Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Classic MSN Conversation

currently an undergraduate student in JAPAN" 

this is the status I should put
in my MSN Messenger from now on

No, don't get me wrong. I am not trying to be arrogant about the fact that I am studying in oversea. I just hope I will not fall victim to such incident below again.

Khek Hun - 극한 says: dude, long time no chat! wassup man? (a normal line to start a conversation)
Calvin says: hey there! doing fine. hw abt u?
Khek Hun - 극한 says: boleh la. last sem now. now looking hard for job (started to lament about his current situation)
Calvin says: wow! hw is it like? must be tough huh?
Khek Hun - 극한 says: tough la.
Calvin says: yea... everywhere's the same.
Khek Hun - 극한 says: in korea need to sit for aptitude test 1st. makes it even harder!
Calvin says: working in korea? here is much worse.
Khek Hun - 극한 says: yea planning to work in korea. in aussie worse? cannot be la. got aptitude test? need to write essay in application form? (he gave the first hint, but I just ignored it because I though he probably have forgotten where I study)
Calvin says: yea. they call it entry sheet. like a CV la. then few stages of interview n workshops, until they take u in.
Khek Hun - 극한 says: i don't mind interviews and workshops. that should be easy. aptitude tests man! that's freakin crazy!
Calvin says: isit the same for every company? or diff according to the company?
Khek Hun - 극한 says: almost every big company la. need to sit for exams. but u workin d rite? how's there? (again, another hint. he thought I have started working)
Calvin says: i'm stil in the 3rd yr dude. u grad first ler. (once again, I ignored that)
Khek Hun - 극한 says: WTF! tot u working or some shit d. last time tot u wan grad d?
Calvin says: nah, my convo is march 2012.
Khek Hun - 극한 says: holy shit lol!
Calvin says: grad from tech college, not univ. (I unintendedly made it even less obvious by thinking that he was referring to my graduation from my technical college in Nagaoka early this year)
Khek Hun - 극한 says: taking it easy man. LOL!
Calvin says: LOL! apa la!
Khek Hun - 극한 says: u having the life dude.
Calvin says: nah, it's not fun also studying. i wish i'm peter pan, never grow up (the conversation got back to a normal tone with some crappings)
Khek Hun - 극한 says: haha! dude, u will miss studying later. the freedom man. once u grad and then work, u will see.
Calvin says: the stuff i'm studying doesn't interest me. yea i know its kinda stupid haha!
Khek Hun - 극한 says: business man. that's the way to go. i'm kinda interested in business now. wei dun fuck up ur studies weh (I thought he also feels like venturing into business field, just like what I think sometimes)
Calvin says: i dun think i'm going into engineering lor really.
Khek Hun - 극한 says: ?? engineering? (he began to feel weird, why i suddenly mentioned the word "engineering" because he thought i am doing business)
Calvin says: yea...why?
Khek Hun - 극한 says: ur major is business rite?
Calvin says: LOL! one question; are u sure u got the right calvin? (after a few weird questions, i began to suspect something was not right)
Khek Hun - 극한 says: ah fuck (I think at this moment, he went to check my MSN account haha!)
Calvin says: i dun study in aussie, i haven't grad, and i do engineering.
Khek Hun - 극한 says: LMAOOOOO! hahahaha!!! wrong calvin ROFLLLLL (secret revealed! he finally realised that he'd gotten the wrong person haha!)
Calvin says: u cari kerja until gila dy isit? LOL
Khek Hun - 극한 says: hilarious laaaaaaa!
Calvin says: OMG! za dao la!
Khek Hun - 극한 says: he same name weh! ROFLLLalsjdljaljdflajsdg
Calvin says: this week u're the second person man. hahaha! why always i'm the victim one?
Khek Hun - 극한 says: hahahahaha!! man this is hilarioussssss! wei damn paiseh la. my OTHER calvin friend is in aussie. wanted ask him smth bout aus. adui fail! lol dude, u have to add 'ONG' to ur Calvin la. i'm gonna tell my other friend to add his surname also.
Calvin says: hahahah! okok, i'm gonna put there big big "CALVIN ONG KAH YEE, current location JAPAN" hahaha!!
Khek Hun - 극한 says: u do that man. so that this type of thing doesn't happen again. will do us BOTH good!
Calvin says: YES I BET! haha!


