Saturday, April 23, 2011

Third Birthday Cake In Three Weeks

One simple wish I made for my birthday this year was to have at least a piece of birthday cake. It actually kinda came out of desperation, because I haven't been getting a cake on my birthday for several years already aha wtf! But mana tau, out of a sudden, I got as many as three cakes this year, and the third one came a few days ago. I guess they could have been accumulated from all those years I haven't been getting a birthday cake haha!

Once again, this party came as a surprise. These people just love to surprise me at the times I least expect it.


Kok Hong the chopstick promoter, Shei Pien the cucumber seller, and Kai Cung the apple juice model haha!

Kok Hong has moved in to Chiba as he is now doing his graduate-school studies in Chiba University, in Matsudo campus. He had kept pestering me to have a welcoming party for him for some time already. But due to the recent calamity, the party had to be postponed. Since Shei Pien was down to Tokyo for her job interview last Wednesday, we decided to have a simple welcoming party for him on that night. 

The more people, the noisier it is, right? Haha!


Mian fen gao, by Kai Cung. The ikan bilis was sponsored by Shei Pien haha!


Potato salad with carrots, by Kok Hong.


 I made lor mai kai, which I owed Shei Pien for long time already as I promised her to cook it for her if she gets more than 600 marks in her TOEIC exam.

I knew that Shei Pien made a chocolate cake and was gonna bring it to the party. But never knew it was meant for me. The moment Kok Hong reached my place, he immediately asked for papers and marker pen. He said he was preparing the stuffs needed for the game we gonna play later. He cut a pair of cotton buds into half and coloured it with red markers. I was still clueless on what they were gonna play using all those weird stuff haha! They just asked me to wait and see.

Next, they took those stuff to the kitchen and didn't allow me to follow them back. It just made me more and more curious on finding out what were they up to. A couple of minutes later, the lights were turned off, and they walked in with a chocolate cake with fake candles on it haha wtf! Seriously, I didn't expect that coming at all and that was a total surprise to me.


Chocolate cake made of marie biscuits topped with a strawberry and three fake candles lol!


That's not the most suitable knife to use to cut a birthday cake, but that's the only knife I have at home, and it's also used to cut meat and vegetables haha! 


Multiples layers of the chocolate cake, which also has walnut.


Guess what shape is that? Shei Pien says she purposely drew a rabbit for me, although I think it looks more like Pikachu haha!


A compulsory group photo every time there's a party at my place.


Kok Hong explaining how to prepare the potato salad, which Kai Cung was thinking which lap cheong to steal from the lor mai kai haha!


My birthday present from Kok Hong!


Poor Watson being squeezed by Kai Cung who was in full concentration on his Jenga pieces.

I hope having three parties with three cakes this years doesn't mean that I am older by three years already haha!

We decided to have a second round party on the next day, and this time we had an extra member, Kai Cung's Taiwanese school mate. I've not seen Pei Jing for quite some time already. I think since late last year, which means it has been about four months since we last seen each other. The menu of the night was slightly different from the previous night. Kai Cung made chapati, I cooked chicken curry (but later changed to pork curry because chicken was out of stock haha!) and we had some extra lor mai kai from the previous day.


I think we are just too crazy about apples. That's why we are really good when it comes to talking about Newton's Law of gravity haha!


Our house was turned into a mamak stall, as Kai Cung was busy kneading the dough for the chapati. 


Shei Pien's job was to fry the chapati. How often do you see a girl in suit fries chapati haha!


Food for the night. I added some potatoes and brinjals into the pork curry and I was quite satisfied with the final outcome.


Group photo before we kick-started the party.

I guess I've not seen Pei Jing for far too long already, that we had difficulties when we converse with each other. That always happen whenever the two of us don't see each other for some period of time haha! My Mandarin isn't that good and I cannot mix it with any local words because she wouldn't understand it. So, in the end we would end up having someone else (Kai Cung becomes the victim most of the time lol!) to be our middleman, or we will just talk in Japanese haha!

While we were chit chatting and playing games after the dinner, we were shocked by a strong sudden jolt. It was a magnitude-6 aftershock and continued for quite some time, roughly about thirty seconds. The good thing is that we were in a group so it wasn't that bad. A few aftershocks continued after that but nothing serious happen. Shei Pien, who hasn't been going through this continuous aftershocks thingy (she lives in Kanazawa, which escapes from experiencing the aftershocks most of the time), looked a little bit shocked though haha!

The last time she felt an jolt was on March 11. Yes, the gigantic magnitude-9 quake that shook the whole Japan more than a month ago. She was in Nagoya at that time, sitting for her job interview.


We played few rounds of Jenga after that.


The lesson learnt is that when you are playing Jenga on a carpet, never ever attempt to take the piece on the lowest row. I tried twice and failed twice haha wtf!


So serious and concentrated until tongue also came out lol!


Everyone was bored already, so we used the Jenga pieces to play other stuff, like constructing skyscrapers and domino haha!


I love this shot a lot. Everyone was doing their own stuff.


This is also an interesting shot. I only noticed now that the guys and girls had the same pose.

In other words, it looks like they used their hands to protect certain parts of their body haha! You get what I mean, don't you? 


Baby^Girl said...

the mince also i sponsor lo ...bleh.
between .. the cucumber cannot for sell la.. because it was freezed.... tak boleh makan ! i really like the photo with chopticks wan .. hehe !!
why dont you tell .. only you syok sendiri when playing jenga ar? hahaha

calvin said...

@ baby^girl:
yea hor, i missed out on your mince >.<

and who said that cucumber cannot be sold? just that nobody will buy it, since it turned so soft already haha! xD

the food was just too delicious already; that's why you guys couldn't stop from licking the chopsticks lol! =P

what syiok sendiri wor. it's normal to make noise when playing jenga ma. otherwise, it won't feel chi kek anymore xD