The first one was about cats. 


Mom in front of her school, who is still with her charming smile even after a long day of work.

There was this one day, while she was sitting in the staff room, she suddenly heard some meowing sounds of some unknown kittens. As Mom is kinda a person who is afraid of cats (like me lol!), she quickly informed her colleague, so that he could help her to chase the cats away. Instead of locating for the cats himself, that guy teacher thought the task would be merrier with more people joining him. So, he went to call some students to help him out. I suspect he is scared of cats also; but just create an excuse by asking the students to help him out haha!

So, when the students came, the whole class came haha wtf! The students started their mission, going around the staff room to look for the cats. They searched the cupboards, under the tables, they flipped the curtains, they looked into the boxes, they overturned the tables (this one I tokok tambah only though, to make it sound more dramatic lol!), while making the sound of cats. So, the whole staff room was like a cat shop, with non-stop of "meow, meow, meow" sound everywhere lol! Unfortunately, the search mission came to nothing in the end. They found no cats there, and returned to their classroom, disappointed. The next day however, out of no where, a student brought a black guni case to the staff room.

"Cikgu, ni dua ekor kucing, sudah dapat tangkap! Nah, ambil-lar, cikgu," said the student while handing the guni case to Mom.

Mom, who was obviously afraid to get hold on the cats, jumped back a few steps. She quickly asked the student to take the cats away and release them at somewhere else. Only then that I learned that Mom is scared of cats. It's something quite unexpected 'coz during her childhood days, she used to lived in kampong and surrounded with chickens and ducks. She is proud to tell us that her ducks will follow her everywhere; even into the wooden toilet outside the house when she goes in to do her business haha!


With Mom and grandma at the Former Hokkaido Government Building in March.

Although she used to like those animals, she now feel that she cannot take them anymore. The fur and feathers are just too ticklish for her and that is why she doesn't dare to handle these animals. Talking about the ducks suddenly brought us to our time in Hokkaido two months ago. We were at the Former Hokkaido Government Office in Sapporo, and during our short walk in the park there, Mom saw a brace of Mandarin ducks having an afternoon stroll. 

That sight excited her and she quickly tried to go near them. Not enough with that, Mom made some sounds similar to how she used to call her ducks - "riririri" lol! However, probably the Mandarin ducks were too afraid to see a dark alien, and furthermore they didn't have a single idea what "riririri" means, that it made them flew away immediately. To be honest, I don't know what "riririri" means as well; but I am guessing it could be the name of Mom's ducks haha!

Mom was quite emo when the Mandarin ducks didn't wanna layan her and asked me why the ducks in Japan are so unfriendly. I told her she should try to greet and talk to them in Japanese, say for example, 'ohayo gozaimasu', 'coz probably the ducks don't understand what "riririri" means haha!

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