Friday, February 24, 2012

Delivering A One-Ton Elephant

Maybe the title sounds a little bit ter-tokok tambah-ed (exaggerated), but well...

So, yesterday I was packing my stuff to be delivered to my new place in Tokyo. Spent almost the whole day trying to squeeze my almost five-years worth of stuff (mostly rubbish to be honest lol!) which I managed to accumulate down the years. The surprising thing is, it took me just one day to gao dim everything. I still remember it took me one freaking week to pack my stuff when I was moving from Nagaoka to Chiba two years ago! But I have been moving between new places quite often already, so kinda like a pro already-lar when it comes to moving.


As usual, my room that looks like a war-zone whenever I pack my stuff before I move haha!

I know now is the season of moving to new places, especially to those who are graduating. So, this entry might be useful to my juniors in Japan who are still clueless what's the easiest, but most importantly, cheapest method of moving your stuff. Forget about the0123 (アート引越), Akabou (赤帽) or even Duck (ダック). Yes, I am not BS-ing you, there is a moving company called Duck haha wtf! Maybe he Japanese had ran out of ideas, and suddenly they saw a duck crossing a road, so they thought it might be a good omen to name their company after that bird haha! Imagine a company in Malaysia, to be named, say, "Tenuk Sdn. Bhd.". Sounds quite sexy also-hor?

Anyway, forget about ducks and tenuk, coz we are not opening a zoo haha! Introducing, Yamato-bin (ヤマト便). Sound a little bit like my name - Calbin haha wtf!

There is actually another service by Kuroneko (黒猫) which is specially tailored for moving (お引越し), where they provide you with a super huge box (1.8m×1.0m×1.0m), where you can squeeze everything inside, including washing machine and fridge! Unless you stuff is really a lot, I don't recommend this option because it is more expensive than my ever-favourite Yamato-bin.


Eighteen boxes of assorted sizes. From the smallest one that bunnies can mate inside, up to the largest one that can fit a baby hippo lol wtf!

And so, I called and requested them to come and collect my stuff yesterday evening. At around seven, my door bell rang and that uncle was there already. I opened my door, and saw that uncle, in his fifties I suppose, standing there, admiring my gorgeous boxes haha! He was so stunned by the amount and sizes of the boxes, that he stood there for another eight seconds before saying to me...

"Korewa sugoi desu ne" (This is just way too amazing)

I tried to tahan myself not to laugh, but his tone and facial expression made me couldn't help it hahaha! I quickly helped him to transfer the boxes into his truck, and during this process, he started to complain to me (in a friendly way) that he couldn't believe what he was witnessing lol! With this amount, the cost might shoot up as much as 20,000 yen, he told me. But I knew that he might be exaggerating it only, because I used the same method before this and it came out to around 6,000 yen only.

I think he was too stunned to the fact that he didn't even weigh my stuff and just randomly put the total weight as 400 kg, although he believe my stuff weigh more than a ton, which again, I think he was exaggerating. Uncle, you think I am sending an elephant meh lol! He also told me that he's giving me a special price (サービス) this time. Since when we get to tawar-menawar (bargain) when we send parcels one-arh?


Uncle elephant who was checking out the price for my stuff.

I didn't know how much it will cost me, because to be truth, my stuff is easily more than 500kg I think. (And I am not exaggerating like that uncle-arh haha!) So, while we load the stuff into the truck, he continues to complain to me non-stop and I just layan him-lar haha! Actually I feel a bit sorry for him also but then, well...

In his 30 years working with the company, it was the first time he saw parcels of such magnitude. And to be honest, I'm actually quite proud that I provided him his first time haha! There was one luggage, the black one, which was super heavy I couldn't really tell how heavy it was exactly, maybe more than 60 kgs. While we carry that luggage into the truck, he asked me if I put a dead-body inside the luggage haha wtf!

Uncle elephant suggested me not to do this again, instead to use the moving service next time. Well, he has his point because when there are too many boxes, they will not be able to deliver them even if there's one box missing. And bear in mind the stuff are not covered with insurance. So, never send your previous items like your laptops for example, using this method. You either bring them to your new place by yourself, or send them by Takyubin (宅急便), which is covered with insurance. 

Also, it is advisable to pack your stuff in small boxes, because the price depends on the total weight, not the number of boxes. So, even if you send a huge one-ton container or a thousand boxes of one-kg small boxes, the price is still the same. If the box is too huge, try not to put too many heavy stuff inside. Spread the weight of your stuff across your boxes. Have some sympathy for the person who's gonna deliver your stuff.

So, many must be wondering how much my 18 boxes which weighed more than half a ton, sent from Chiba to Tokyo cost.


It totals 6,350 yen, in which even the uncle elephant was surprised as well.

This is super dirt cheap, because if I were to use a normal moving service, it would cost me almost ten fold!

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