Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Graduation Research Presentation, Marking My Last Day As A Student

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen"

the opening line of my presentation


The print-outs of my slides for my presentation.

I took the idea from my senior, Randy, whom I saw it posted on his Facebook status on the same morning I was waiting for my turn to present my final year research project. Since this is probably gonna be my last ever presentation as a student in my life, I thought why not I try to be funny for one last time. My presentation script in Japanese was already prepared many days earlier, so I just had to add an extra line at the beginning of my presentation, in English.

That impromptu five-word line came as something unexpected to everyone in the hall, and the look of surprise on the Japanese professors and students was priceless haha!


Practising on my own for a few last rounds before the main thing.


 The script which will come to my rescue just in case I get stuck in the middle of the presentation.


This is probably a bit vain, but well, all preparation's ready for the presentation.


A couple of my lab mates, Nozue the rugby player and Sato, who were presenting with me as well.


A copy of my thesis. Anyone wanna order a copy? Hahaha!


The only page in my 50-page thesis which was written in English.


Drew this diagram with MS Word. Damn nice right? Haha, very perasan of me I know lol!


Rainbow colours for most of my graphs.

The title of my final year project was "Fabrication and Property Evaluation of SUS304 Addition on TiO2 Thermoelectric Material". I bet most people will not have a single clue what's it all about and I will not go into the details either. In simple words, thermoelectric materials show the thermoelectric effect in a strong and/or convenient form. The thermoelectric effect refers to phenomena by which either a temperature difference creates an electric potential and vice versa (source: Wikipedia). A common example will be refrigeration; when direct current runs through the heat pump, heat is moved from one side to the other, creating a temperature difference that can be used for either heating or cooling.

In my research, I added SUS304 (a type of stainless steel) powder, which has a low thermal conductivity to titanium oxide powder, fabricate it into a thermoelectric material and subsequently, evaluate its property. The whole process took me one whole year to complete and I am pretty much satisfied with the end-result.


After more than a week of practice, it was time to pour everything out during the eight-minute presentation.


Our group photo of all the final year undergraduate students from the Material Science laboratory, with our thesis.

During the question-and-answer session, a professor asked me something which I couldn't really understand. Another professor intervened and tried to translate for me. Say only translate, but in the end, it was still from Japanese to Japanese lol wtf! Anyway, it ended up quite okay-lar I think haha!

After the presentation ended, my Japanese lab mates came to me and told me that they were super surprised that I started my presentation in English, and they thought I was gonna do the whole thing in English lol! But it is probably a good thing, because doing so make the Japanese professors stop asking me questions in the end of the presentation hahaha!


Joined everyone for lunch after the presentation session had ended.


Kimchi fried rice, salad and a bowl of soup. The fried rice was really good!


In the evening, we joined the post-graduate seniors to have a futsal game at the futsal court near Hon-Chiba Station.


Despite a short period from not having played the game for a while already, managed to score one beautiful goal after a one-two with my senior.


This is Katsumata-kun, by far the ace in our laboratory.

As usual, there would be a dinner or more commonly called nomikai (飲み会) at night after a presentation day. However, what I love about our lab is that instead of going to restaurants for nomikai, we usually do it in the school, or more specifically, the professors' meeting room haha! besides, it is not cheap to have nomikai outside; it costs roughly about 3,000 yen (RM120) for one time.

And do you know what is the traditional food of our lab? It's yakisoba, or Japanese style fried noodles. Traditional food, because it has always been the same main menu at the nomikai, that we have ran out of ideas on how to cook it in any other new methods. We have tried various combinations and portions of the meat and vegetables added into the yakisoba that we probably can publish a recipe book already haha! Maybe it is time for me to teach them how to cook char koey teow next time; at least got some variations to the meals at the nomikai lol!


Three tables - one for the undergraduates, two for the post-graduates (Master Year 1 & Year 2).


Part of the undergraduates lab mates, before we started cooking. 


A typical way to start a nomikai - by kanpai or cheers.


Sliced meat, chicken nuggets and sausages.


Just when you thought we look like carnivorous, we eat vegetables too; in fact, a lot of them!


Masakan traditional makmal kami - yakisoba haha!


I like this photo a lot, becase everyone had a different expressions, while Nozoe (standing) just buat tak tau jer and continue scooping for food lol!


During a nomikai, it is common to have someone to pour the drinks for you. You usually don't do it yourself.


Professor Hirohashi, who was an ex-Chiba University student, now a retired professor who used to be in our lab.


Professor Hirohashi will never run out of stories to us, and although he is strict in the classrooms, everyone loves him a lot!


All returned to the lab after the dinner, while the seniors cleaned the cooking stuff also in the lab.

Since I was gonna move away from Chiba to Tokyo very soon, I returned to my lab a few days after the presentation day to sort out my samples and tidy up my working table. Experiments date was saved and submitted to my professor, and samples were labelled and kept in the vacuum container to be used as reference in future research.

It was a serene moment, on my last day at the lab.


Samples of chemical powders for the photocatalyst research (not mine), which looks very much like curry powder and rempah ratus haha!


Each sample was inserted into a plastic and labelled.


My table, back to how it used to be when I first went in almost a year ago.


The only difference is, an extra thesis stands among the stack of thesis on the table.

That marks the end of another chapter in my life, and the start of a new one very soon.


FnF Simple Life said...

Congrats!!! o(^▽^)o

Mattimus said...

I started reading your blog years ago, and haven't checked it out in a while. You're done with college! Wow! Congratulations!

calvin said...

@ fnf simple life:
thanks a lot!
will keep in touch with the chiba family even though i've moved to tokyo *hehe*

calvin said...

@ mattimus:
hi there matt!
time really flies, isn't it?
anyway, thanks for the wishes =D