Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tokyo Game Show 2011


The huge banner erected at the entrance to the venue.  

The last stop of Chiba Kun Ambassadors' first tour was Makuhari Messe in Chiba. We were there to visit the Tokyo Game Show 2011.

The Tokyo Game Show (東京ゲームショウ), commonly known as TGS, is a video game expo-cum-convention held annually in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba. It is one of the two major gaming conventions hosted outside of North America, with the other being Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The Tokyo Game Show is presented by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) and the Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.


The International Exhibition Hall 1-8 of Makuhari Messe, which was the venue of TGS 2011.


Entrance tickets for adults on public days entrance cost 1,200 yen.


Got our tickets and we were ready to enter the world ultimate gaming world.


The main entrance to the exhibition hall.

As one might expect, the Tokyo Game Show is often awash with Japanese developers and has, in the past, been host to many of the Japanese developers' game revelations, announcements and declarations. It is also used by many international video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware, though the main focus is still on the Japanese market rather than overseas.

But with the Japanese gaming industry's stagnation as of late, the Tokyo Game Show has increasingly become home to fewer and fewer announcements, with other conventions, like the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, increasingly revealing those tidbits of news that Japanese developers might have previously saved for TGS.  Like Gamescom, the Tokyo Game Show allows the general public to attend during the final two days.


Models showcasing new games from Konami.


One of the models, in tiger custome holding Konami's Dragon Collection.


Models attract tons of cameras' attention at this game show.


Took a photo in front of a poster of Tales of Xillia from Namco Bandai.


Sama tapi tak serupa haha wtf!


Domo-kun, a strange creature that hatched from an egg from NHK.


Some random dragon, that must have escaped from dunno-what-game haha!


Scary? Cute? 


We spotted this couple, who was dressed in a cool costume and they were kind enough to allow us to have a photo with them.

Anyone who knows me well enough will be aware that I am not a gaming person. So, I cannot really write much about this game show, as my knowledge on the world of gaming is too limited. It is like asking a three-year-old boy to solve an integration problem haha!

Since the visit to Tokyo Game Show was already in our tour itinerary, we just spent some time around the exhibition hall, observing gaming fans trying out the new games on display. After all, we know nothing much about these games stuff and to be honest, we were kinda lost and we knew we weren't at the right place haha! We just continued to wander around the hall and took photographs with interesting posters and kawaii models (^.^;


The alley between Hall 3 and Hall 4 is the Yasuragi Mall, where it attracted attention of many people - the spot where cosplay (costume play) can be seen.


Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil.


Very very old fortune-teller 'coz they got white hair already.


Body-guard, whose head is as smooth as butter.


Colourful long and spiky hair.


Paramedics, martial arts, cooks; very rojak-lah this group.


Seladang, with extra-long horns.


Slim Power Rangers.


[insert a suitable caption].

That marks the end of the first tour of Chiba Kun Ambassadors. Thank you for reading.


Kae Vin said...

Only if I were there T.T

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
i don't remember you being a gamer. or you wanted to be there to see the cosplay? xD