Friday, March 9, 2012

January's Homecoming Trip

"Because you're a great source of pride to us. 
That's why we were so glad to see you come back, 
to welcome you back to your birthplace."

The Homecoming (1973)

Regular readers of my blog should have read about me making the trip back to Malaysia a couple of months ago, as both my parents were hospitalised due to some health complications. Mom is back kicking to her usual self, while Dad is still on the way to complete recovery. The trip was so short and hectic, that I spent most of my time in Taiping throughout the ten days.

However, just like any other bloggers, camera is a must-have item every time I leave the house; so here are some random photos taken during my time back home.


Does this scene look familiar to you? This is where lots of heart-warming stories about Malaysians were made on July 9, 2011.


Kitchen was out-of-order as mom was still in hospital. So, we were like nomads, either eating in grandma's or aunt's place, or outside.


Grandma's famous home-cooked Thai laksa. I very much prefer this over Penang's asam laksa.

The black soup above is bak tin soup (八珍汤 ), a dish originally a Foochow medical broth which has noe become a specialty in home-cooking ot restaurant. The dish's name varies according to different dialects; it's called bak cheng in Cantonese and bek ting in Foochow. The name literally means "eight treasures soup", normally cooked with duck which gives a good fragrant and strong taste. This is definitely a healthy soup which is commonly served with rice or mee sua.

It is called "eight treasures" because the soup is a combination of 4 herbs soup with another 4 different herbs soup, namely ginseng, ba shu, liquorice, poria, dangui, rehmannia, peony and chuansiong.


Look who's eating at the casual market below the old Larut Matang supermarket food court? Macam kenal-jer, kan?


The Prime Minister was in Taiping for a few hours on January 14, 2012, as part of his nationwide tour.

For over more than five decades since Independence, this is the first time a Prime Minister visited Taiping. Perak was among his early stops, as he tours each states in Malaysia to turun padang and meet the rakyats, while offering sweet goodies and promises. When you see this, you know that the election is just around the corner.

His tour kicked off with a morning exercise session (Senaman 1Malaysia) at the Esplanade in Taiping's Lake Garden, followed by a tour around the food court in town. He had breakfast with some of the local folks there, as the people of Taiping caught a first glimpse of the person they only usually see on the TV. He was supposed to visit the wet market after his breakfast; however due to some protest by several individuals, he immediately board his bus and head home; leaving his officers (read: policemen) doing the cleaning job (you know what I mean).

Personally, that action puts his leadership very much debatable, as a leader who chooses to escape from a problem instead of trying to solve it. How much ironic it is when we consider the purpose of the visit, which is to turun padang and listen to the problems faced by the people. Those individuals were merely staging a peace protest, without uttering any vulgar words or trying to be aggressive, which was light years in contrast to the one happened in Penang recently.

Sorry-lar Ah Jib Gor, you didn't help us, how can we help you-ler?


Grandma and Mom, with her singa hair style lol!


Okay-lar, I better put a proper photo of her; otherwise she is sure to ask me through Skype, "Boy-ah, why-lar the photo you put in your blog so ugly one-har?" hahaha!


With grandma, who was damn funny when I asked her to take a photo of me and Mom. Holding my digital camera, she held the camera close to her face, 
and tried to look through the tiny hole, like what you do when you use an old camera haha wtf!


We were on a short half-day trip to Penang, to apply for Japan visa for the two of them.


The visa application process took less than ten minutes and it was ready in three-working days.

It appears that the applicant doesn't necessary need to be present there, as anyone can bring the documents there, and once the visa is ready, anyone can take it from them. One thing about that guy who dealt with us, he was super lansi. Hidung damn tinggi, in fact, even taller than Mount Everest! He couldn't even speak politely to us, yet showing some smiles throughout the application process. What a shame for a person who works in a Japan General Consulate, but doesn't know how to behave like a Japanese *tsk tsk tsk*

I digress. As my aunt is working nearby, we asked her out to have lunch together before heading back to Taiping.


Lunch was at Passions of Kerala at New World Park in Swatow Lane.


Banana leave rice; simply irresistible! Food was good and the price is also reasonable.


Requested a random guy to take a photo for us, whom himself ended up in the photo as well haha wtf!


Posing around the New Year decorations at the food court.


Back to the hospital; here's my breakfast on one of the mornings - nasi lemak, ban chang kuih (peanuts pancake), and chai tao kuih (raddish cake).


Magnificent view from the sixth floor of Ward C.


My primary school (yellow building to the left of the field) is also visible, as it is just opposite of the hospital.


When it gets dark, you get this wonderful view.


A typical lunch served at the hospital for the patients. Dad usually prefer to eat either Mom's food or outside food; so I will be the one eating these food.
But guess what, that chicken kurma was super nice, I almost wanted to ask for second serving lol!


A sign at the ward which I find it kinda funny. "This is emergency!!!" hahaha!


Mom sending me off at the bus station as I head to KL to take my flight back to Tokyo.


Cinnamon bread and apple pie, bought from Penang, which Mom tapao-ed for me to eat in the bus.


Brought back a few boxes of Tambun biscuits.


Wanted to stay longer, but various commitments were waiting for me in Japan.

Nevertheless, I shall say hello to Malaysia again very very soon.


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