Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten

That is how you pronounce number 30, according to this Japanese joker, Jimmy Ohnishi, who was asked to count from 1 to 100 in English.

Some might have seen this video, but it is still funny no matter how many times you watch it haha! 

His speed was like a Formula One racer in the beginning, but once he approached number 20, he suddenly had a road block haha! He some more used his fingers to count the number "ten" he had counted when he reached number 100 lol! Sometimes, Japanese can be so much crazier and funnier than Mr Bean lol!

Anyway, I think most of us are aware that the date today - 10th October 2010, or 10/10/10, or 101010. It is one of the few that is the same no matter which way around you write your dates - so long as you don't write the century part of the year, of course. It happens only once every other century; so I don't think most of us reading this will be around on 10th October 2110, unless a giant tortoise reads my blog haha!

I have no particular plans on this unique date today, besides going out to get some groceries later in the afternoon. But it seems that somebody had prepared a surprise for me. Exactly at 10.00 am this morning, ten minutes shy of 10.10 am, which would have make it 10/10/10, 10:10, Chiba was struck by an earthquake! Yes, gempa bumi! I am not kidding you!

Here you are, the prove.

Screen shot 2010-10-10 at 11.41.41 AM.png

It happened at 10:00 JST, and reported four minutes later.

That's exactly 36 days after I experienced the Canterbury earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand! Fortunately, it was comparatively just a minor shake at magnitude 4, and it only lasted for less than five seconds. Still, it was quite scary. It was as if I was brought back to experience the never-ending aftershocks at Christchurch again. Just thinking about the traumatic time is enough to increase my level of adrenaline by a few grams haha!

Hang on a minute, how do you actually measure the level of adrenaline? Anyone (read: medical students) knows what's the scale used?

Screen shot 2010-10-10 at 10.15.00 AM.png

Five minutes later, another one came; a magnitude 3.6 quake. However, I didn't feel this one lol!

I was lying on my futon, surfing the net while Kai Cung was up at the loft when the initial earthquake happened. I was in denial, not wanting to accept that it was indeed an earthquake because immediately after the jolt, I asked him if it was him who made the shake haha wtf! The next thing that came into my mind was, should I start preparing my emergency it, just in case.
But until this hour, my emergency kit is still nowhere to be seen lol! Normal-lah, the other day, after the earthquake in New Zealand, I'd also told myself that I die die have to prepare one when I get back to Japan. But it is yet to be done haha! Wait-lar, still don't feel like going to jamban yet. If it's too emergency, then I'll just dig a hole at some empty land-lar haha!

P/S: I wonder what would happen on 12th December 2012, at 12.12 pm.


mg said...

why not 111111 11.11? lol.... no measurement for adrenaline directly lor... not sure may be urine test or something.. yea i think some urine test. lol

D-Tourist said...

hahaha... may be god beh tahan that jimmy ohnishi started to do a countdown to 10.10.10 10:00 and laughed causing the earthquake...
btw (10+10+10+10)/10 = 4.0 ... :P

Sin Ying said...

Wow...Chiba gt earthquake,why not is kisarazu leh?haha...u din prepare for one emergency bag?! U should get one since I prepared one lo though I m at Kisarazu(place whr rarely gt earthquake leh...)

calvin said...

@ mg:
there are just too many "one"s on that one and i'm gonna have a headache reading it. so gave it a skip haha!

you sound so uncertain. are you sure you have passed your medical school? =P

calvin said...

@ d-tourist:
you know what? i never fail to laugh everytime i read your comments haha! damn crappy and crazy lol! how did you manage to come out with such idea? haha!

and what a great observation you made there!

calvin said...

@ sin ying:
you feel like experiencing it? you can always come and have a homestay at my place haha!

yes, i haven't prepared an emergency bag until today. always say wanna prepare it, but it never happened haha!

D-Tourist said...

huh.. i didn't realise comments so crappy and crazy meh... :P
So is tat suppose to be a compliment or otherwise?. :)

calvin said...

@ d-tourist:
that is of course a compliment!
how i wished more readers of my blog would come out with such comments because reading them can really make up my day =D

D-Tourist said...

thanks for the compliment.. well reading ur blog does somehow inspire me to be crappy & crazy... hehehe... perhaps infected by you..:P

calvin said...

@ d-tourist:
my girlfriend also says the same thing and i think it's true. after a while, i feel that she has turned to be a lot crappier than last time lol!

but i guess that is not bad. laughing and joking keeps you young always =)

D-Tourist said...

hehehe... ok.. keep up your good crapping... so that i can read to keep young always :D

calvin said...

@ d-tourist:
yeah, as long as people enjoy it haha!