Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Day After The Fright

We survived the night without any major after-quakes.

At present, public are still advised to stay away from the city centre, and we are basically staying at home and keeping on our toes at all time. Just in case, we never know. The city bus service has been suspended until tomorrow, the Canterbury University is closed until September 15, the city is still in the state of emergency, curfew has been extended for another day in the central business district.

There were fears that there would be strong gales hitting the city today, gusting at more than 130 kph, which is strong enough to knock down electric poles and trees. So far though, we haven't experienced anything like that, which is a good news in some ways.

However, not only gales; it is predicted that heavy rain and snow shower might hit this area in the next 24 hours. The weather now is just to vulnerable to predict as it changes every few hours. So, we just have to wait and see what's coming. 


I was the first to wake up this morning at nine, and the first thing was to prepare breakfast for everyone.


French toast, topped with maple syrup and condensed milk was made by Mich.


We basically cooked whatever available at home, just in case power source goes off and we would be unable to cook.

It is ironic that just a day before the earthquake struck, I went around to tour the city centre, visiting Canterbury Museum, Christchurch Arts Centre and the Cathedral Square. I never knew that several hours after that, a major earthquake would hit the city and changed the cityscape so much. I guess those buildings should be closed to public now, until they are inspected and declared safe for public visit. Glad that I've gotten the opportunity to visit those places. According to one news report, collapsed chimneys had damaged the Great Hall, the clock tower and the Observatory at the Art Centre. Believe it or not, less than twenty hours before the quake came, I was standing inside that Great Hall.

I still have ten days until I return to Japan but at present, I'm not very positive about being able to tour around the city anymore in the remaining days. From a tourist, I've become an earthquake victim. It is quite an unique experience though, looking on the brighter side.

I once asked Mich if New Zealand is prone to earthquake, and she said no. However, when I went to Canterbury Museum, there was a corner where they mentioned on the past earthquakes that hit the country and most of them were from the past century. Only then that I realised that New Zealand sits on two tectonic plates - the Pacific plate and the Australian plate, which means there is a possibility of an earthquake here, and I told Mich about it when I returned home.

That's what exactly happened later that night. Perhaps I shouldn't have mention it. But I guess it's just a coincidence.


The survival bags that we have prepared and placed at the door. Looks more like we are going off for a vacation haha! 


The cloudy sky sums up the mood.


At least there wasn't any strong winds hitting our place this evening, as predicted.

So, what have we been doing at home so far? These are some of the activities in our house during natural disaster, according to Yuxin.
  1. Eating every hour
  2. Sleep together
  3. Restricted toilet activity
  4. TV on 18/7 for news updates
  5. Laptop + internet for FB!

The crack on the wall in Mich's room.


Another crack in another room, which was a fine line along the edge of two walls.


It looks like it was just a crack on the paint, not the structure; so the house should be safe.


A crack on the window, which was temporarily plastered.

I think the situation has given us extra excuse to eat, in bulk! We are now eating more than usual; it's like we are on an eating spree haha! This doesn't look like we are going through a natural disaster at all. We are eating like all the time; me for example, will look for food every time there is an after-quake. Maybe it's just the stress.

At the moment, we are now sleeping together (pun unintended). Correction; sleeping together as in sleeping in a common space, not the same bed. Actually, we do most of the things together - eat together, bathe together, confirming with each other every time there's an after-quake. There has been one or two quakes coming every hour, that all of us now are so good in predicting the magnitude of the quake already, without checking it in the Internet haha!


Finally saw blue sky after two days this evening.


Everyone in the neighbourhood appears to remain at home until further notice.


All of us are following the advice as well.

Since we are advised to conserve water, we only flush the toilet after it's used four times. In fact, we have drawn up a table, and we will give a tick every time we use the toilet. I know it sounds a little bit gross to use an unflushed toilet bowl, but it is much better than to dig a hole at the backyard and do our business there haha!

The TV at home is basically turned on most of the time, for us to catch the latest updates. We watched the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow" this afternoon. Isn't it a good time to watch such show? We might be able to get a 4D effect if there's a quake while watching the show lol! One of us commented that if there's going to be something like that to happen, let it happen now, and not when we are in our sixties or seventies, so that we still can run away for safety haha!


It was the four girls who prepared dinner tonight.

The aftershocks still happen at constant intervals until now and it is keeping our adrenaline level up! It is actually quite exhausting. Last night, the girls said there were several after-quake through the night, but I was too tired to feel anything. I think the same thing is gonna happen tonight. Hopefully, there won't be any strong quakes.

Keeping our fingers crossed.


Kae Vin said...

Be safe.

Bathe together? lol!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
yes, we will. thank you.
we might go out today, to have some fresh air, after being cooped inside the house for more than 48 hours.

bathing together, as in taking turns haha!

lvynana said...

you all take good care.

calvin said...

@ lvynana;
yes, we will! appreciate the concern :)

KOKahKOK said...

safe! not bad at least you have survival bags readily!
take care ah!

calvin said...

@ kokahkok;
yes, not taking anything for granted at the moment.
better to be safe than sorry :)
thank you!