Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My New Apple iPhone 4S

"Hey, you are still using a normal phone, eh?"

Most frequent comment I used to get
whenever I take out my phone from my pocket

So guys, I finally decided to change to an abnormal phone. I just got my new Apple iPhone 4S a couple of days ago. It was released in Japan about three months ago, but I'm not a fan of joining the crazy people who would line up overnight, waiting for the release of the phone on the first day. In Hong Kong for example, police were called to control the crowd, who were penned like sheep, goats, and pigs and it got to the extend that if someone tries to leave a pen to go to the washroom or get some food and drinks, security officials will photograph them with a camera so they will be allowed to re-enter their sorted pen. *shakes head*

The latest iPhone 4S uses dual-core A5 chip, giving it more power and faster graphics, the 8MP camera with all-new optics making it one of the best phone camera, the very much advanced mobile operating system in iOS 5 and iCloud, an easy way to store all your music, photos, apps, etc. The most talked about feature however, must be the inbuilt voice command or Siri. Now, you can have someone to talk to if you are alone waiting for the train haha wtf!


Apple says it is the "most amazing iPhone yet". Is it? Yes, of course it is to people who has never own an iPhone yet. But for an upgrade, well, I am not so sure.

The Apple iPhone 4S in my opinion, still remain one of the most attractive smartphones to have ever been built. The outlook remains very much the same as iPhone 4. However, the iPhone 4S is a bit heavier than its predecessor by increase from 137 grams to 140 grams; though it is just an insignificant increase, I would say. Also, it still features a small 3.5-inch display, compared to other top-tier smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S2 with 4.3-inch and Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 4.5-inch display.


I won't be doing a review in depth here, because I don't think I am the best person to do it. Besides, you can always look for a more detailed and professional ones on the Internet. Anyway, just like its predecessors, the Apple iPhone 4S comes in two colours - black and white. I was having a hard time to decide between the two, but eventually I went for the more popular and safer choice, the classy black one. Besides, the argument I saw from this side on choosing between black and white does make sense.

"A white bezel will you give the impression that the screen is dimmer, and has less contrast. The content won’t stand out as much. There is a reason why TVs come generally in Black, and letterbox content with black frames. White will make your movies and games look worse. Then, a white Frame will also reflect more light when you’re outside, it will be more visibly dirty and worse of all, white Apple products have a long history of problems, from cracking, delays to light leaks and so on."


I have not used the Siri application on my phone, but based on my past experience playing with it, it is kinda "stupid" application haha! I doubt we Asians will find it as good as people in the western countries because of our Asian accents. Unless in few years time, some genius comes out with Siri for Asians. I am kinda interested to get the Japanese and Indian version haha!

This video is another example, Singlish version lol!


Besides the iPhone, there are also Apple Earphones with remote and microphone, dock connector to USB cable, USB power adapter, and some documentation placed underneath the phone inside the box. The iPhone 4S is not perfect but Apple's simplicity, great design, and quality materials used makes it great smartphone that competitors are still trying to match.

The phone plan I made with Softbank includes some lame made-in-China digital photo frame, Photo Vision 008HW, which I don't think I will ever gonna use it lol! It comes together with the plan, and the only way to do away with it is to pay a certain amount to terminate it. Kinda stupid right? Tak pasal-pasal kena paksa buy this stuff haha wtf! The staff in the shop also, I assume, cooked up a story about a Chinese who ordered three of those photo frame to be brought back as souvenirs.


Anyway, as a small token of souvenir, I got a packet of limited edition Shiratojiro instant cup ramen (白戸軒カップラーメン) and also a pair of Otosan ramen chopsticks (お父さんラーメン箸). On the side of the cup, it was written in Japanese, "このラーメンは犬など動物には与えないでください", which translates "Please do not feed this ramen to dogs and other animals" haha wtf! Who knows right, people might think this is a dog food seeing the white dog on the top of the ramen. By the way, that dog's name is Kai-khun, or more popularly known as Otosan, the mascot for Softbank.

After using my new iPhone for several days, I am beginning to love it and also at the same time, regretting for not getting it earlier haha! So, to anyone who is still using conventional mobile phones, trust me, you will never regret getting a smart phone.

Thanks for reading and I shall continue to explore my new iPhone *hehe*


Robinn T said...

oh my geee u evil basket! if im going to jp im still getting flip phones!

Cieri said...

at last! calvin is using an iphoneeee

calvin said...

@ tempus:
haha! that was what i insisted all this while, to stick to conventional phone, until i finally gave in to get a smartphone xD

calvin said...

@ cieri:
lol! malu-lar (^.^;b

Aziana Teh said...

lol! Agree with Tempus!
I want flip phone too!
Is flip phone is out of trend in Japan now?

calvin said...

@ aziana:
i guess smartphones are slowly replacing the old flip phones nowadays in japan.

but you know what? the flip phones are still a trend actually; among the golongan emas haha!!!

Aziana Teh said...

HAHAHAHA.. wth...
I guess they all use Iphone?
Or blackberry? :/

calvin said...

@ aziana:
actually i was among those golongan emas too, until quite recent when i decided to join the golongan kurang emas hahaha!

i guess i see more iphones used in japan, compared to the other smartphones ;)