Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Salarymannerific First Day At Work

"Hi ex-student lol!" 

how Z greeted me at Facebook chat 


Roti kaya toast and hot Milo to kick start my day. Nope, I'm not doing free advertisement for Nescafe here lol!

I just realised that I should have changed my status in Facebook since April 1st since I'm no longer single a student. I'd officially started my job at [insert company's name] as [insert position] on April 2, 2012, which was yesterday. No more student ID, no more burning the midnight oil preparing for exams, no more rushing for datelines on assignments, but the most important and sad part is, no more spring or summer holidays! 

Anyway, this entry is about my first day at work; so it should not be a emo post lol!  I will make it as gay as possible.


Can you smell the level of vanity increased by 748%? Blame the mirror for having so much of pimples; otherwise my face will look much clearer haha!

I took the photo above because my aunt asked me to take a photo on my first day, to see how much I've changed after a while. I hope when you guys saw a before-and-after photo of me a year from now, nobody will come to me and ask, "Hey who is this uncle-arh?" haha wtf! 

As the train stations were expected to be super packed on the first day, I decided to wake up and get myself ready much earlier on my first day. It only takes less than ten minutes to walk to the train station, the train ride is fifteen minutes, and another short five-minute walk to the company. However, I dare not take any unnecessary risks, especially when there would be tens of thousands of fresh workers like me who will join the kesesakan together haha! 

And who knows right, how if someone decided to jump onto the train track and halt the train service. That time I would have to kayuh sampan to my company already haha! 


Eight in the morning at Shinkoiwa Station. The sea of human just won't end at rush hour.

The walk to the train station was okay, but once I reached the station, the number of people were just simply amazing. You might think that it's Thaipusam, minus the kavadi. No matter which direction you look at - north, south, east, west, I saw people running, even up the escalators and stairs; as if they are training for Tokyo Marathon next year haha! Well, not everyone of them-lar.

I waited at the platform for the next train. The train arrived and the door opened. It was already packed and there's almost not much empty spaces. But I knew that every trains that come after this one would also be the same, so I stepped inside the coach. I started to feel some body contacts when the door was closing, as there were a few people who hopped into the train seconds before the door closed.

At one station, there was this crazy girl who barged into the train like a Spanish bull. The force was that strong that it pushed everyone to one corner. This girl is certain one crazy bull because almost everyone in the train was in black suit; nobody was holding a red cloth and yet she simply banged into the train. Siao one!


Reached Akihabara Station after a crazy 15-minute train ride. Just look at the people at the staircase! Super crazy right? 

As the train stopped at a few more stations and got closer to the city, the human's density increased. So, naturally, I indirectly got "molested" and also "ter-molested" other people. What I mean is that you will never be able to avoid body contact with the other commuters around you. No matter how you adjust your hands, they will still end up on random people's butt. This thing is sure to happened and I guess this is the only time you will not be caught for molesting strangers lol! So, it is up to how good you are in protecting your no-entry zones haha!

I still remember someone (I think it was my Japanese school teacher) who once told me that when you ride a train in Tokyo during the rush hour, your suitcase will be squeezed in between the commuters to the extend that it will not drop down even if you let it go from your grasp. At first, I thought she was just over exaggerating it, but now I am experiencing the real thing.


Some pamphlets about the organisation and the departments in company.

Never in my life that I experienced such a crazy squeezing and shoving inside a train in Japan. It was just too ganas that I guess I will turn a pancake if this continues for another two weeks. Sure thin I tell you; no need to take any diet pills haha! Now I understand why it is not common to see overweight Japanese people because their stomach get squeezed everyday. In fact, I felt some uneasiness on my stomach that I had to go to toilet after the train ride to answer the call of nature haha wtf!

Despite all this, there wasn't a single people who shouted or complained even though they got pushed and squeezed damn kao kao. The is this Japanese word - gaman (我慢), which shows how high the perseverance level among the Japanese. If this happens in Malaysia I tell you, people will be swearing and cursing like mad; all the C-word, F-word, L-word will come out for sure haha!
I can carry on and talk only on the train for the rest of the entry, but lets rest the case here. Moral of the story is, to those who plan to travel in Tokyo, please avoid the rush hour, especially on the first working day in April, unless you wanna try the saling raba-meraba session.


 Had a group photo with the CEO, Mr Hayashi Shuichi and the three other new kids.

I think I over-talked (is there even such word? lol!) about the train that I have not even touched about my first day in the company. In the morning session, Mr Hayashi spent some time talking about the company's philosophy, what he expects from us, how can we contribute to the company as newbies, etc. But it was quite a casual session as he also asked us about how we spent our spring break, and each of us talked about our holidays.

We were then given brief explanation from the supervisor of each department. Some were serious, some were jokers, but generally all of them were okay. There was one of them, halfway into telling us something, he stopped and said, "Ohh, I was only joking *hehe*" lol!


The giant six-floor electronic store of Yodobashi Camera Akihabara.


In the future, I can drop by to have a cup of coffee at AKB48 cafe after work. The train station (right) is just next to the cafe.

We then had lunch at a Chinese restaurant with Mr Hayashi and two other supervisors. Guess what we had? Shark fin. To those of you who are against eating shark fin, well, I'd have ordered something else if I knew it. I didn't know fukahire (フカヒレ) is shark fin in Japanese. Not trying to boast here, but how many of you who can proudly say that you had the chance to have a meal with the highest-ranked person in your working place only after a day you started working? Not many, I believe. That is why sometimes I love it to be working with a small group of colleagues.

