Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hari Raya Open House

Short note: Photos without watermarks are credited to Cliff.

Ever wonder how is it like to attend a Hari Raya open house in Tokyo?

The Counselor for the Public Service Department's (PSD) Education and Training office in the Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo, Puan Siti Zaharah Omar and the Second Secretery of the HR Department, Encik Muhammad Annizam Mohd Mohtar, co-organised an open house with the Malaysian Students' Association in Japan (MSAJ) and Kelab Umno Jepun (KUJ), at the Embassy Staffs Apartment in Kami-meguro, Tokyo last Sunday.


I think somebody had put a black magic spell on me at this place lol!

Before anything, let me tell you guys a stupid incident happened to me. I seriously believe that this apartment will never be my lucky place because it seems that it has an black magic curse on me. This was my second time going there, and on both occasions, I got lost haha wtf! On the first time, when I went there with a few other friends for an MSAJ event, we took more than half-an-hour to locate it. That is already considered fast because this time, I was alone and I took more than an hour before reaching that apartment!

I was without anything but just a mobile phone. No address, no maps, no GPS, and no compass. Great! How much worse can that be? Anyway, I guess I actually only had myself to blame. Who ask me didn't wanna do homework properly haha! I had taken a look at the map the night before, and it looked not that complicated to walk from the train station; I just had to take a ten-minute walk towards the south. So, the over-confident me thought I won't need to note down the address, just in case I got lost.


Embassy of Malaysia's Staffs Apartment in Kami-meguro.

Cut the story short, I kept walking and walking upon exiting the train station, but realised that I was heading nowhere. So, I tried to check again if I was heading towards the south. I thought of using the stone-age method by looking at the shadow for directions, but I was so damn unlucky that the sun tried to play some hide-and-seek game with me by hiding behind the clouds =.=

It was during that moment that I wished I had an iPhone haha!


This staffs apartment, officially opened by the former First Lady of Malaysia, is almost as old as me.

Finally, after having a treasure hunt adventure for more than hour, I successfully located the apartment, thanks to the address that Cliff sent to my phone. By the time I reached there, I was sweating and tired already, and the thing I looked forward most was a cup of cold syrup water. The security guard told me that the open house is at the forth floor. When I reached the doorsteps of Puan Siti's unit, I saw thousands of shoes scattered everywhere outside.

That should tell how many people were inside the house!


Some of the people, which are mostly students studying around the Kanto region.


The lady on the left studied in Japan thirty years ago under the Monkasho scholarship.


Those kids behind just couldn't get their eyes away from playing their games.


Miss Chiba from the embassy was there as well, with her mom (not in the photo).


More people at the balcony. By the way, that's the ingredients for the Johor style laksa on the left table.


Another corner of the balcony.


Open house is all about makan, makan and makan haha!


A beautiful view of Tokyo from the balcony. Tokyo Tower is partially visible too, on the right.

The house is perhaps one of the biggest house I have visited in Japan. It was so spacious, just like any houses you see in Malaysia, that sometimes I forgot that I am still in Japan when I was there lol! The decorations and furniture were mostly imported from Malaysia as well. However, if there is one thing that is similar to a typical Japanese house, then I would say it's the tiny toilet haha!

Good food were aplenty on that day and all of them were home-cooked by Puan Siti herself! Chicken rice, Johor style laksa, roti jala, cakes and cookies were among the food I remember. There was just an exception, the satay, which was ordered from Rasa Malaysia restaurant in Ginza. Elaine told us it was from Rasa Sayang lol!


This is the first time I had roti jala with kuah durian (durian cooked with coconut milk) because I usually eat it with curry. Anyone has any idea where this originated from?


The two most red Datuk and Datin at the open house haha!


Suzana in her kupu-kupu (butterfly) dress and Cliff in his Dad's batik lol!


This is one of the most colourful group photo I have ever taken I think!

A big thank you to Puan Siti and Encik Annizam for their warm hospitality at the open house. The food was great, and we had a good time!


bloggingupiseasyd said...

Looks great. Not all the photos are loading, not sure if that's because my connection is not all that good at the moment. You're so lucky, always going places and doing things. Keep up the hard work! Best wishes : )

calvin said...

@ bloggingupiseasyd:
hmmm, i guess it could be due to your internet connection, because i am able to view all the pictures in my blog :)

i just enjoy going places and keep myself busy. thanks and i hope you will continue reading my writings :)

Cieri said...

roti jala with kuah durian??heaven gile kot.so embassy can import durian from malaysia or what?use durian in a can or use durian sold in supermarket?

Darren RyanZn Tan said...

Look delicious!

calvin said...

@ cieri:
that's why i said! even in malaysia we seldom have roti jala with kuah durian, right? i think they bought fresh durians in japan because canned ones won't smell so good!

anyway, is there even canned durians in supermarket? never seen one myself before though >.<

calvin said...

@ darren tan qin chen:
yup it was! perhaps you could try and make it next time =D

D-Tourist said...

wah ... then that roti jala must be one expensive roti... coz the last time i saw durian in shinjuku cost 3500yen... so expensive..leh

D-Tourist said...

hmmmm.. perhaps the durian came on diplomatic passport.. heheh!!!

calvin said...

@ d-tourist:
haha! yeah, i think perhaps we should call them roti emas lol!
i think that's the normal price for a durian in japan, which is about rm150 for a durian after conversion!
yes, it's crazy!

i love your comment about the possibility that the durian was brought in using a diplomatic passport haha!