Monday, March 28, 2011

"Sing, Shout, Eat" At Malacca

Ever since we started our LDR (by the way, that stands for "long-distance relationship"), Michelle and I have made a long list of things to do. The list is just like any other things-to-do or shopping list. The difference is however, it takes months and sometimes even years to accomplish just one thing from the list because we do not get to be together often and long. One of them in the list is to go for karaoke.

If my memory doesn't fail me, we have only went for karaoke once before this. So, we went to have our only second karaoke session together in like four years, to make that count doesn't sound too pathetic lol!


Honey sea coconut and longan jelly drinks. I have forgotten their exact names, so I just simply tembak only haha!


: )

The girlfriend mostly sang boy band songs from the 90's - Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, A1, etc. But her all-time favorite is still Westlife, simply because their songs are kinda easy to sing.

As for the boyfriend, well …. he literally sings any songs you give him haha! On that day alone, I sang English, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Hindustan, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien songs. The last two one was a total failure. I stopped singing those songs after the first line haha!


The choice of Japanese songs were quite limited, in fact the Kanji characters were replaced with Chinese pinyin alphabets =.=


See, I didn't bluff you one. Yup, we sang Kuch Kuch Hotta Hai, by Datuk Shah Rukh Khan lol! Mich was damn sporting, that she followed me to be crazy too haha!


After our karaoke session, on the way to the car park, we had a quickie (camwhore session) at the field just next to Dataran Pahlawan Mall.


Sunset at Dataran Pahlawan open field, nearby Fort A Famosa. The long thing on the right is the Menara Taming Sari.

Later that night, we went to somewhere Mich has been waiting to go with me for some time already - fun fair! It is the fairyland for kids. This place reminds me of the time when I was just a little kid, where Mom would take me for a ride on the Ferris Wheel every time the fun fair comes to town. She told me that there was one time when I was just a two or three-year-old boy and I sat on the Ferris Wheel alone. Then somehow, it broke down and I was stuck at the top gondola, alone! But I was a good boy that I remained calm and didn't cry until I was safely brought down haha!

It was a weekday and was not school holiday yet, so we found ourselves the only couple there when we arrived. However, the crowd slowly picked up when as the night progressed.


 They call this place "Asia Fun Park", held behind Fajar supermarket. Lame name, I know haha!


Minnie looks shy when I pose in front of them haha!


The place was kinda empty when we were there, so every movement of ours is taken notice by the staffs there.


The bigger of the two Ferris Wheels at the fun fair. The girlfriend gets excited every time she gets to hop onto this.


Catch the lucky duck and you get a mouse in return haha


XXXL-size teddy bears. Ah Fur, you would love this a lot haha!


We had a bumper car session and the result wasn't that encouraging. Was banged by the girlfriend all the time =.=

Later that night, we decided to grab something for supper. We had two choices - either at kopitiam or mamak. As a half-Indian kid, I know I will always prefer mamak to kopitiam anytime hehe. 

There is a well-known mamak shop near Taman Kota Laksamana called Pak Putra Restaurant, which serves good north Indian cuisine. This restaurant specialises in freshly baked, juicy and tender tandoori chicken and naan bread. This place is popular among the locals and when you see this, it is usually an indicator that the place serves good food. We noticed that there were several tables which were occupied by foreign tourists as well, and those ang moh seems to be enjoying the spicy food there a lot!

The reason people like to dine at this restaurant is not because of its nice decorations or fancy plates, but it's because they serve among the best Indian cuisine you will ever tried. The soft and fluffy naan, the juicy and tender tandoori chicken, the fragrant mango lassi are among the popular dish in their menu. Another good thing about this restaurant is that although they have turned famous, their service remains good and they are very friendly to their customers.


Pak Putra's signature dish - tandoori chicken and naan.


The succulent and flavour-packed tandoori chicken, which is served with a special kind of spicy greenish sauce.


Being a big fan of potatoes, I tried out their potato cheese naan. It was not that bad, but I guess I will still stick to the original normal naan.

That ends our half day tour singing karaoke, shouting while riding on the scary rides at the fun fair and eating at mamak around Malacca. Thanks for reading : )


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giant kuma-chan!!

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