During the lunch, Mr Hayashi asked us if we can cook. He told us that his wife was away since the previous night and he prepared Japanese curry for his son. And he still sempat to tell us his curry was marvelous lol! I should invite him to my tiny hut and let him try some nasi lemak one day.

Later in the afternoon, we mainly completed various employment applications and contract agreements etc. After paying only-god-knows-how-many-thousand-types of insurance-and taxes, I realise that my pay is not even enough to think about getting married haha! Ohh, by the way did I mention that each of us will be given an iPhone each? Damn cool, right?


Ginza at seven thirty in the evening.

I think my iPhone wanted to have some fun with me on this first day at work; the touch screen didn't response even though I tried turning it off and switching it on again. I thought it shouldn't be the battery problem because the battery wasn't running low the last time I saw it. So, I went to the Apple Store in Ginza to get it checked and it turned out that there wasn't a problem with my phone. The battery died; that's all =.=||

Since I was already there, I decided to "celebrate" (actually, nothing much to celebrate haha!) my first day at work by treating myself to a bowl of nice ramen at Ippudo Tao Tokyo, just a few block from the Apple Store.


What I love about Ippudo is each of its branch is different from the rest in terms of design.


The interior of the restaurant, which was rather dim.


The menu. It has been some time I eat at Ippudo and there has been a few new additions to its menu.


Ippudo Shiro (一風堂白). The noodle was generally okay, but the pickled bean sprout was quite a let-down. I think the one in Chiba is still the best.


Another reminder that "It is a crime to molest (in the train)", something which I terpaksa have to do again the next day lol!

Beginning today, for the next two months, the four of us would be undergoing an orientation and training. Guess where the course is held?


I kid you not. But of course we don't learn how to catch chickens or some kung fu skills. KFC is actually the short-form of Kokusai (International) Fashion Center (国際ファッションセンター) in Sumida Ward, Tokyo.


Sakura has started to bloom!

For a start, we will undergo the foundation of business skills lesson for three days. It was the Japanese version of BTN camp. I was taken aback when during the ice breaking session but after a while, luckily it was not as scary as I thought. The ice breaker was fantastic. I will talk about that next time.

So today, we learned again how to say "good morning" in a proper way, how to bow, etc. There are so many types of bows, depending on the person you meet. Got macam-macam angles; some 15 degree, some 30 degrees. By the way, if it's 30, you have to make sure it is 30; 28.6 degree won't make it through haha!


Name plate to be worn at all times during the training.


There were 24 of us, split into four groups.


Bento box was readily prepared for lunch.

Basically, we went to learn how to wish people in the morning, how to bow and self-introduce ourselves in front of the rest. And also not forgetting makan. All this and we got a full-day pay. Not bad at all right? Haha! I know things will get much tougher after this but I guess I shall enjoy it while it lasts *hehe*

By the way, the weather is super crazy today. As if it knows today the fifth anniversary of me stepping my feet in the sakuraland, storm hit the whole Japan since today's afternoon. The news reported that it is the strongest storm to hit Japan since more than half a century ago (1959). It is a blessing in disguise because we were released three hours earlier at two this afternoon. The bad news is tomorrow's session is gonna be extended. How I wish the storm will revisit Japan tomorrow haha!


The trains were unusually pack with commuters this afternoon, as most companies released their employees early to avoid the coming storm.


All anxiously wanna get home as soon as possible before the rain and strong wind hit Tokyo.

We called the person-in-charge in our company to confirm if we need to return to the office since our training ended early, but even she'd cabut back home already lol!

There has been two deaths reported due to the storm today and so far my place is not affected that badly. I am still wondering if the wind has come or has it passed my area lol! Anyway, I hope it will not do too much damage to the sakura because I'm dying to have my hanami this weekend after missing it last year due to the triple disaster.


Sakura, ohh sakura, please stay strong and stick tightly to the branch, at least until this weekend.

So, that was roughly about my first day at work. Thanks a lot if you'd read it all up to this point.

P/S: Thank you Mi and Mama for your prayers. My first day went on smoothly and hopefully it will carry on like this.


Robinn T said...

Finally working! Good for you to be able to get a job, hope you get out of the salaryman rat race ASAP!

CLF said...

"all the C-word, F-word, L-word"
WTF my name LOL!
anyway good luck with ur job! :D

DT said...

Haha...still got time to stop to appreciate and smell the flowers on the way to work on the first day of work.... Not bad... Hehehe...guess work in japan is not as stressful as we always hear... :) So wat r u working as anyway? p/s nice hairstyling

DT said...

And Happy Birthday! :)

calvin said...

@ tempus:
yeah, time flies, huh?

it's a long and tiring race every single day; more like a marathon i think? XD

calvin said...

@ cliff cheng:
hahahaha! opppsss! technical error xD
i didn't notice about that until you mentioned it.
now i know what your name means lol!

calvin said...

@ dt:
well, that's what a blogger will die die still do no matter what; even if the tsunami waves are rushing down the town xD

well, it depends on how you take your working life. but then, the real work hasn't begun yet, so i dare not say if it is not that challenging and stressing. hope i will do fine =D

thanks for your comment on my hairstyle haha!

calvin said...

@ dt:
and yeah, i'll be working as a system engineer.

thanks also for the birthday wish! =D