Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Taste Of Home

Airport is a place where I have a love-hate feelings for. For couple like us who are on a LDR relationship, it is always the place we meet and part. We are already more than three years into our relationship and except for the very first time we met face-to-face with each other in our life, this time is the first time Michelle and I met in somewhere else but the airport. As she was traveling from Malacca up to KL to meet me on the morning I arrived in Malaysia, we decided that our meeting point would be at KL Sentral.

In front of the McDonald's restaurant to be precise.


My first meal in Malaysia - breakfast consisting of sausage McMuffin with egg, hash browns and coffee.


Dr. Gan playing Uno with my little cousin.


While the big brother was busy playing his zombie game.


See nowadays what kids make during the Pendidikan Seni (Art) class. Can you believe it that this whole computer set was made of cardboard?!


I took a closer look and realised it was the Facebook page haha!


Lunch was home-cooked meal by my aunt - fried chicken wings, Sinhalese style stir fried ladies finger, and ABC soup.

We would be traveling back to Taiping on the next day with my youngest aunt, who took a few days off for Christmas holidays. So, we spent a night at my third aunt's place before heading northwards back to my hometown. It was Christmas eve on the day I arrived in Malaysia, so we went to the city for a short outing.

Our first stop was at Shanghai 10 (上海天) at Avenue K, located two floors above the KLCC LRT station because Michelle was dying to have their durian pancake. This girl I tell you; as long as something has got to do with durian, she will do anything just to get it. We actually had this durian pancake for the first time during our Genting trip two years ago and Michelle instantly fell in love with it.


The restaurant looks a little classy from outside, with a strong Chinese feel from its wooden furniture and decoration.


The ambiance inside the restaurant was not bad; take this light for example.


Xiao long bao. Do you know that the right way of holding the dumpling is from the tip top so that you don't burst the lower layer which contains the soup.


Avocado with kataifi. This smooth texture of the avocado blends well with the cripsy kataifi. However, it tasted a little bit like kaya =.=


Durian pancake. It's durian flesh with thick mousse and a very thin layer of pancake. Although it is a little pricey, I would highly recommend this. We ordered three plates at first, but since it was quite a big serving (three pieces in a plate), we ordered only two plates in the end.


We took a short stroll around KLCC but nothing much to see there. I would say the Christmas deco at KLCC this year lacks creativity.


From KLCC, we headed to PJ. We managed to hop into the brand new coaches in the Putra LRT Line.

We arrived at Sunway Pyramid and walked mainly at the new wing because Michelle has not been there yet. After a while, we decided to get some snacks. We tried something different at a newly opened outlet - Ninja Joe, a non-halal burger restaurant which serves pork burger. It is quite rare to get pork burgers in Malaysia, so we thought of giving it a try.

A solo ninja burger is sold at RM 5.50, two for RM 9.90. The more you order, the cheaper it gets per burger. There are quite a wide range of different sauce to choose from - original, teriyaki, sweet and sour, black pepper and oriental. 


Stuff we normally do while waiting for our order to come.

I went for original sauce while Michelle chose teriyaki sauce for her burger.


One downside is the tiny size of the burger; it is like half the size of my palm! To be honest, their sauces and burgers are nothing special, 
so I probably would not go there again.


We continued walking and somebody spotted black sesame and green tea ice cream at this Japanese cafe, and got excited right away.


We settled for three scoops of gelato - green tea with azuki beans, black sesame and durian flavour. The black sesame was especially nice.


The night illumination outside Sunway Pyramid.

We left Sunway Pyramid quite early because anyway we need to pack and rest early. Furthermore, for all the problems and cases reported every time it's the eve for a big countdown celebration like Christmas and New Year's day, we decided that we would not gonna join anything like that and get trapped in the traffic congestion, but to get home earlier instead. We were greeted with some small fireworks sound at the stroke of midnight.

My youngest aunt picked up us at around eight in the morning and we went for breakfast first before starting our three-hour journey back to Taiping. She took us to have dim sum at some Chinese coffee shop near USJ area.


