Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Two Best Days In A Week

"There aren't enough days in the weekend."

Rod Schmidt

You know what? Now I've understood the significance of Fridays. To working people, it is the gayiest day in a week. So, the worst thing ever to happen is making it through the work week only to be sick on a Saturday. That is just too much to take. I guess I'll be super damn emo if that ever happens lol! Three weeks have passed since I started working and all three weekends were packed with wonderful activities. The first one coincidentally fell on my birthday and I went for the MSAJ hanami gathering in Yoyogi Park. 

For the second weekend, Saturday was filled with the visit to Ueno Zoo


Sky Bus Tokyo, a red double-decker bus that takes tourists around the city.

On Sunday, I was supposed to join Kai Cung and the rest for a Thai lunch buffet in Marunouchi, Tokyo. They have been there before and from the photos I saw, it seems to be a decent place for good Thai food. I already began to make a long list of food I'm gonna eat even before we headed out.

We came to the restaurant and guess what? The staff standing in front of the restaurant told us that the offer had ended in March. No more lunch buffet anymore. Not giving up, we decided to walk to another branch in Yurakucho. This time, it was the crowd that made us decided to forget about it. There were easily more than thirty people ahead of us and it was already two plus. Our stomachs were already growling like mad, so waiting is not an option.

Super potong stim, but no choice. Wanna emo also no mood already because we were just too hungry to do that haha! We returned to the earlier restaurant and ordered a course meal instead.


Bangkok Kitchen. A visit after my first time in Ginza branch almost two years ago.


Love the restaurant's ambiance very much.


Fresh shrimp in spicy sauce (kung chae nampla), golden spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables (paoh peay sai pak), fish pancake (tod man pla),   
golden bean curd filled with mince shrimps (thung ngun yuang).


Spicy avocado salad (sengwa avocado).


Spicy shrimp soup (tom yam kung).


Stir fried seafood with yellow curry powder and steamed rice (khaow seafood pad phong karee).


Tapioca with coconut milk dessert.


The four of us who went for the lunch. I'm on the reflection on the mirror, just in case you see only three people haha!


The leaves are starting to grow their shoots as spring is here. In a few months' time, the trees would be fully dressed up.


Tokyo Station under renovation. By the end of this year, it will open as Tokyo Station Hotel.

This weekend, the plan was going to see tulips in Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa, Tokyo. However, due to the poor weather and timing, we cancelled the plan. In replacement, the destination was Roppongi, to see a movie. 

Watching movie in Japan can be considered a luxury. Unlike in Malaysia, where one ticket costs only around RM 10 (correct me if I'm wrong; long time didn't see movies already lol!), here it costs at least 1,500 yen (RM 60). You tell me, how-lar wanna watch movie every week, right? It'll be a different case if I print money notes lol! Therefore, watching movie in Japan is like an annual event to me haha! I can't remember what's the last movie I watched here, which indirectly tells you how long it has been since my last visit to a cinema in Japan.


Had our early lunch at Soup Stock Tokyo.


A great place to enjoy nutritious yet delicious soup.


 Onion and chicken curry and onion cream potage soup set.

One big difference between the movie goers in Japan and Malaysia is that in Japan, the audience will never head to the exit door until the whole thing has finished. They will wait until the credits part has come to an end. Probably they wanna make sure that they make full use of the ticket since it costs a bomb to see movies here. So, whenever you see people standing up when the credits start to show up, you can almost certainly tell that those are confirmed gaijin haha!

We saw James Cameroon's Titanic in 3D, which came out early this month. My last time watching this movie was 15 years ago, when I was only a ten-year-old boy. Back then, what I understood was a huge ship called Titanic hit an iceberg and sank into the ocean. Fifteen years later, watching the movie was a totally different experience. Now that I've learned and experienced what love is, I guess I appreciate the movie even more.


Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills.


The ticket that costs 2,200 yen as it's a 3D movie.


Here, we get to bring back the 3D glasses.


That's how "Titanic" is written in Japanese. It's pronounced as "Taitanikku" lol!


Reminders to the audiences inside the cinema.


Still sempat to camwhore before movie starts.

Overall, the movie was great. Hmmm, I wonder if I even need to mention it here? We were so immersed with the movie that we didn't realised it ran for three hours! I didn't remember the details from the movie I watch in 1997. What I remember was that my parents asked me to close both of my eyes during one scene in middle of the movie. I didn't asked for the reason and just closed my eyes. Haha, damn stupid, right? I'm pretty sure you guys know which scene I'm refering to, right? You guys better don't act stupid like me when I was ten haha!

Anyway, it seems that several nice additions have been included into the opening and closing parts. Some real footage of the sinken ship during a recent exploration into the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean by Mr Cameroon himself appeared in the opening scenes. And according to Kai Cung, the ending part where Rose drops the blue ocean diamond has been changed. Not sure about that though.


A nice park looking down from the Roppongi Hills.

Talking about Titanic, the most memorable and my favourite quote would be by Rose, when a staff asked for her name upon arriving in New York. "What's your name, miss?" "Dawson, Rose Dawson." It just shows how much she loved Jack and how she just knew that if he were still alive they would eventually get married and have a life together. 

Lovely and very touching.

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