Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools' Failed Case To Start My Sixth Year In Japan

"Mi, you know now I am in the lock-up. 
I can only talk for thirty seconds, so I'm callin' you 
just to let you know. Will tell you the details later."

my script for Mom
on April's Fools eve

"Mi, you know or not, last night hor, I got a phone call..."

"Harrrr, you don't think I dunno ar. You wanna April Fool me right?"

Aiyo Mi, I not yet sempat finish my line, you already suspected that I was gonna play a prank on you. Like that, how-lar I'm gonna tell you stories haha! So, that was what happened this afternoon, when I started Skyping with Mom. Okay-lar, I admitted I memang already thought about making up a story to bluff her, but Mom nowadays damn smart and maju already. Last time she was still a developing Mom, but I think the Japan trip recently had turned her a fully developed Mom lol!


So, did you have a good laugh today? (Tokyo International Airport)

I wanted to call her last night, telling her that I-kena-sent-to-the-jail story above to fool her, but since it wasn't midnight yet in Malaysia, I postponed my plan. Then this afternoon, when she called me on Skype, the first thing I told her was that I just finished cooking lunch. So, how can I be in the jail when I still can cook my lunch right? Haha!

So, I changed my plan and brainstormed for a new idea. But even before I finished my first line, she already cut my sentence already haha! I gave up and dropped the April Fools' Day idea and continued doing normal catching-ups with Mom while I have my lunch. Then come one moment I told her that I'd dropped an enveloped with some notes in it yesterday. This one really happened one. No April Fool at all.

But you know what? She just laughed off and said, "Haha, you don't think you wanna bluff me again-lar. I won't get tertipu again so easily nowadays-lor".


A bit unrelated, but Kai Cung bought this DIY giraffe lego set for me as a parting gift. Mentang-mentang I'm tall lol!

You know what's worse? She ended the line with an evil grin. I mean, I really dropped my money and she sat there thinking that I was trying to play an April Fools' Day prank on her omg!!! I gave up 'coz I believe no matter how hard I try to convince her that I REALLY DROPPED MY MONEY, she will never believe me, at least until the clock struck twelve this midnight lol!

So, that was how the new month started for me. Super wonderful right? Hahaha!!!

Screen shot 2012-04-01 at 11.14.36 PM.png

There is an extra icon to click on Mixi, Japan version of Facebook on April Fools' Day.

Talking about April Fools' Day, besides the common "Like" and "Comment" button, Mixi had this extra button for you to click on - ホント? (Honto?) or "Really?", which appears in every wall post. Shei Pien was the one who told me about this on the morning of April 1st. So, lets say you see a friend of you changed his/her status from "single" to "in a relationship" on the stroke of midnight of April 1st, you might wanna click on the "Really?" button instead of commenting or congratulating your friend haha!

By the way, this button only appeared for a day, and clearly it was meant for April Fools' Day.

Anyway, tomorrow will be my first day in the office. You can no longer call me a student; from now onward, you will have to use a new term. It also starts with the letter 'S', but slightly longer - salaryman. That's how the Japanese call the white-collar workers. Something random and lame. What's the favourite food of Japanese salaryman?


Among the stuff I'm gonna dump into the suitcase for tomorrow morning. Anything important that I might have left out?

Answer: Raw celery lol!

During the Skype session, I told Mom that I'm gonna pack my bag tonight and she asked me, "Why do you still need to pack your back? You aren't going back to school anymore, right?" Yup, but I still need to pack my pencil case and water bottle into my suitcase wert. To be honest, I'm kinda excited yet anxious for tomorrow's nyushashiki (入社式) or initiation ceremony; its direct translation will be "enter company ceremony" lol! Not knowing exactly what will happen tomorrow, I'll just go with the flow. Probably it will be like standard one kids on their first day in school. But this is the adult's version. Lets hope nothing awkward will happen.

To any seniors who are already working for some time in Japan and if you do have any tips, especially for a budak mentah like me, please share me your kata-kata hikmat here. Thanks a million in advance!

By the way, just before we ended our Skype session just now, Mom reminded me to "wear nice nice and spike my hair" since I complained to her that my hair looks super fugly during my convocation day lol!


Season communal pass between the station nearest to my house in Shinkoiwa (新小岩) and my working place in Akihabara (秋葉原).

Just to think that I will have to squeeze myself into the train tomorrow morning also sien already. Not that I have never done that before in Japan, but to do it five days a week is not something very exciting-lor. Anyway, this is the time my height comes to great effect. People sometimes ask me how does it feel like to be this tall, whether the air up there is fresher and stuff. I think probably yes haha! At least when I ber-sardine inside the train, I won't have to share the oxygen with too many people on the same altitude as me lol!

In just a couple of days, I will step into my sixth year in Japan. I mean, I cannot even believe that five years have come and gone. Suddenly feel there's a generation gap especially between us and the fresh juniors and the fact that somebody's birthday (a hint? *ehem ehem*) is just a week away doesn't help in making me sound any younger anymore lol!


Cherry blossoms (sakura) has started to bloom in Tokyo and will reach its peak this weekend! (Ueno Park, Tokyo)

Anyway, to all new juniors, selamat datang to Japan; to the not so fresh juniors, continue fighting until you get that damn piece of paper; to my batch mates who are continuing their studies, happy researching, to those who will start working like me, hope you will enjoy your job and earn more yens (as long is it is not Ng Yen Yen lol!); to the seniors, sila beri tunjuk ajar yang berterusan haha!

As lastly, to you readers out there, those silent ones please make some noise, and to the not-so-silent who are very rajin to leave comments most of the time (thankyouverymuch), tingkatkan prestasi anda dalam meninggikan tahap kedesibelan (does this word even exists haha!) in my blog lol!

Update: I just Skyped with my Mom tonight and you know what? The moment we started the Skype session, she asked me why there's a hole in between my teeth. I didn't realise it was meant to be a prank, but I knew I don't grow any holes in between my teeth. "Where got?!", I replied her and she started laughing, and at that moment I realised she tried to April Fool me =.=||

P/S: Two more days and it will be half a decade since I stepped my foot on Japan, on April 3, 2007. Die die wanna use the word "decade" so that it will make it sound longer haha wtf!!


life is beautiful said...

Haha!! Yor mom so smart!!!!
She knows you well! Haha!

So, good luck for your first day on stepping into another journey of your life!!!

Can't wait to read your next post! Hehehehh!!!
A very BIG good luck from me!!!
All the best tomorrow!

Mattimus said...

I am a silent reader, but not today! Congratulations on finishing school and getting a job! :D

calvin said...

@ chyesin:
yeah, that's because she got kemajuan already lately. it's not that easy to bluff her anymore now lol!

thanks for the well wishes :D

calvin said...

@ mattimus:
hi matt! it's been some time since i see you leaving a comment here. great to hear from you and thank you very much for the wishes! :D