Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kena Put Airplane By The Minister

Not once, but we kena put airplane twice in one night hahaha!

So, the story goes like this. A group of Malaysian students in Tokyo were invited to attend a majlis ramah mesra, which in simple words, dinner with one of the Cabinet minister on Christmas Eve recently. However, there were no roast turkey or gingerbread on the night, because our dinner was authentic Malaysian food at Rasa Malaysia Cuisine Ginza in the middle of the shopping paradise in Ginza, Tokyo. I call this place the Japanese mamak because this is one of the few places where teh tarik can be found. Unfortunately, no roti canai or tosai though.


The main table, where the minister was supposed to sit.


Another corner of students on the main table. Cliff, why you always wear red whenever you go for a dinner with ministers haha!


Here is where the rest of the students seated, together with some officers and staffs from the Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo.

We were told to be at the restaurant by seven in the evening, but based on my past experiences, the "Malaysian time" mentality will always be the essence in any Malaysian event, even though we are living in oversea. Everyone will never be on time in most of the time. So, Kai Cung and I considered to wander around a few more shops at Ginza, although it was already almost seven. However, my instinct somehow told me to head straight to the restaurant, and I was glad I followed my instinct.

It was kind like a grand entrance by the two of us; we were almost like the minister, as everyone was already there when we entered the restaurant haha! I was kinda cuak already as I thought the minister was already there. Good thing that I later realised that only the students had arrived and we were still waiting for the VIP and his delegates. As we waited for them to arrived, we chit chatted and continued to wait.

And wait... and more waiting...


Teh tarik on a cold winter night. Perfect way to start our dinner.


Kajang satay with peanut sauce and cucumber. Onion is missing though.


Alor Setar Tom Yam Kung. Correct me if I am wrong, but since when Alor Setar is famous for its tom yam kung?

One hour elapsed and finally the news came in that the minister was unable to make it to the dinner. So, he sent his representative to accompany and ramah mesra with us haha! By the way, the minister whom we were supposed to have dinner with was YB Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaacob, the Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism minister. Being a minster is not an easy task, as they have lots of commitments to attend to. That was what we thought, and we were told to carry on with the dinner, without the minister.

Nevertheless, it was a fun and entertaining session to share stories and experiences, especially with Mr Wan Yusri and Mr Syed Farizal Aminy, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo. Despite being among the people holding the highest posts in the embassy, they can really tell good stories and jokes, especially that "awak dok mana?" question.

The next time anyone asks you that question, just say "saya dok atas kerusi" haha wtf!


Fish curry head with brinjals and ladies fingers.


Sweet and sour chicken with capsicums.


Sweet and sour soft crab. This was good and everyone loved it very much.


Fried chicken. Looks kinda plain and sad, and I would say I prefer Japanese version of kara-age better.


Stir fry mixed vegetable with scallops. Kinda like Chinese style dish, which reminds of me CNY reunion dinner.


Longan juice. Don't know how many thousand years never tasted longan already haha!

As our dinner was heading towards the end, another news came in and there was another twist. Sounds like a reality game show pulak haha! Apparently, the minister wanted to see us in a short informal meeting at the hotel, as he couldn't join us at the dinner. Probably he felt bersalah for putting us airplane at the dinner lol! So, we were told to take a short walk from the restaurant to Imperial Hotel Tokyo to meet the minister.

Imperial Hotel; sounds quite grand, right? Apparently, this hotel is commonly used whenever a minister makes a visit to Tokyo, most probably because of its strategic location in the middle of Tokyo. Most of us spent our time taking photos at the hotel lobby, which was beautifully decorated to portray the Christmas atmosphere once we reached there, as the minister had yet to return to the hotel. 


Beautiful Xmas decoration at the hotel.


From left: Mr Muhammad Annizam Mohtar, the Second Secratary of the Human Resource Department of the Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo (KBM), a representative 
from the ministry, Mr Wan Aznainizam Yusri Wan Abdul Rashid, the Head of Chancery of KBM, Mr Solehhuddin Ahmad, Deputy Director of Tourism Malaysia Tokyo.


From left: Cliff, TJ, and Zack, who appears to be almost as tall as me haha wtf!


From left: TJ, Kai Cung and Zack. Zack is his glamour name. Nama sebenar is Muhammad Iskandar haha! 

After waiting for almost an hour, a second news came in. The minister appeared to be stuck in a traffic jam on his way back, and it would take some time until he reached the hotel. So, we were kinda "advised" to call it a day and meet the minister in other events in the future. We were slightly disappointed by the outcome, but well, we had great food and no complains from nobody I guess? So, that was the story about us being put airplane by the minister twice in a night haha! The end.

 P/S: "Put airplane" is a direct translation of the Mandarin term "放飞机" (fang fei ji), which literally means cancelling an appointment or promise at the very last minute.


Robinn T said...

wartdarfark GINZA Siot!!!! Paid by minister or pocket sendiri? haha

eh cliff got damn round whey

CLF said...

dun wanna repeat the same attire from the previous day mah. :P
seriously need to buck up my wardrobe.

calvin said...

@ tempus:
paid neither by the minister nor own pocket, but the assistant from the ministry haha!

ayat biar berlapik sikit-lar lol!

calvin said...

@ cliff cheng:
but then you are repeating the same (similar?) attire from the last dinner with another minister lol!