Saturday, April 7, 2012



Today's my birthday
Thanks for giving birth to me, on this day, twenty-five years ago
If it's not for you who went through the pain the the labour room for hours,
I wouldn't have live to see the world for the past 25 years.

Thanks for your great upbringing
Which made me as who I am today
You fed me with bread and water every day before you go to school
You have rotan of all lengths and thickness
I think I'd stole many of them and hid them from you last time

Thank you for looking after me when I was sick
Thank you for giving me the courage when I face obstacles in life
Thank you for your encouragement and praise when I achieved something in my studies and life
Thank you for the expectations you have in hoping that I will grow up to be a man
Thank you for bearing the hardships in your jobs to give me a good life through the years

Thank you to the two of you and I love you both!!!

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