Thursday, March 31, 2011

Together Again

Before I start the entry, here is a shout-out to Michelle a.k.a. Dr. Gan Fei Lee - "Happy Belated 44th Anniversary".


I am late for just less than 24 hours in making this shout-out, so that should not be that bad, I think haha! Over the weekend, I made a unplanned visit to Malacca to see the girlfriend. It was just a short one; barely less than 48 hours spent in Malacca but we still had great time together : )

Well, I am supposed to be in Japan already by now. However, I am quite sure everyone is aware of what had happened to Japan a fortnight ago. Yes, the massive earthquake, the devastating tsunami and the worrying radiation leak that left me with not much choices but to defer my return to Japan as planned. I have since delayed my flight to two weeks later, just to let things get better and settle down first. Plus, it will significantly ease the worries my family and relatives that they have for me if I return to Japan too early.

I was in KL on Friday and I thought why not I drop by Malacca for a day or two, since Mich coincidentally has a day off on Saturday. Instead of heading to Bukit Jalil to take a bus back to Taiping, I took a detour and went to Bandar Tasik Selatan and hopped onto a bus bound for Melaka Sentral. Mich picked me up from the bus terminal after she completed her work at the hospital. Both of us were kinda tired already actually, but the tiredness just faded away the moment I stepped into the car and we saw each other again : )


Had our dinner at Nancy's Kitchen, located near Geographer's Cafe.


The interior decorations are plain and simple, such as old photographs hanging on the wall.

Like most of the time, our first stop is always gonna be Jonker Walk, probably because it is very near from Mich's house. It only takes roughly fifteen minutes by foot, though most of the time the girl is too lazy to talk all the way there. So, we usually drive halfway there and walk the remaining distance haha!

You know what, most of the time I will bring my camera along whenever I am out. Yes, it is all mainly for blogging purposes. But on that night, it was one of the rare occasions when I decided to leave my camera behind and forget about taking any photos at all. It was a wise move; it was then I realised I could spend more valuable time together with Mich when I do not have my camera with me because most of the time, I will be snapping away and abandon the poor girl haha!


Mich was busy flipping through the menu and being a half-Nyonya, I let her pick the dishes, while I rest on the table haha!

I sent a text message to Michelle to reserve her for a date-cum-dinner that night, and she just replied me with a simple "=P".

We were just walking along Jonker Walk and decided to try out on this Nyonya restaurant. One thing I like about this Nyonya restaurant is that they play some oldies in the background. Famous oldies such as "Rasa Sayang", "Geylang Si Paku Geylang" and "Lenggang Kangkung". Sweet memories that made me reminisced my Pendidikan Muzik class in my primary school years. We, or actually it was only me, tried to sing along, but too bad I had forgotten most of the lines lol!


Top hat or also known as pai tee.

Michelle said the top hat was just average, although I thought it was quite good. Maybe the ones I have tried before this are really low quality haha! I love the combination of the crispy hat cone and tasty vegetables as the filling. It is something like popiah, but with a different serving.

That was just the appetiser. For the main course, we ordered three dishes.


Chicken with black nut (ayam buah keluak).


Steam spicy fish paste (otak-otak stim). You will sure stim after eating this haha!


Fried egg cincalok (cincalok telur).

The waiter commented on the good choices of dish Mich picked, as they are among the more tasty and popular dishes in the restaurant. Well, it just further confirms that the girlfriend has Baba's blood hehe. I cannot really comment on how good the food is, so the following reviews came from Mich, who has tasted some authentic home-cooked Nyonya food before.

The ayam buah keluak, which is a classic Peranakan dish was not bad. The nut is black in colour, originally from Indonesia and tastes like truffle. The nut is cut open, that allows the gravy flavour and spices go into the nut, producing a sweet, spicy and savoury taste. Overall, the gravy was not too spicy and the gravy was not too watery, though it was a little bit oily.


Price wise, it was not too expensive to have a meal here.


Some local snacks and kaya for sale. 

The omelette fried with cincalok or fermented shrimp was good as there weren't any sandy or grainy texture. Due to the preserved cincalok, it tasted slightly salty.

As for the otak-otak, a kind of fish paste and fresh coconut with several kinds of spices and also a famous Peranakan must-have dish, it was much better than the ones we had at Jonker Walk. I personally prefer the southern version of otak-otak, compared to the one found in northern state, commonly known as "hu bao" mainly because they smell nicer and tastier.


Squeezing the lime onto the otak-otak before we start to e.a.t.


: )

We returned to Jonker Walk and bought a few snacks - durian puffs and durian soft serve, Mich's favourite. She suggested to walk over to the clock tower while we finished up our snacks. It has been some time we since we went to that place at night. The last time was during the New Year's eve in 2009, I think.

It was just a short meeting as I sent her at the hospital the next morning for her on-call shift, and I left Malacca later that day. Nevertheless, the company and time spent together was priceless. 


The fountain and clock tower.

Till we meet, again : )


Robinn T said...

SUWEEEEET~ I hate you la.. its like u have best of the world man. I want malacca food NOW LAH.... GIME GIME GIME WHAT I WANT~

calvin said...

@ tempus:
don't hate. learn to love :P

nah, it is just that i am having my holidays now. when i start my classes again, and seeing you on holiday, i will feel the same >.<

just make a day-trip to malacca. it's not that far from your place. besides, if you need any travel tips while in malacca, you know who to ask ; )

Kae Vin said...

44th anniversary? You haven't even lived that long yet. lol

sakura said...

y the nyonya food soooo nice 1? ><
i've not been to that place before, i shall go try one day! XD

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
hehe, i mean 44th month anniversary bleh =P

calvin said...

@ sakura:
nyonya food has always been nice *hehe*
the food there is good, service is not bad and i guess you might wanna give it a try next time : )