Sunday, February 19, 2012

Me, Featured In Chiba TV

"I am proud to say that I've put 
my country's name on a TV show in Japan. 
That's to me, is a small contribution to my beloved Malaysia."

My thoughts, 
on the interview with Chiba TV.


The crew from Chiba TV at my school for shooting.

When I first submitted the application form to be a Chiba Kun Ambassador, the only thought about joining this project is that we will be given the opportunities to visit the popular tourist spots around Chiba prefecture, and later write reviews about these places in my blog, to introduce the amazing beauty and charm of Chiba to the world. Never did I imagine that this project would be featured in a local television show, what's more having one of the reporter to interview me for the show.

Yesterday night, we were featured in the "Special Corner" (特集コーナー) of the show, "Weekly Chiba Prefecture" (ウェークリー千葉県), which was broadcast on Chiba TV (千葉テレビ).


Miss Kasahara from Chiba TV, interviewing me after our tour to Umihotaru of Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki).


No offense to her, but I should have stood a couple of steps back so that she won't have to look up at me (pun unintended) lol wtf (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki)!

Before I go any further, lemme explain briefly about what Chiba Kun Ambassador is all about, taken from the official website.

"Chiba Prefecture will begin the “Ambassadors to Spread Chiba Prefecture’s Charm to the World Together with CHI-BA+KUN” (abbreviated as “CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors”) project. The CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors are exchange students and other foreign residents living in Chiba Prefecture, who will use personal blogs, Facebook, and other social media to promote Chiba Prefecture’s many attractions in their native languages. 

The ambassadors will proactively explore Chiba both individually and through Prefecture-sponsored tours, which will include cultural workshops and visits to famous spots in Chiba. The CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors will then use these experiences to promote Chiba Prefecture’s attractions (tourist spots, cuisine, daily life, etc.) in their own words."


Mr Takahashi, the director from Chiba TV, interviewing me at Chiba University (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki).


Showing him the process of producing a blog entry (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki).


Behind the scenes of the shooting, done at the International Education Center of Chiba University (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki).


Referring to some pamphlets while I blog on an entry about the strawberries in Tateyama city. Well, to be honest, that blog entry was done and ready to be uploaded, 
but for the sake of the shooting, I acted as if I was blogging haha wtf! (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki)

So, what so we do, as Chiba Kun Ambassador? Just like the descriptions above, we will be taken on tours sponsored by the prefecture office to various tourist spots in Chiba prefecture. There have been three tours we participated, which include cities like Narita, Katori, Sawara, Minamiboso, Tateyama, and Kisarazu. During the tours, we visited various tourism spots and tasted popular local cuisines, as well as experiencing colourful cultural workshops, such as peanuts harvest in Boso-no Mura.

We will then write and upload photos about these attractions in our blogs, Facebook and other social media in our native language to express our impressions and thoughts about these places, which indirectly promote and boost the tourism industry in Chiba prefecture.


Shooting were then moved to outdoor, at the Katarai Forest (かたらいの森) next to the Centralized Library (附属図書館) of Chiba University. 
Mr Takahashi checking out if there's a bird doing its business on the tree right above him lol!

I personally think that this is a very creative project that would not only benefit the prefecture, but also the foreign ambassadors, who participate in this project. It is a win-win situation, where the promotion of tourism in the prefecture will be given an extra boost as we introduce these tourist attraction spots in our native language to our family and friends. At the same time, the ambassadors also get to be a small ambassador to their respective countries, to promote our beautiful country not only among ourselves, but also to the Japanese communities during our tours. For instance, we learned about each other's culture, language, and lifestyle.

Back to this interview by Chiba TV, some of us had previously gotten the chance to appear in radio stations a few months back. That time, I was a little envious to be honest, 'coz they picked them to talk on the radio stations haha! But never did I know that when it comes to the bigger opportunity, that is to to be interviewed and featured in a TV show, they decided to pick me haha!


Time to get serious. If only looks can kill (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki).

Never in my life I was interviewed and featured in a TV show, be it in Malaysia or elsewhere. So, initially I felt quite anxious and wondered how would it go. Although the questions aren't any difficult ones, having a camera shooting you when you talk is much harder than it seems to be. In fact, it was harder than going for a job interview lol! I asked Miss Kasahara one time, if it is possible for us to have more than one take, just in case I flunk when I talk and she said "sumimasen, yillek" lol!

When the shooting session at the Katarai Forest were almost ending, we were looking for a few people to shoot a group conversation scene. So happened that three of my seniors were on the way to the university's cafeteria and I quickly requested them to join us. Still looking pretty clueless, they just agreed without knowing exactly what they were supposed to do haha! 


My lab seniors, who was pulled in to join the shooting session haha! (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki)


Had a group photo with the crews from Chiba TV at the end of the shooting session.

It took them almost two weeks since the shooting for them to edit and work on those footage. Finally, our interview was featured on the show on February 18, 2012 at 10.00 p.m. Due to some copyright issue, I will not be putting up the video of the show here, but it can be viewed from this site. Apologies for the poor quality.

I was pretty surprised that I was given quite a lengthy air-time in that ten-minute corner. Now I know why some people never watched themselves again on the TV because I felt so weird when I saw myself on the TV. It just felt so unreal and awkward hahaha! This might be slightly unrelated, but I went and find out how much does a 15-second commercial cost in Japan and on average, it costs about 20,000 to 3 million yen (RM7,000 - RM 120,000). Crazy stuff. And the appearance fee for Kimutaku to appear on a commercial is guess what; 90 million yen (Rm 3.5 million).


The book coupons I got from Chiba TV.

I might not a Kimutaku, but at least Mr Takahashi from Chiba TV was kind enough to present me with a couple of book coupons, as a token of appreciation. It was totally unexpected gesture from them, because for them to give me the chance to appear on TV was already something I appreciate a lot, what's more to be given those book coupons.

So there you go, my first experience of appearing on TV in Japan, which makes it another story I can tell my grandchildren when I grow old later haha!


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congrats on the appearance! You not only can tell ur grandchildren, you get to tell the whole WORLD! haha thumbs up~

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so many "ano"!

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@ tempus:
thanks! hahaha, yeah you're right. i can now tell more than seven billion people about this lol!

calvin said...

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that's what everyone's been telling me about that interview lol! was too anxious probably xD