I never thought it was a case of misidentification at all in the beginning, because it has been quite some time since we did catching ups with each other. Like I have said, this was not the first time people mistook me for another person. Just over two weeks ago, something similar happened. Again, I was quite clueless as well because the message came with a high urgency tone haha! Here is the conversation.


(#) GaiK(R)Li would like to send you the file "Copy of PRC Members T-shirt Size.xls" (30 Kb). Transfer time is less than 1 minute with a 28.8 modem. Do you want to  (Ctrl+T) or  (Ctrl+D) the invitation?
Calvin says: huh?
(#) GaiK(R)Li says: wat?
Calvin says: virus? (just to confirm that the file was from her, because there are many spam messages asking us to click on some random links lately)
(#) GaiK(R)Li says: eh, dis is the list u want. i neeed reply fast. mr raymond sending cheque ok! fast la! (see how urgent she sounded like haha!)
Calvin says: okok! but, wrong person isit? i think u got the wrong guy ler =.= who raymond? (I still don't know how come I said "okok" to her and accepted the file immediately without any second thoughts, although I had no idea who that mysterious "Mr Raymond" is haha!)
(#) GaiK(R)Li says: maafkan aku. aku ada 2 calvin. (she tried to look calm and not to make everything to look too dramatic, although she'd realised he got the wrong person haha!)
Calvin says: walao! za dao!
(#) GaiK(R)Li says: ini kali pertama dan terakhir. maaf ganggu. (see, still wanted to control macho and be so formal lol!)
(#) GaiK(R)Li has canceled the file transfer.


Moral of the Story 
Never name you child "Calvin" in the future, otherwise there will be a big possibility that similar thing might happen to him.

P/S: Hmmm, come to think about it, I think it should be alright to name you child "Calvin", as long he doesn't have a blur and sometimes-a-little-bit-slow brain like me lol!


Darren RyanZn Tan said...

ain't sleep now. come to "bong chan" you.

sakura said...

haha, that's funny~~
u sure blur blur each time that happened..

calvin said...

@ darren tan qin chen:
how about me sending you a picture of the sheep from new zealand. you can then count them to sleep haha! =P

calvin said...

@ sakura:
yes, i was! i never thought that both of them had found the wrong person on both occasions lol!

Kae Vin said...


lol! somemore take so long for you to realize. U memang gong kia~

I have a whole bunch of Calvins in my list so I'll be extra careful whenever I start a conversation. lol!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
haha, lets see who's gonna be the gong kia when you come to japan xD

better go brush up your japanese skills or don't say i give no mercy to you when you're here lol! =P

D-Tourist said...

perhaps you can try put "Calvin オンカイェ" on msn. Hope i got it right.

Enjoy while you r studying. Trust me, when u start working, u will start missing だいがくlife

pinksterz said...

eleh. if you were to have the chat with me, konfem you kena pwned big time. :P

which also brings me to my next point: i can't believe i am saying this but... i miss bullying you on msn!!! muahahahaaa noobita.

calvin said...

@ d-tourist:
you are close already *hehe*

everyone's been saying that all the time. but i guess it's just natural for human to long for something they don't have at that moment. once they've got it, they most probably would still not feel satisfied and wish for something different again, either a new thing, or the old one >.<

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
haha, i have had enough of your pwnings in the past. and i have learned from my mistakes, and i don't think it will be that easy for you to pwn me again now =P

what do you write in the hobby column usually?
hobby: bullying virtual friends in MSN

like that? xD

D-Tourist said...

hahah.. once u start workign ... then old would be the studying days... as for new... hmmm dun think i would be wishing for retirement days yet. Hahahaha!!!

Which character is out??

calvin said...

@ d-tourist:
I use "ー" for long sound. so it would be "オンカーイー" =D

haha! yup, that's what every working individual says. and yes, i guess the new thing for a working person would most probably be retirement days lol!

MeLia said...

Damn funny... XD

calvin said...

@ melia:
haha! it was, but i don't think i would want to be at the wrong end again lol!