Too many kinds of dumplings here, so not gonna name every one of them.


The yellow one is siew mai and spicy chicken legs. I rarely take chicken legs because they say your handwriting will turn super ugly. True one-arh?


Radish cake and lor mai kai, which was rather bland.


Gua Tempurung was spotted from the North-South Expressway near Ipoh.


Approaching Ipoh, the largest town in Perak.


They have recently reconstructed the tol gate at Jelapang that it is sometimes quite confusing. That is why they have to erect a XXXXXXL-sized signboard to avoid drivers making the wrong turn.


After about three hours of journey, we finally reached Taiping. Now I know why the only thing most people know about Taiping is the Taiping Zoo.


It feels so good to be back to my hometown.


The two chefs were busy preparing lunch when I reached home.


The outcome! We had fish, instead of turkey on Christmas day haha!


In the evening, we had Siamese laksa by my grandma.

Coming back home means consuming food non-stop. So, I shall stop here first before my blog gets overweight haha!


mg said...

love ur last sentence!!! funny! :D

Baby^Girl said...

Coming back home means consuming food non-stop. So, I shall stop here first before my blog gets overweight haha

the 1st half i agree la.. but do you think the last wan funny ??
but ur gf say funny .. no choice la...
i miss the timun wahaha.
long time didnt see that kind ....

Roshmi Sinha said...

Kids these days... are improving with every generation. After a while they can skip pre-school and kindergarten. Since... instead of crying they'll say 'A,B,C,D...' as soon as they are born ;)

The pics are great... esp. those of the food... and the post is a pleasure to read... as always.

But as far as Chinese cuisine is concerned... in India... even the Chinese wouldn't know that this is what they eat :)

Such is the magic of customization... I tell you!

When pizzas made their first appearance... they were a super duper flop. Only after they transformed themselves to suit the Indian palate... did they gain acceptance. Even the Italians wouldn't know that pizzas have such exotic names and toppings… even though we have such a strong connection :D

Folks with super ugly handwriting usually end up as doctors. So no worries ;)

calvin said...

@ mg:
that's your normal boyfriend, isn't it? =P

calvin said...

@ baby^girl:
our humour point is always different, that's why you didn't laugh haha! faster fly back home to get your cucumber-lor lol!

calvin said...

@ roshmi sinha:
yup, i agree with you. it seems that kids nowadays are so much smarter than us when we were like their age.

talking about food, i guess most food are always modified to suit the local people, and that is why you will find thousand-and-one varieties for a same food at different places you go.

take roti canai for example. you can find so many kinds of roti canai throughout malaysia, as they add different kinds of ingredients inside that i believe it is something unheard of in india.

talking about bad handwriting, i have the best example in my girlfriend. trust me, it takes forever to understand her handwritings!

and you have guessed it right, she is a doctor haha!

Robinn T said...

omg u were in sunway pyramid? my house is like 5 mins drive to that trigonal planar-shaped mummified building! haha could have bumped into you if I were lucky enough~

and the art project. Seriously, what's going on in the heads of today's children man~~

DT said...

wow.. the computer set would be very useful during Ching Ming Festivals... hahhaah!!!

I had the same thing you had in Shanghai 10 about a week before christmas but in Ipoh
s Dragon One. See my version here
looks the same rite... :) I wonder if they are the same owner?

calvin said...

@ tempus:
yes, we were. but it was just for a short while. i didn't know you stay so close to sunway pyramid. will try and give you a call next time i'm down to pj =D

children nowadays are evolving lol!

calvin said...

@ dt:
hahaha! what a good idea, eh? like that also you can think of lol!

i have taken a look at your entry and it seems that the food from dragon one are so similar to shanghai 10. even the menu have the same names! probably they are related to each other.

how was the durian pancake? was it good?

DT said...

yupe... the durian pancake was nice...

calvin said...

@ dt:
great! would love to try it when i visit ipoh next time =D