Sunday, May 27, 2012

Futsal & Makan-Makan In Kamata

"Futsal will always be my first love."

"Fishing" during the lectures at the job training is something we do, although we try to make sure that doesn't happen as much as possible. Probably it's due to the fact that we are mentally as exhausted as our physical state. Then, there was one day during our break time, that someone mentioned about having some sports session together. She believes we need to move our body a little bit to keep our body refreshed and able to concentrate more at work.

And so, we planned to have a futsal game together among us who are at the same job training place. It was tough to gather enough people for the futsal game initially, so I came out with a brilliant idea of inviting some of my Malaysian friends to join as well. Everyone was supportive and in the end, we managed to gather almost twenty of us for the game. 


I was in Team #3, and we waited as Team #1 played against Team #2 in the first game.


Here comes another wave of attack.


YamaP trying to dribble past ten players!


Opponent was ready to take the corner kick, yet the defender and the goalkeeper still got time to play lai lai li tham plong haha wtf!.

The futsal was played at Jexer Futsal Club in Kamata, in Ōta Ward, west Tokyo. The court was at the rooftop of a nine-story building and it was a blessing that the weather was absolutely great. 

The game starts at three for two hours but we didn't have time to really get to know each other. It was partly my fault because I didn't introduce the both sides to each other in the beginning. And when my Japanese friends asked my Malaysian friends where they come from, each of them answered "Malaysia", "Malaysia", "Malaysia" and "Malaysia". My Japanese friends thought that we had gone to the wrong place lol!


Where is the ball?


Takahashi, the girl in white t-shirt used to play football during her high school days. And he played the goalkeeper position!


Another goal went in. Ten-zero.

Anyway, we didn't wanna waste time once we were at the court. We quickly formed three teams, each with six players and played a five-minute game for each game. Everyone was clearly lack of exercise and we knew having a game more than five minutes will not be a wise idea. Even by playing just five minutes each game, everyone was already gasping for air and water after a while haha!

There were exceptions though - Suzuki who came in high heels and Samitha who came with his Hawaiian style attire and wore a pair of sandals there. So, we decided to make Suzuki the unofficial referee-cum-time-keeper-cum-photographer-ball-girl-cum-spokesperson. As for Samitha, he was our manager, for all three teams lol!

Two hours came and gone as we had great fun kicking the ball around. Although we started playing without knowing each other much, that was secondary because everyone somehow managed to click together during and after the game. In fact, some of my Japanese friends remember some of the Malaysians' name better than me lol! I'm glad that everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves and hopefully there will be more of this kind of sports session in the future.


 Group photo with our manager, Samitha, in dark glasses in the middle haha! 


Oosugi was having his shower when we took the group photo and this is his reaction when he returns to the court lol!

After the game, our plan to have dinner in Shinjuku was canceled and the venue was shifted to Kamata, as everyone was already gathered there after the futsal game. Fortunately, Tajima, the pro in getting a good spot for makan-makan session, was there with us and we let him settle the reservation and everything.

Food this time was great, in fact we'd probably spent too much time talking that there were some leftovers in the end. Good thing this time nobody got drunk unlike the previous time, and we proceeded to the second party as we had Shida who joined us later that evening. After the second party, some decided to go for the third one, at karaoke. When they play, these people really play hard. Unfortunately for this uncle (read: me) and a few other, we decided to call it a day after the second session.


First makan session - from left, Suzuki, Kanai, Onodera, Oosugi, Miura, Takahashi.


First makan session - from left, Samitha, Suzuki, Tajima and Masubuchi.


The manager and the referee, plus our kanji (幹事) king in the middle lol!


Second session was at a basement restaurant which has a great ambiance.


Oosugi was the fortune teller of the night as he tried to read our palms the whole evening lol!


Finally, one group photo at the end of the makan-makan session.

It's already Sunday and time to recharge for another new week. However, I can't wait for this week come to an end, because we already have some wonderful plan come this Saturday. So, stay tuned to find out where are we going. A hint here - it is outside Tokyo and involves good food!

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