Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Snow In Chiba

I woke up late this morning and before I got up from my bed, I did my usual routine which is to roll around for like half an hour. You cannot blame me; during cold winter season like now, you just don't feel like parting with your warm blanket and fluffy bed. In my case, it's futon. So, I was lying on my futon checking the updates on my Facebook wall, and noticed that Kai Cung mentioned about snowing.

Snowing? In Chiba? That is one big headline!


Looking out from my window, it looks like just another beautiful morning with a nice weather.

I jumped out from my bed, rushed down to downstairs, pushed the window opened to check out if it was still snowing. Kai Cung was looking at me, as if he was witnessing an extremely excited kid running to get a cone of ice-cream from the ice-cream man. It reminds me of my first ever snow experience in my life about three years ago. Or how about the time when the crazy bunch of us went out to the tennis court one morning to play with the snow, just before we went to class later that morning haha!

Kai Cung looked amused at my antics. He said I was behaving just like a jakun haha wtf! But I just ignored him because it has been more than a year since I last saw snow in Japan. The snow I saw in Queenstown, New Zealand last August is not counted.

I knew I was hoping for the impossible because it doesn't usually snow in this part of Japan, or more precisely, the Kanto region. Just like what I'd expected, it had stopped snowing. Not even one snow flake was spotted falling from the sky. I was disappointed, to the point that my eyes went scanning three-hundred-and-sixty-degree, (okay, maybe it was just hundred-and-eighty-degree) to spot for any snow on the ground.


Don't laugh, really, those are snow, not castor sugar! I know that's just a little snow but still, I have no idea why I was so excited when I saw them lol!


I wanted to see more snow, hence I walked out of my house and see what I saw along the corridor.


Snow that has turned into small hard particles of ice.


A fine layer of snow accumulated on the rooftop.


I think it snowed quite a bit this morning to have this much of snow accumulating on the roof.


The garden of a house was covered with a thin layer of snow too.


Some snow which were yet to melt under the orange tree.


The bicycle shade and few other roofs turned white as well.

For people who are living in places that snows heavily, like Hokkaido, Nagaoka, Kanazawa and others, this might be nothing compared to what they see everyday. To them, this amount of snow is just like snot (golden nuggets from your nose) because it is so little and insignificant haha! Probably I have not seen snow for quite some time, that is why I was literally jumping like crazy when I saw the snow this morning.

I used to experience snow ten times more than this during my three years in Nagaoka, one of the region that snows the most in Japan.


Sweet memories of playing with snow in Nagaoka.

It snows really heavy in Nagaoka that sometimes, the snow can get almost as high as a giraffe like me haha!


DT said...

oh!!! i was hoping to see those heavy snow pics covering the top trees... cars.. houses.. the whole horizon... notice, u mentioned it hardly snows in kanto. :( ... i guess no chance of seeing some pretty snow clad sceneries....this season...

calvin said...

@ dt:
your descriptions fits perfectly the place i used to live for three years before this. yes, it hardly snow down here, but if you really wanna see those pictures, i might do an entry for you using the photos i took last time ;)

DT said...

I've seen ur previous seasons pics.. those wif snowman... was nice..and interesting... :) which was why i was looking forward for this season one...

DT said...

ur last season winter pics make me feel like going to hokkaido for winter :)

calvin said...

@ dt:
when i see those pictures, i miss those times as well. sweet memories in an area where it snows so heavily and i am glad that i had the chance to experience it for three years =D

actually, there are still a few pending entries from last year's winter, in which i have yet to blog about. i'll blog on them when i have the time ;)

by the way, if you are going to hokkaido, make sure you do not miss the yuki matsuri (snow festival) in sapporo, which is usually held in february.