Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Party 2012

Every now and then, a senior of mine, Crystal will have party at her place. I think by now, those who has been following my blog should have notice several parties we had at her place in the past. Everyone, which means the juniors will usually join her family for the whole day, beginning from the food preparation right until the end, when we usually will stay until nine or ten at night chit chatting before we leave.

We had the first party of the year a couple of days ago. This time however, I was super late and I missed the cake-cutting session. However, thanks to Kevin, he had saved one piece of cake and another piece of strawberry Swiss roll for me.


According to Kevin, the cakes are sealed inside the box, so I gotta click on the password (read: 2012) to open the box haha wtf!


Super delicious creamy strawberry Swiss roll and sponge cake.


Secret recipe grilled salted super big-size tai (鯛) fish! Very rare to see whole fish in Japan.


Tom yam flavoured buna-shimeji, a variety of mushroom and Chinese cabbage.


Baked macaroni and cheese with onion, topped with basil leaves.


Bak kut teh, with shiitake mushroom and tofu.


Sweet and juicy crabs!


Steamed tiger prawns in tom yam base.


Sumptuous six-course dinner for our New Year party dinner.

Like usual, we had a group photo before we start our sesi menjamah selera. This is actually the second group photo as the rest had taken another one earlier in the day, which I saw it on my way there earlier, after Amy uploaded it to her Facebook wall. The only person missing from the group photo was Ah Lag, who had to leave earlier. 

We call it a day early this time; in fact it was one of the earliest as we went back at around seven in the evening. But guess what, that was not the end of the story. Halfway through our walk to the train station, we got a call from Crystal senpai, that we had left some stuff behind. Guess what was it?


First family photo of 2012. Everyone looks great here, and hopefully it will be a good beginning to a fruitful year.


This is the surprise we had. Otoshidama (お年玉), the Japanese version of ang pow from our senior! Kevin was the one who chose the packet and 
he chose one with its design from his favorite video game, Danbōru Senki (ダンボール戦機) haha!

A big thank you to Crystal senpai and her family for the otoshidama and also a wonderful party.


DT said...

is that fish a "tai" fish... specialty for New Year?... looks delicious :)

calvin said...

@ dt:
bingo! it is a tai (鯛) fish, commonly served during the new year in japan as "engi-mono" (縁起物), or items to wish for good fortune and celebration.