Saturday, March 3, 2012

CUMSA Soubetsukai 2012

"Usahlah tangisi akan perpisahan, 
sebaliknya tangisi akan pertemuan. 
Tanpa pertemuan, maka tiadalah perpisahan."

Farewell Dinner 2012


All of us shared the same destination with a similar aim.

First it was Nagaoka, now it is Chiba. My two years living in Chiba has finally come to its end and it is time to move to a new place. As cliché as it may sound, time really flies; two years just came and gone. It just feel like yesterday when I moved to Chiba almost a couple of years ago. How will I ever forget my time of getting lost on the first day in the new place haha!

Unlike my kosen years, when we had tons of farewell parties, particularly organised by the hostel for the foreign students, it was not the same anymore now. That sometimes makes me miss my kosen years, because there were so many activities for us. We went to pluck pears, we fed the sea bird with keropok, we tried to be sumo wrestlers, etc. Those were just a few of the many stuff we did back then.


Before anything, we filled our stomach first with the food for the evening.


 Main course - nasi beriyani with mutton curry and Terengganu style acar.


Home-made tau sar pneah with coffee flavour filling. Something very unique.


Cheese tart with blueberry.


Home-made pandan-flavoured dadih and chocolate, I think?


Carrot cake topped with sliced almonds. 


The behind-the-stage kitchen juniors who was the main people behind the wonderful food. 

Back to this farewell party, it was organised by CUMSA (Chiba United Malaysian Students' Association), held at the International House of Chiba University. "Soubetsukai" (送別会) is a common Japanese term to refer to farewell party, which is often held at the end of the fiscal year, usually from mid February to early March, to celebrate the seniors who are graduating and leaving a particular place, or returning home for good. As I will be graduating in less than one month's time, I was invited to join the party as well.

Before we proceed with any further agenda, we filled our growling stomach first. For the first time, I tasted a Terengganu-style pineapple acar, prepared by a local boy from Kuala Terengganu. However, it was super spicy that even the chef himself was sweating throughout the dinner lol!


Abang Razali, giving his ceramah words of advice as a calon YB in the future haha!


Abang Addie, who gave the longest speech of all lol!


Kak Izan, a fellow Perakian, from Teluk Intan.


Kak Aini, who had a bad sore-throat, hence couldn't talk much on that evening.


While the adults were giving speeches, these kids ran to the snacks table and played "kedai runcit"; one was selling, and the other two the customer. 
The chocolate was three for one ringgit haha!


Amir, the current president of CUMSA, who was the boss-cum-MC of the night.


A specially made video for the seniors who are leaving Japan for good.


One of many photos which appeared in the video, reminiscing the memorable times they spent with the Chiba family.

It was never easy to hold back the tears when watching the video, as seen on Kak Shadnie, who struggled to stop herself from being a little emotional at the end of the video. But as how Amir put it, we shouldn't cry during farewell, but during meetings instead; when there's no meeting, there will not be farewell.

The next thing on agenda was presenting farewell gifts to those who are leaving. To be honest, I was really surprised for them to prepare one for me as well. Inviting me to the dinner was already something I really appreciate, but to be presented a farewell gift was something unexpected at all. Thanks a lot and I really love the gift!


Anyone wanna guess what's inside the green wrapper?


We also got graduation cake; each of our names were written on a heart.


Didn't have a proper knife to cut, so we just used the steel kitchen knifes lol!


Arandom shots with my two juniors, Afif and Emon.


Another photo, this time with Abang Razali, Amir, Abang Zali's son Salam, and Abang Addie.


One group photo with everyone; the theme colour for the dressing on the evening was, by the way, blue and purple.

I have nothing but a big thank-you to everyone in Chiba for having this dinner for us, and also for everything throughout the past two years.

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