Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Potluck For Birthday Girl

Short note: I went to get my hair-cut a few days ago. After the lady was done cutting my hair, she used a soft brush to remove the remaining hair around my face. When she reached my ear, she used her fingers to brush off the hair as some of them had went into it. She then commented, "耳大きいですね" ("You got a pair of huge ears, don't you?"). I replied her, "象程大きくないけど" ("Yes, not as big as elephant's ears though") haha!

All pictures were taken using Nadia's Nikon D40.

Guys, meet baby Wan Hui.


And I am Sesame Street's #1 fan!

I am quite sure the next question that will linger in your mind is, who is this cute little baby. Come, let me do some brief introduction. Wan Hui is the daughter of the landlord of the girlfriend of this blog's owner. How was that? Too confusing? Let me rephrase it then. Wan Hui is the niece of the senior of this blog's owner. Does that sound any better?

Haha! Alright, let me just proceed with this entry. So, a couple of days after Mich and I returned to Christchurch from our road-trip around the South Island, her landlord organised a potluck dinner to celebrate their daughter's first birthday. Both of them are doctors, so no prize for guessing who were the guests who attended the potluck that evening.


Except the kids, all of them in this pictures are either doctors or medical students, except for one in the stripe shirt, and that's me by the way.


Mich's three juniors. Jane on the left was too busy choosing her inari that she just couldn't be bothered to pose for the camera haha!


We didn't plan this, but both of us ended up in black on that night.

The main subject when we are talking about a potluck would definitely the food everyone brings. Just thinking about all the possible food people would bring is already enough to make us feel excited. To consider the fact that most of them who were invited are Malaysians makes it even better. That means we all would get lots and lots of good Malaysian food.

Amazingly, most of the doctors cooked the food by themselves and that made it even more special.


It has been a long, long time I see so many kinds of local food in a foreign land.


More high cholesterol and calories food, but who can resist them?


Chinese pancakes and lor mai fan, made by aunty and the delicious chicken rendang.


Home made jellies with dates and fruits, also by aunty. Seriously, she is just too good in cooking.


Not sure who brought this scary-looking apples haha!

The doctors who came were not just Malaysians, as there were several Kiwis and a Korean guy as well. The common language was of course English, but with some Kiwi accent that I still find it difficult to understand until today haha! Do you know that "ten dollars" is pronounced as "tin dollars". Mich once told me that a Kiwi asked her something like, "Do you have a pin?". She almost looked for a hair pin on her hair, until she realised that that person was referring to a "pen" haha!

Furthermore, all they talked about revolved around medicine stuff, and it would be a suicidal act if I attempt to jump into their conversation. It would definitely make me look like an idiot when they randomly throw me with some medical terms, say for example, Triceratopsm. While the adults did their chatting with each other, the kids teamed up to have their fun time too.


Building a boat from the sponge puzzles.


This girl thought it would be more comfortable to have a bigger boat.


Too bad they hit a Kiwi bird and their boat sank. That's how the story Titanic 2 came about.


Pretending to be Rose, waiting for Jack while clasping to the last piece of floating pillow haha!


Teaching the boy how to climb a pole with just one arm.


Like father, like sons.


It's like a common thing to do when Moms and their kids gather together. The Moms will sorta ask the kids to "make friends" with each other.


And who know's maybe when they're all grown up, they might become an item. That's how arranged marriage was created.

Soon, it was the highlight of the birthday party - the cake cutting ceremony.

The three girls and I shared in getting the chocolate mud cake from Divine at Riccarton Mall. Any chocolate fan would definitely love this rich and moist dark chocolate cake, which is dunked in chocolate ganache. But guess what, the baby actually loves it as well. She kept on asking for another bite from her Mom after it was cut haha!


Chocolate mud cake, with a candle on top of it.


Someone's sleepy. I guess Baby Wan Hui was hoping for everyone to sing her the birthday song as quickly as possible.


The blue lighter attracted more attention than the birthday cake haha!


Kids group photograph. Wonder what Li Min was looking at lol!


Managed to kidnap the baby from her Mom and we quickly had a photo with her before she turns an octopus.


No doubt she was the star of the evening.


Despite my huge size, kids find me like a friendly giant. Bradon talked almost like a native Kiwi, that it made me feel that my English is damn cacat haha!

Too all ex-PPKTJ-ians, just in case you're wondering, Li Min is the elder sister of Li Jia. Talking about what a small world it is.

I actually only found out about that one day a couple of years ago, when Mich told me about her new landlord. When I heard Li Min's name and that she comes from Penang, I began to suspect that she could be related to Li Jia. Some simple research led me to find out that both of them are indeed sisters. Since Mich occasionally brings baby Wan Hui to her room when we Skype, I actually get to see the baby more often that Li Jia gets to see her niece *hehe*


Believe it or not, that lady, Juliet on the left is a consultant in Christchurch Hospital. I'm amazed at how simple and down-to-earth these people are, despite the high post they hold in hospital.


Another group picture, which is taken every time someone was leaving.


So funny to see how that guy on the left tapao some food back - put the food on the plate and just wrap it over.


The baby with her parents and grandparents.


Birthday girl with the 3+1 Charlie's Angels in the house haha!

Let me share a secret here: Baby Wan Hui loves it a lot to have guys to accompany her. She gave me a broad smile on the first day I arrived in Christchurch. I think she recognised me, as she has been seeing me quite often before this on Skype.

I am after all, her long-lost virtual friend haha!


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