Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Birthday Cake In Japan

I got no less than six unread text messages the moment I turned on my phone on the night I arrived in Tokyo almost a fortnight ago. All of the messages came from Crystal Mama who wanted to invite us to her belated birthday party last Sunday. A belated one because her birthday fell on mid-March but everyone's attention was diverted to the recent earthquake that hit Japan. We had not much choice but to postpone it.

Mama's place is just a short ten-minute walk from Toyocho Station along the Tozai Line.


It takes approximately forty minutes from my place in Inage to reach Toyocho station, with one transfer along the journey at Nishi-funabashi.

There was one unfortunate story that happened to me when I reached Mama's house. I told this story to everyone who came to the party, and I think I should mention it here too haha wtf! So, I arrived at the ground floor of Mama's apartment and I called Kevin on the phone to ask him to open the automatic door for me. Too bad he was busy doing his stuff and he asked me to call someone else instead. I continued to persuade him to help me open the door, but guess what?!

I thought the line coverage was bad, so I called him again. For the second and third time, he did the same thing to me haha wtf!


Amy doing her usual job, writing names on the paper cups for everyone.


Pyramids of paper cups, beautifully decorated with our names. Although we have double-checked it earlier, we later realised that we left out Andrew haha!


Papa and Mama preparing our lunch.

I arrived at the communal hall and Amy was already there with her friend, Keston. Both of them were having their breakfast and the first thing they asked me was, "Calvin, taken your breakfast? Wanna have some pizza?" At that time, I still didn't know anything about the pizza tale, so I ate a slice of pizza for my brunch.

I later went to see Kevin who was still busy with his book. The book he borrowed from the library was something about "Ways to deceive people" and one of the method is how you can send letters without using postage stamps. I will not write it down here, but to those who are interested to know how that is that possible, do leave a comment and let me know ; )


Soumen (we usually use mee sua in Malaysia) represents longevity, the hard-boiled egg represents fertility (it make sure you will have lots of kids in the future haha!), and the chicken with bone brings hopes that the birthday boy will grow up and be healthy always.

As for Mama and Papa, they were at the kitchen, preparing soumen, cooked in chicken herbal soup with hard-boiled eggs for us. Only later that Mama told us that the party was also to celebrate the birthday of Amy and mine as well. That is why Mama called me earlier that morning to confirm with me if I would be there for lunch as she wanted to prepare the soumen for me.

So sweet of her, isn't it?


Home-made pizza full of cheese topping by Amy and Keston.


Ceaser salad, with parmeson cheese and some other ingredients, which was really good!


Seafood pizza. How many times have you seen photos of pizza in this entry? Actually there are many more, but I think I should limit the pizza photos; otherwise you will be bored to death haha!


Crystal Mama and Amy, just before we had our lunch.

Keston by the way, is the family friend of Amy. After chatting with him for some time, I found out that he is a friend of mine, Kae Vin as both of them are from Jit Sin High School in Bukit Mertajam. The connection doesn't stop there because Keston, who studied in Manipal Medical School in India previously, is also the batchmate of my girlfriend's brother's high school friend, Kok. Confused? Never mind then haha!

Pokoknya, the world is just simply too small haha!


Guess what? They took out this giant cake and I was so surprised to see it. It is so huge that the twelve of us only managed to finish half of the cake.


Kevin doing an aeroplane dance around the cake haha!


Flower bouquet for Mama, from Andrew.


"Friends are family we find for ourselves", taking a nice quote from Amy.


Kevin was just waiting for the right moment to blow our candles haha! He actually blew off the candles and quickly looked at us with an innocent face lol!


Cake cutting ceremony, but I wasn't holding the knife with Amy because if I do so, they said it would look like we were cutting our wedding cake haha wtf!


My piece of cake, and the purple flower looks very happy to see me lol!


With Andrew, who tried to take the cake in one go!


I have learned my lesson and this time, I was extra careful for not going overboard when playing with Kevin. Otherwise, we would sure fight and he might cry again.

The most commonly served dish for the day was pizza, pizza, and pizza. Here is reason behind it. They went to Costco the previous day. It is an American company and is a wholesale warehouse. To get a better idea of this place, just think of Ikea and Tesco and when you combine both of them, you get Costco. They sell everything in bulk and it is a good place to shop when you are having a party, for example.

I was told that the pizza they bought measured three-feet-by-one-foot! The croissant had twelve pieces in one tray! The Campbell mushroom soup came in 1.4L can! Everything came in super big portion, like wanna feed a giant like that haha! In fact, they had difficulties keeping the huge cake in the fridge.


French rusk from Haruyama-san. The one with white chocolate was good, although it was a bit sweet.


Roasted chicken and the croissant.The initial plan was to make sandwiches with them but in the end, we finished up the whole chicken while we chit chat lol!


The girls at the party. Amy, Haruyama-san, Mama and Watanabe-san


A sweet couple. It is a coincidence that both of them were in red; Papa was preparing the mushroom soup and Mama was washing the salad, 
which was super crunchy and sweet.


Kevin with his DIY version of sandwich.


Someone was already in the dreamland after taking some white wine lol!

Thank you to Mama and the rest who had prepared this surprise party for Amy and myself, because this is the first time I blew the candles from a birthday cake in Japan. Although it was a belated one, but it was really sweet of them to hold this party for us. I bet everyone had great fun, surrounded with big cakes, drinks, snacks, pizzas, and spending the whole day eating non-stop until we were bloated haha!

The next meeting shouldn't be too far away because the Golden Week gathering is just a couple of weeks to go.


Robinn T said...

envy... its al about FOOD, ENJOY and PLAY in your blog man! occasional earthquakes and headaches but still, you've gained for than one language by joining this program la..

calvin said...

@ tempus:
that's because i rarely put in study, lab work, research, assignments, etc in my blog haha! yup, we got a few more quakes last night, but it was nothing serious ; )