Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Annual Year-End Meeting

My trip back to Malaysia this time was too short that I only met up with my family and close relatives. Ten days of winter break is definitely not enough for me to call my friends out, who are mostly busy with their studies or working outstation. However, I will surely do that when I go back again, which is not very long to go.

Like I have mentioned in the last entry, my blog entries about my trip back to Malaysia will be mostly "polluted" with food photos. It might not be a big deal for people who are staying back home, but it is a completely different case for people who are in Japan. To the latter, it is a nightmare haha!


Our breakfast - butter cake from Tesco and home-made karipap (curry puffs) by my sister. I know the karipap looked cacat here; 
that's because they were stuck to each other before frying lol!


Went to grandma's house to have lunch. My other three aunts and their kids were there as well.


Grandma cooked pasembur, a Malaysian Indian salad that contains fried dough fritters, bean curds, prawn fritters, yam bean (sengkuang), cucumber and peanut sauce.


Pasembur with sweet, thick, spicy peanut sauce. Heavenly delicious!


Everyone had their own gang and topic of conversation; my grandma house turned into an United Nation conference haha!


"You naughty some more, later I put you into a box and send you to Africa!".


Next up was acara perbarisan.


The girls didn't wanna miss out as well.


There is something funny about this photo. My little cousin (in red Mickey Mouse shirt) on the right took this photo with his bantal busuk (smelly pillow) 
on his lap haha!

I once told one of my friends that I come from a rojak family from my family background. I am a mixed of at least three kinds of blood; or maybe more? No, not that A, B, AB, O kind of blood group but more to like African or Indian blood kind of thing. But before you are wondering that I have ancestors from Africa, let me correct you first. My Dad's side is pure Chinese, but the confusing part is from my Mom's side. What blood also got - Sinhalese blood, Thai blood, Chinese blood, even human blood also got!

So, we celebrate quite many festivals besides the usual ones like Chinese New Year and Wesak Day. During Songkran, the traditional New Year's Day in Thailand, one of the common food is called tok (pronounced "talk"). The dish is a combination of krayasaat, Thai traditional popped rice and gravy made of durian flesh and coconut milk.


The unpopped rice flower. My grandma claimed that she has kept this for more than 25 years. I don't know if I should believe her haha!


Just pop them in a pot like how you make popcorn and you get these.


The rich and appetising durian gravy.


It can be served hot or cold, but I personally it to be eaten hot.


The rack to put the cups and plates in grandma's kitchen.


This National rice cooker has been serving her for more than twenty years I think.


Pots and batu lesung in another corner. It's interesting to explore her kitchen haha!


Mouse trap. Instead of cheese, Malaysian mouse prefer other kinds of stuff like salted fish or bone lol!


Took out grandma's basket of onions and try to start a small business in the kitchen haha!


"Aiyo, my kitchen so ugly also you all wanna take photo here-meh?!" said grandma lol!


Got back home to get some rest. However, someone just cannot resist to check out her Restaurant City in Facebook =.=

My youngest aunt would return to KL the next day, so we did another family outing. This time it was an outdoor one as Taiping Lake Garden. Since everyone was so full from non-stop eating throughout the day, we decided that we would just find a corner, sit down and relax there. No excessive physical activities like jogging or running because we are too heavy to do them at our current state.

My second aunt took several photo albums which have photos taken during our younger days there. It was so fun to look again at those photos and laugh at ourselves when we were still innocent and pure haha!


Photo with the biggest golf ball in Taiping.


Mom realised that I farted and that's why she covered her nose, as my sister was looking for air freshener from her handbag haha!


Mom will have to look ninety degrees upwards if I stand too near to her lol!


See, she seemed to be so bangga to be able to use the digital camera.


The arrival of super grandma!


Everyone looked at the camera, but my grandma seemed to be too excited looking at the photos lol!


Meditating session while bathing at my grandma's house.

I think I wore nothing in this photo but good thing nothing important is visible here haha!


Robinn T said...

Omg the LAST PICTURE!!!! haha had one of those pictures but its all RAW so can't post it on the net!

Is your mum's side native or something? You have an exceptional fair skin as compared to the rest of your family dowh~

omg your nenek damn heavenly la~ PASEMBUR and DURIAN PASTE!!!!

DT said...

if only kellogg... start selling "tok" as part of their cereal product line ... that would be heavenly... hahaha!! Perhaps ur grandma can patent it and get kellog to market it... :)
i bet ya that it be a hit in malaysia.. :D

calvin said...

@ tempus:
let me see your raw photo if we happen to meet up next time haha!

not really native but mixed. yup, i'm always telling people that luckily i have much fairer skin compared to the rest lol!

that is nothing; wait till you see she starts cooking her signature dishes. too bad this time i missed out on her nasi kerabu >.<

calvin said...

@ dt:
i might let my grandma know about it next time and make sure she gets her "tok patented lol! when something has got to do with durians, it will always be a hit among malaysian =D

Baby^Girl said...

hey ! you said funny that the group photo because ur cousin take with his smelly pillow...
your whole family got same habit lo ..
LOL ....
next time i will catch you to take photo with BLUE PILLOW ..wahahhaa !

calvin said...

@ baby^girl:
haha, i think the habit runs in the family. perhaps it is in our genes lol! i will be more careful so that you will never get to catch me with my pillow =P

Ken said...

Miss my BIG family gathering a lot, when seeing ur grandma's UN conference hall. Hardly to have one after grandma's departure. =(

I supposed the bantal busuk habit is common among children. Me myself had some hard time to throw away that habit... lol

calvin said...

@ ken:
i guess it's much easier to do it when our relatives live nearby to each other. otherwise, the only time to have such big gathering would be during big celebrations.

you used to have a bantal busuk. wondering if you still have it now =P

Ken said...

Yeah, u're so right. Last time, all of my aunts stay just next to each other. Gonna be so 'nigiyaka' during festive season esp, Mid-autumn fest.

Mine is kain busuk. Haha... Aunt curi2 hid it from me, when I went to school. Wait... U're still having ur bantal busuk? ;-|

calvin said...

@ ken:
living next to each other? that is so cool! especially with the kids around. their voice volume will surely make it sound as if a ship is sinking haha!

kain busuk is something quite new. my youngest sister used to have it too but now she has changed back to a pillow lol!

yes, i do. not only one but two haha!

and i have no idea why am i sharing such an embarrassing thing to everyone here =.=

sakura said...

ur captions r funny la..
esp the 'put u in the box n send to Africa' :p

calvin said...

@ sakura:
haha! thanks!
glad that you enjoyed it and had a good laugh =D

reena said...

your alst picture almost made me throw up ahahhaa. yeh lucky nothing important was visible! hahahahah!

calvin said...

@ reena:
haha! did you put your food on a roller coaster ride then? =P

no worries, i am very sure nothing important was visible in the last photo; otherwise i wouldn't have the guts to post it up in such public place xD