Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Narita Yume Bokujo


The signboard showing the direction of the final stop of our second tour of Chiba Kun Ambassadors.

Narita Yume Bokujo  (成田ゆめ牧場) or Narita Dream Dairy Farm is a tourist ranch located in Narita city of Chiba prefecture. It is one of the most successful ranches in Japan which put a strong emphasise that they would try to create as many possibilities as possible for the visitors to do in the nature, rather than investing millions in cash to build expensive facilities. 

People might be impressed by gorgeous facilities and they would usually think it is enough to see them once. However, pleasant experiences can keep visitors to return to the ranch times and times again.


The map of the farm, which is close to 30,000 square meters, about seven times the size of Tokyo Dome.


This signboard reads, "Welcome to Narita Yume Bokujo. Our friends are all waiting for you!"


Introducing the twin kids - Joseph (black) and Jonathan (brown), both born on the ninth of May this year.


As usual, the 21 Chiba Kun Ambassadors have a group photo in front of the entrance of the farm (photo credit: Ishizaki Masataka).

Here in this farm, visitors can enjoy various activities such as milking cow and making ice-cream, which can be experienced on a daily basis. In addition, there are also various amusement facilities and space where farm animals, such as goats, rabbits and hamsters are set loose for the kids to "communicate" with them haha!

Visitors can also enjoy camping and barbecue, play archery and field athletics, catching fish carps or hop onto a horse ride, making this ranch a perfect place for an enjoyable group or family outing. For campers, all necessary equipments for camping are available including tents, electricity, freshly baked morning bread and sauna. There are even special facilities for partner dogs of ranch visitors such as dog run field and dog café.


"Milking School" is where visitors can try to milk the cows.


Can you see the fresh milk being squeezed out from the cow's nipples.


Our visit here was to experience making the blueberry jam and butter.

Each of us were given an option, either to make blueberry jam or butter. I chose the former. Well, more than three-quarter of us preferred to make the jam actually, probably because it sounds more challenging and interesting at the same time. At least, that was what I thought.

There are different times for the making of jam and butter. The group who was gonna make the blueberry jam went ahead first, while the rest went to wander and explore the farm.


Here are the tools and ingredients needed for making the blueberry jam.


First you need some fresh blueberries. Each of us were given 160 grams of blueberries, although I must admit they don't look blue at all.


Then, you use a pair of wooden chopsticks to smash the berries until they are, well, smashed haha!


By the way, camwhoring is not included in the process of making the jam lol!


Then, cook the berries on medium fire until bubbles appear from the mixture. Three spoonfuls of sugar are then added into the pot (photo credit: Ishizaki Masataka).


After about ten minutes, the jam is done.


Freshly made blueberry jam.


The jam is left to cold for several minutes, before being transferred into a small glass bottle (photo credit: Ishizaki Masataka).


Blueberry jam with no preservative, which can last for about one week.

Who would have thought making jam is this simple.

After we were done with our jam, the other group, who was gonna make butter took their place and started to milk the cows to get the milk for making the butter. Just a few quick facts about cow and milk. A female cow usually produces about 25 liters of milk a day. The Finnish are known to be the biggest consumer of cow's milk, about five times the amount of milk the Japanese drink.


Making butter is all about shaking, shaking and shaking the butter fat inside a bottle (photo credit: Ishizaki Masataka).


Enjoying their freshly made butter with some biscuits (photo credit: Ishizaki Masataka).

Besides jam and butter, this place also offer visitors the chance to make ice cream, cowboy bread, cookies, fresh caramel, strawberry milk muffin and many more, mostly using the milk produced at the farm.

During the time the other group was making their butter, we wandered around the farm. There is this place called Furen Zoo (ふれん Zoo), where the kids can play with the sheep, goats and many other animals. There is also a duck race held at a special course in this space.


A colourful board greets the visitors at the entrance of Furen Zoo.


Animal feeding are sold at 100 yen per cup for visitors to feed the sheep.


However, bringing in the feeding inside is a no-no because those sheep will turn quite aggressive that they will jump onto the visitors, trying to bite on the grass haha!


The sheep and goats have a special posture when they are feeding on their food.


I am not very sure what the black goat was doing; I'll leave it to you to use your own imagination haha!


Domesticated ducks. The race for them is held twice a day in this plaza.


Some piglets are found here as well.


There is also a course for horse riding. 


It was so hard for us to get this pony to stand still and pose for a photo haha!


For little kids, they might opt for a ride on a pony instead. Momoji the pony, shares the same birthday with me haha!


Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (last entry at 4:00 p.m.); 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (weekdays of Dec, Jan, Feb)
Tuesdays (Dec, Jan, Feb, except the last Tuesday of Dec and the first Tuesday of Jan)

Admission: 1,200 yen (adults, junior high school and above), 700 yen (children above 3-year-old), free
(children under 3-year-old). There is special discount for groups.
730, Nagi, Narita-shi, Chiba Prefecture, 289-0111 Japan.
0476-96-1001    Fax: 0476-96-1055
Access: Car: 20 minutes from Narita IC on Higashi-Kanto Expressway; Free shuttle bus: 10 minutes from Namegawa Stn. on JR Narita Line


Cieri said...

sorry coz I tergelak tgk gambar you melutut tu.kekekeke.

making jam is so easy la.I`d been making grape jam for 2 years in a row. using grapes I got form budou gari~ kekeke

calvin said...

@ cieri:
tak tau pulak yg gambar last tu akan buat awak tergelak. why? do i look like that pony? haha! =P

i've seen my mom making pineapple jam when she makes pineapple tarts during raya season, but just never thought about replacing pineapple with some other fruits >.<