Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pandan Cake Birthday

Ever since I started blogging about my trip back to Malaysia late last December, every single entry has started off with a photo of food. I would like to try something different with a picture of my face for example but I when I browsed through my photo folders, I realised that about eighty-percent of the photos are all on food! Quite crazy, isn't it? So, I have no choice but to start this entry with multiple photos of food again haha!

On that very day, we went out to the town for a mini-food hunt around Taiping. First stop was the casual market also known as the Larut Matang food court along Jalan Panggung Wayang. There used to be a cinema at one spot along this road but now it has turned into a car park haha!


Oo chien (fried oyster), which was just so so. The one we had in Penang was the best!


Leng chee kang, a sweet lotus seed desert which also have barley, sago, gingko, peanuts, agar-agar strands and dried longans.


The dried longans found inside the desert.

Our next stop was at Siang Malam market, which literally means "Day and Night" market. It is probably the oldest and longest wet market in Malaysia. I guess only people who grow up in Taiping know why this place is given such name. The story behind this name, according to my Mom is that the market is open almost twenty-four-hours during the olden days. Even today, the food stalls do open through the night up until two to three in the morning. So, since it operates day and night, it is well-known as "Siang Malam" market.

Whether her story is true or not, I also don't know-lar haha! Anyway, it quite makes sense, so I think it must be true.


Waiting for our orders after taking a seat at the day and night market.


Longan and winter melon drink and coffee for the doctor who cannot live without it.


Our main intention is to have their nasi lemak here. "The letter I" stands for ikan or fish.


It may not look the best nasi lemak without the normal hard-boiled egg and cucumber but trust me, it is worth a try if you are in Taiping.


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was just located opposite the market, so we decided to drop by to have my favourite mashed potatoes plus Cheezy Wedges and coleslaw.

After feeling damn full from the non-stop eating, we decided to do some exercise. Nothing physical but just some short walk-around at Taiping Sentral, currently the biggest shopping mall and most common hangout spot among the youngsters in Taiping. We saw a movie there as well - Disney's Rapunzel. Michelle said if we were to watch other movie than cartoons, I will surely fall asleep in the cinema. That's the reason she chose that movie haha!

After movie, someone just couldn't resist from getting herself something from the mall. Girls, just cannot separate them from shopping.


Only boyfriends will understand the feeling of accompanying their girlfriends when they go shopping.

Since it was my youngest sister's birthday on the next day, we decided to have an early birthday celebration for her, mainly because Michelle and I were leaving for Penang the next morning. I once saw the pandan flavoured cake that my first sister bought for my grandma's birthday last year and it look really nice. But I was not around back then.

I was really dying to eat this cake, so I bought it without consulting the birthday girl, because it was my personal preference to have this cake haha! We got the cake from Ipoh Bakery, one of the popular bakery in Taiping.


The lady wanted to give one big and four small candles, but I insisted to have fourteen small candles haha!


Birthday girl's soft toy-cum-smelly pillow named Huggie.


Not often we take a complete family photo, so we took the chance to have one before the cake is destroyed.


Too many processes and procedures until it made the cake to sweat already haha!


Mom was chanting some mantra for some magical power because the lighter was out of gas already lol!


The cake is almost fully lighten up.


The birthday cake for her fourteen's birthday.


A common "ritual" among our family, which is to feed the birthday person with a piece of cake. Even my grandma was fed by my Mom last year haha!


Her mouth was still full with cake but she cannot wait to cut more of the cake.


How the cake looks like through the layers.


The girls busy camwhoring among themselves. But I didn't bother them because I just continue with my cake-eating mission haha!


I made my sister to feed me as well.

However, by the look of her face, she seems unwilling to do that haha!


DT said...

so nice of ur sis ..for not squashing tat cake into ur face...with tat opportunity :) though i would haf like to see a picture of a cake squashed on ur face. It would haf made a even nicer blog entry.. no? :)

calvin said...

@ dt:
the cake is too delicious for us to use it and squash it at anyone's face.

however, since you already had that in mind, it will be dangerous to invite you to any birthday party because we all can already imagine what you would do to the birthday boy/girl haha!

DT said...

hahah... isn't it the norm... :P
i'm just dropping hints to ur friends to give u a memorable upcoming birthday experience... :P

calvin said...

@ dt:
yes, i know but i have yet to go through such experience in my life. i hope not many of my friends read your comment lol!