Friday, May 11, 2012

Birthday Celebration At Monsoon Cafe

"All the world is birthday cake, 
so take a piece, but not too much."

George Harrison
The Beatles, 1943-2001


Ginza Chuo Street at night, the high fashion center of Tokyo with lots of upscale shops and restaurants.

Now that our training phase has moved to Ginza, I find it hard to resist the temptation to wander around this area after a long and tiring day. Yup, just wander and wonder when we will afford to buy the goods in this district haha wtf! However, our training is from nine in the morning and ends at six in the evening. The exhaustion and everything are just too much that we would just give that a skip. 

There was one day when one of us asked Samitha to bring us to eat Sri Lanka food. Too bad that restaurant is a little far from Ginza; so we decided to do it on another day. Coincidentally, we found out that it was the birthday of one of our friends, and we thought about giving her a surprise after a dinner session.


Monsoon Cafe, an exotic spot introduced by Samitha. He is such a genius when it comes to food haha!

Located in Ginza 1-chome, Monsoon Cafe is a restaurant that specialised in South East Asian food. There were Thai green curry and pad thai, Indonesian nasi goreng, Vietnamese pho, Singaporean black pepper chicken (I have no idea since when it is considered a Singaporean food though lol!) and Malaysian chicken curry and roti parata (which turned out to be frozen version of roti canai wtf!). 

The food there turned out to be quite good. However, for the girls, it was the waiter whom they were paying attention to for whole night. I can't remember how many times they kept telling each others that one of the waiter were damn ikemen (Google translates it as 'twinks' lol wtf!). And they tried to find every other opportunities, such as to confirm our orders, to ask for tissues, etc., just as an excuse to go nearer to that guy. Girls... Damn sweat-kan?


Samitha with his 'wtf' face. Someone's gonna get a hurt real bad tonight haha wtf!


Shida, who hails from Kyushu.


Miura, Takahashi and the poor Hiraoka, who was emo because it was a non-smoking restaurant lol!


Shida and Takahashi, the birthday girl.


I'm guessing Suzuki has a detector in herself because she would immediately turn to the camera whenever she senses that the lense focuses on her lol!

The dinner part was not a surprise but little did Takahashi knew that we had made a pre-arrangement with the restaurant to prepare something special at the end of the dinner. While we were chatting and pretended as if we're ready to leave, the music in the restaurant stopped halfway, and the tunes of 'Happy Birthday' was heard. That abrupt interruption also attracted the attention of the other customers who were enjoying their dinner there, as they wonder what was happening.

Takahashi, at that moment, still looked kinda clueless, until came the plate which had firecrakers on it!


Here comes the plate of fruits lol! Guess which is the ikemen of these two waiters that made the girls went crazy.


 Just look at how surprised and happy Takahashi was! This totally caught her by surprise.

Few of the restaurant staffs joined us as well as we sang the birthday song for our birthday girl. That includes a middle-aged guy, whom we initially thought was the restaurant boss. What a friendly boss he is, we thought. Without any hesitation, he sat on our table and started talking to us. Those sitting next to him continued to talk to him happily.

However, Miura and the rest who was sitting behind me started to whisper to me, asking me who was that uncle. I could only shrug and give them a smile because I have no idea as well who the hell that guy is haha! After a short investigation, we realised that he was just a customer who was having dinner with his colleagues in another corner of the restaurant! Like what dafuq right? Simply come and menceroboh our table without giving any warning hahaha!


That uncle dengan bangga dan gembiranya joined in our group photo.


Just see how happy he was. Suzuki, who was pushed away from her seat, didn't think so though lol!


Finally, a perfect group photo of the eight of us, minus the unknown uncle haha wtf!

Enough of the story of the sesat uncle. By the way, as we were having our dinner, Samitha saw a friend of his working in this restaurant. Suzuki smelled that is indeed golden opportunity that she cannot missed out. So, she kept pestering Samitha to get closer to his Sri Lankan friend. Yup, you know what's her intention right? Next time when we go there again, she'll ask Samitha to confirm with his Sri Lankan friend whether or not her ikemen is working on that day. If her ikemen is around, the dinner is on; if he is on a leave, then she will cancel the dinner with us.

Now we know that ABCDEFG (A Boy Can Do Everything For a Girl) is real. So does GFEDCBA. Girl will Forget Everything Done and Catches a new Boy Again!

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